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Mar 18, 2007 by prosaxplayer

Well, I have had this phone since about April, 2006. It's my second V3c, as my last one broke, while it was open, was dropped on a CARPET floor, and broke right in half.

I unfortunately have insurance or whatever at U.S. Cellular, so unless I wanted to pay 300+ on a new phone, I only had to pay 50 for a new Razr, which I was unhappy about. I want to go back to my old Nokia 2260, which was a lot better.

*Metal Keypad and Backlit when it's too dark
*Good design

*Only Digital Service, no Analog (so a lot of dropped calls)
*Camera cannot take pictures that are the same size as the screen so no wallpapers without making them look bad
*Talking on the speaker has bad quality
*No music player, like other razr's
*No SD card slot
*No standard games, have to purchase on easyedge
*No stopwatch
*Very few themes

All in all, it is a decent phone, but if you want entertainment on a cell phone, along with analog service, do not get this one. Even the Krzr (which I am not a big fan of) is a huge improvement over this.

Good phone over all


Feb 24, 2007 by mexteepee

I have had this phone about a year and i like it yes it is slow downloading but i don't do much of that so it don't bother me. I is a great looking phone. I get great reception. If you just want a good looking phone to show off as a starter phone its perfect. Pros. Great looking, now at a fair price. durable, great display.

Cons. slow downloading.. no ring and vibe and mp mp3

But i like it.. Motorola did something right here with this one.

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pice of SHII


Feb 24, 2007 by ballin


Wouldn't Recommend


Feb 18, 2007 by c_09

Let me just start off by saying that I have had this phone replaced twice in LESS than a year.

My first phone was great for about 2 months and then the screens (inside and outside) went crazy. At first this wasn't too bad... I mean, how hard is it to turn your phone upside down to see who's calling you... (the screen was flipped)... But it eventually went completely blank and I couldn't see the inside or outside screen at all.

I guess by the time I got my second Razr, Motorola had fixed the screen issue. But this time, after about another 2 months, the battery would die in less than an hour after being fully charged. Turns out the battery was faulty (it had developed a gigantic bubble on the outside) and ended up messing up the software in the phone.

So... my wireless carrier gave me a new battery, "flashed" the phone (whatever that means), and handed it back to me. It worked for about a week before it started messing up again. This time it simply quit ringing. (Up until this point, about the only good thing about this phone was the reception quality in my area.) And about the only time it would ring is if I had the ringer turned off. Made perfect sense... everything was backwards again. Also, the phone quit telling me who was calling, even if their number was in my phone book.

I took the phone back... again... and my carrier gladly gave me another phone. I've only had this one for about a month, so I'll give it another month or so to see what kind of strange problem this one is going to have.

I might add that during this whole time, my wireless carrier was very helpful... After all, it's not their fault the phone sucks. Anyway, this phone has proved to a BIG waste of money. And what's worse is I have to deal with this piece of crap for another YEAR before I'm eligible for a cheaper upgrade.

Do NOT buy this phone. You'd be better off flushing your $100 down the toilet rather than spending it on a Razr. (It would be a whole lot less of a hassle.)

Motorola Razr is the best!!! I love cricket!


Feb 14, 2007 by KristaN

I've had Cricket for over two months now, and it has the best service ever. I've had one dropped call whith in that time period where when I had Cingular, I had them on a daily basis. My V3 is amazing, the bluetooth is great and the camera has a great megapixel on it. I will be a Cricket Customer forever!!!!!!!!1

Razr V3c Only for Windows


Jan 16, 2007 by Zanmobile

This model is sure glitzy, and I guess like many others I got sucked in by the packaging, “she ain’t pretty, she just looks that way” the reception is the pits and unless your running Window 2000 or Windows XP, and the $56 Cdn software package, forget about getting those pictures out of the camera. You can always e-mailing them to your computer, which can get expensive depending on the plan you have. I established a Bluetooth connection with my Mac G5, but there is no file sharing services on the RAZR, and there is no OS X compatible software to use with the USB cable. Whereas I was able to connect via Bluetooth to a friend’s Sony-Erickson Z520-A and download the pictures to the G5 without any additional software! (My friend has a Windows
computer and also uses Bluetooth to download his pictures without any additional software.)Tech support at Motorola never answered me about the OS X compatibility issue, and tech support at the service provider suggested that I exchange the RAZR for another brand of cell phone.

Pretty Piece of Junk


Dec 26, 2006 by skyle6

Luckily, Verizon had given this phone to me cheaply. If they had charged me what they claim the original price was, I'd have them in smalls claim court for a refund.

This product should never have been put on the market.

It worked fine for a couple of months, although I really found the buttons hard to use - they are more recessed than others, to make the phone flatter and slimmer, but without them extruding a bit, I often ended up hitting the wrong numbers without knowing it.

After a few months, one day when I opened it, the screen was blank. This problem would occur now and then but fix itself, but after a week the screen died forever. I brought it in to a Verizon store. They opened it and told they could tell, because of a red dot inside, that the phone had been exposed to moisture.

I tried to explain very nicely to the young man half my age that I had used cell phones for years, longer than him, and certainly had not dropped it in any liquid, nor used it in the rain.

He wouldn't budge and recommended I take my problem to Motorola, the manufacturer. When I tried to say that something must be wrong with the red dot technology, because the phone had never been wet, he only said "Well sometimes it only takes a bit of dampness, it doesn't have to be completely wet."

WHAT!? And this is considered something that is ok to sell to the public!?

I tried calling Motorala but - surprise - had trouble getting a live human being to speak with.

Given it cost my only $25, I gave up. But people need to know this phone is a shiny pretty piece of very imperfect technology that never should have been released to consumers in the first place.

Slim, easy to carry in your pocket.
Looks cool.
Takes photos.

Buttons hard to use, especially in the dark.
Can't send photos by email.
Screen stops working for no reason.

Except for the UI....


Dec 24, 2006 by extremedave

The good:
Nice shape and feel, surprisingly comfortable to actually talk on it.

Fit, finish. It's like jewelery.

Thin. Dunno how long it's going to take me to get used to putting a phone in my pocket rather than a clip. I refuse to own a phone this slender and put a three inch thick case on it!

RF seems fine, haven't really tested in some of the bad spots around here but no complaints so far.

Sound quality is good, better than my 710. Speaker volume could be better.

Nice screen. Crisp.

I appreciate the side buttons do all the things they used to.

Much better pics than the 710...which isn't saying much! Still, at least the camera is usable.

Charge port looks like it will be less problematic.

Battery life ok so far, this one came with the 780mh same as the v3m.

It's actually kinda slippery, I find myself opening it very carefully.

Screen smudges very easily. Oh well.

As mentioned, speaker volume could be better.

Would like a regular headphone jack.

Still getting used to the keypad. Probably will get better with time.

After reading all the things about VZW's new user interface, I can honestly say that yes, it IS that bad. I've always liked Moto's UI, quirky but once you get used to it pretty cool. This sucks. Slow, inflexible, unintuitive, and boy does this version of itap suck big. Nothing good to say, AT ALL, regarding the interface. Period.

Great Phone!!!


Dec 16, 2006 by ch3rrych1ck

I just purchased the Pink razr V3c and have had no problems yet!! Everything is great about the phone! Nice bright screen, key pad is VERY easy to use! I am an avid text messager and thought that it would be difficult to get used to the keypad but its great, your fingers just guide you alone! Battery life has been great so far as well as charging! Sure the camera may not be the greatest, but who cares! I didnt buy the phone for the camera, I already have a digital camera!! Great phone! I recomend picking it up! I got mine for 399.99 at Futureshop (Canadian Price. And that is the full PAY AS YOU GO price)

V3C- ehhh......


Dec 1, 2006 by partyboi850

this cell phone is great.... if you want to look like the rest of mainstream hollywood...this is a phone meant only as a fashion statement and nothing more. yes it makes and receives calls and can take a decent picture, but people come on, this phone is lackluster at best. Ive owned this phone for about 7 months now and i cant believe how annoying it is.
heres the scoop on the performance of this fone
BATTERY- the battery dies so quickly i feel like Cinderella, if i don't plug it in to charge by midnight it dies and all I'm left with is something as worthless as a pumpkin. i will leave it charge overnight and by the time i get home at night its almost dead.
MENU- this menu is by far annoying. because it has verizon service, the screen image is that of any other phone they offer. i feel that i paid for this phone, i pay a monthly charge to use the service, why cant i make MY fone look the way i want? i dont like knowing that the guy next to me on the bus has the same screen as me. its not a big deal but annoying nonetheless.
BLUETOOTH- its really cool that i can use a head set for this phone because in the state i live in the local law enforcement loves to bust people just for holding a cell phone.
the fact is i bought a blue tooth for for a bluetooh reason i would like to use it on my computer and not pay verizon even more for what other companies give for free. again as before not essential, but annoying anyway.

I'm not putting this phone down in any way
it does it on its on. this phone is great if all you wanna do is make calls and look cool.

but if you want an mp3 player, a good camera,
anything that isn't essential but actually fun, then go for something different, but thats my opinion,
the phone works for me and it gets the job done
i just wish it didn't have so many cons.

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