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Dont judge a phone by its looks


Jan 1, 2006 by leckie

Where to begin...

i received this phone on Christmas, as a gift. I chose this phone over every other phone from verizon because i thought it was a good phone. The manager at verizon said it was the best phone they had, he lied!

Great camera
loudness in earpiece
real web browsing

slim desing(always losing it)
SLOW INTERFACE(it takes 2 seconds for the menu to come up)

no flash,and the keypad wont stay lit when theres light around, even if u cant see the numbers

not that great


Dec 23, 2005 by buddyf

I am already on my third, yes third razr phone. The first one had a faulty keypad and the number 3 wouldn't register unless you hit it really hard. When you would press call the phone did not respond. The second one didn't ring half the time when people called. Now this third one people say that I sound muffled unless I hold the phone as close to my face as I can. Maybe I've had a string of bad luck, but usually 3 times is a charm. I love the style of the phone and really wanted it to work, but I am considering just giving up. Battery life is terrible as well.

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Nov 21, 2005 by gandalf1

Best phone I've ever used. A+++++



Dec 10, 2005 by tourman

I purchased a RAZR today. I currently have a E815. I am very sad to see that this phone has not lived up to expectations. The menu is very slow and there is a lot of navigating to send a text message. I like the ease and friendliness of the E815 much better. If the RAZR had the same UI as the E815 it would be a keeper. I am going to return it tomorrow. One thing I found better is that the vibrate mode is much stronger than the E815. Other than the size I feel my E815 is a overall better phone.

Thinner is better........bottom line


Nov 22, 2005 by abanner

Just got my razr to replace my beloved V710. To my disappointment, RF signal strength is not as good as the 710.....major disappointment ! Otherwise the same phone with just different "sheet metal" (thinner is better)

dont listen to anyone else. i know.


Jan 3, 2006 by scenexaesthetic

okay. i have been dealing with cell phones for what seems like forever and to a time where i cant even remember what my first one was.

i get a new cell phone about every 6 months and yeah. trust me when it times to get a new one, i do my research for days before i make a decision.

ever since the razr first came out for cingular. i have always had my eye on it. i would go into cingular and play with it and just wish i would come to verizon and at one time was ready to switch back to cingular because i wanted it that bad.but...i waited and waited & waited

one day i got sick of it and went over to verizon and asked if//when they were getting it. they replied to me with..it still going through testing and we're not sure.

for my birthday in november i got the lg vx5200. i liked it a lot but like 4 days after i got it. i went on verizon website and all the sudden it said they were getting the razr right in time for christmas. i took it back the next week and figured out it was my last day before it expired...LUCKY.

for Christmas i got the razr. i was ssooo happy. i had researched it a lot. i have verizon and i think they have the best coverage but not the best phone selection. but this one was bomb.

nice nice look. thinn just like cingulars
the color is awsome.
both screens a big.
the camera is amazing
you get good reception and can hear the person perfectly even when you have 0-1 bars.
the voice activated everything makes it was easy.
the ring volume is wayy loud and good.

the battery life is not great. i talk on it about 2-3 hours per day and at the end of the day its on it last bar. so i charge it every night.
it sometimes freezes and you have to flip it down and then back upp.
no ring and vibrate.

over all this phone is amazing and i would recommend it to everyone. good job verizon

Not a winner in my book


Dec 15, 2005 by cobymon

Coming from a long line of Motorola phones in my past I was awaiting the V3c for a long time. I have always been a big time moto fan because of their excellent reception in the area i live in and the fact that they are the most not verizon structured phones verizon offers(ed), you pros know what I mean. Long story short coming from the e815 this RAZR is a BIG disappointment. I hope like BMW & Mercedes read auto forums, Verizon reads these forums because this is phone is horrible. I could go on and on writing but we all know your looking for to pros & cons...

-Small size
-Looks cool
-High-Quality Case

-No menu button, cingular has it!
-Poor vol,sp phone button placement
-No camera flash
-Ringer not very loud
-Speakerphone just ok
-Distortion in speakerphone when loud
-Distortion in ringer when loud
-Charger jack on side, good for best buy, bad for people who drive.
-Battery life poor
-Phone gets way too hot, and im in CT (DEC)
-Switches settings when bumped in pockets/purse
-No headphone jack has Bluetooth only
-Text messaging way too complicated
-Cant customise softkeys or homescreen, stays with GIN, Vcast etc.
-Difficult to move speed-dials
-Cant remove red verizon color from top and botton of screen
-Vcast ad everytime you turn on phone
-No media card slot
-Outside screen too small to read from distance
-Comes with huge travel charger cord which may require its own luggage
3 times the size of the phone!

Wait for the next generation CDMA RAZR


Nov 22, 2005 by lazeezo

This phone is not as thin as the GSM RAZR, nor is it as functional as the new GSM RAZR. The 30mb shared memory is not sufficient enough for storage. the fact that the phone has no 2.5mm jack for a headset is kinda scary, maybe I'll never use it, but I'd rather have the option. No trans-flash??? are you asking me to wait until you release the next one?
That whole LG interface for all the new verizon phones is just plain stupid. I LIKE the Moto interface, many people are used and faithful to it. you can't just change it like that..
Reception is the strongest, especially if you have your hand in the wrong place while making a call. I did not get to experience Getitnow because they were still working on that.
Overall, the phone was not that bad, but it was not that great either, it's like a late start... what's new? you know?, verizon needs to get with the program, and stop using the "phone's in testing" excuses.

Motorola RAZR v3m


Oct 14, 2010 by narn3049

This phone is amazing. I love all of it. I got it because my Boulder that I previously owned had started to get damaged from dropping, and this was a good phone to choose as I'd always liked the V3M originally.

So this phone is amazing. All of the features are.

There is only two cons that are easily fixed, for some reason, every once and awhile, i cannot scroll up in the settings If i'm wanting to change my ringtone, or display pic.

The other con was when I received the phone (it was used) the battery wasn't that good, it'd run out of charge as soon as I'd use the phone, so i got a new battery.

I am not sure what software I have, but it's one of the first software releases I believe.

great phone


Nov 24, 2009 by rocket23

the razr is ausome i have beat the phone gotten it wet and thrown it and it works fine

pros great form factor nice and slim nice keypad good reception rugged cheap ok camera
good battery

cons doesnt have best camera and no flash

but ausome phone

ran it over with a semi and it still works fine

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