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OK phone, but I expected outstanding


Feb 25, 2006 by polarpooch

The Razr is surely a beautiful looking thing...if a gorgeous phone is what you want.


Elegant styling
Beautiful screen
Lots of Memory
Bluetooth sold on US Cellular
Reception good on US Cellular
Decent speakerphone

Buggy-locked up, keys didn't always respond
Camera takes poor quality pictures
No expansion card slot
Battery life
Earpiece echos in calls
No expanded battery available
Keypad started to "slip" after a few days of use
Accessories from other motos don't fit this phone

I can't say this phone is a dog, because it isn't. It's a supremely cool looking phone. It just isn't what I expected for the amount of money I paid for it. I was especially worried when keys didn't always respond, and keypad started to slip after having only owned the phone for a few days.

The single most annoying thing, and the main reason I returned the phone was a mystifying echo in the earpiece during calls. It didn't happen all the time, but often enough I couldn't tolerate it. I replaced the phone with the v710 (also only an O.K. phone) , then eventually with the less cool, but better performing Nokia 6255i...and am much happier now.

Motorola RAZR v3c


Feb 17, 2006 by Zook

Hello, I own thins phone for two months already and i really like this phone!
Honesly the design is literaly sexy like a californian woman's body.
The best!
I agree phone working not very good, yet suck it!
RAZR rocks!

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great phone but


Jan 23, 2006 by guido1869

The Razr is great except for the fact that it doesn't have an mp3 player, memory card slot or a headphone jack (only bluetooth). It is the best looking phone on the market and has a big screen as well as great pic and flix quality. All in all I prefer the Samsung 950 b/c it has the mp3 player and is one of only 2 phones that Verizon has out that can use the V Cast Music feature released last week.

Not too impressed.....Verizon Version


Jan 6, 2006 by eatonstore

All and All the quality for this phone is great.
My Pros:
-Great sound quality
-Great reception
-Build of phone is awesome
-Nice big screen
-Love the fact that you can close phone and still use speaker phone.
-Battery life is awesome


My cons for this phone would be:
-Outter LCD too small
-Outter LCD not bright enough and no way to adjust
-Outter LCD screen only stays on for 5 seconds
-Menu is very boring
-No way to personalize phone (change color scheme, can only change "display theme", can't change outter LCD picture to be different than the inside picture)
-Speed dials will not let you reorganize them if you want them a certain way you have to put them in that order so you can have the right people on the right speed dial numb.
-Very poor camera, no flash

My personal opinion is that the phone is very boring. Does not offer alot of options. If you want a phone for just talking on I would suggest this phone. However if you want it for more than just a phone I would suggest the LG8100, it offers many more options.

V3c = Perfect Phone


Jan 5, 2006 by 1razr

I have waited to submit my review until I had time to use my razr for 3 weeks and I love it! This is a phone that easily fits in your pocket (no more hanging on a clip) and has great reception and clarity. This one is knockout for Verizon.

Cool but...


Dec 16, 2005 by gabefsu

First, I am a Verizon customer in NC. I was waiting for this phone as I have been a Moto/clamshell fan since the StarTac. The v60i was even better, and I have been happy with the Audiovox 9900 for the past 1.5 years.

THIN - Very comfortable wherever you choose to tote it.
SOLID RECEPTION - 4-5 bars most everywhere in town
GOOD CALL QUALITY - handset sounds good
KEYS - nice feel (& lighting in dark)

BATTERY LIFE - In 4 days use mine ran out between the 1.5 & 2 hour mark each day!! Starts beeping low battery around 1.4 hours.
HEADSET OPTIONS: I used in with Moto BT500 and it sounded pretty good, but people could tell I was not on handset. No jack for wired headset can be tough if you are a heavy user.

I will be returning it as I often talk 2 hours a day and do not want to find myself worried about the battery.

Bottom line, if you only talk 1 hour a day and want a nice phone that fits in any pocket comfortably this may be for you.
As for the cool factor, I agree it is sharp, but the uniqueness is fading rather quickly! I have noticed 2-4 people a day this week using them!! I guess many Verizon customers have gotten their hands on 'em.

Decent / Worth it!!


Nov 23, 2005 by WaldenUnited

I owned this phone for about 1 1/2 months I fell it is a good stable phone.

If you are looking for a sleek, solid, decent reception, bluetooth, speakerphone.

It is the envy of all cellphone users.

Prepare yourself for this question every time someone see's it
"hey is that the Razr?"

Bluetooth voice dial, up to 20 numbers
speaker phone

camera not that awesome (still a phone)
some screens have been known to go white
not too much else

My 1999 Nokia 8260 was a better phone!


Jan 3, 2006 by iHatePC

I do not understand what all the hoopla is about this phone. A few people that I work with own this phone and they all raved about it. It's slim but it's a gigantic phone. It's like carrying around a half of a deck of playing cards in your pocket. It's just too freakin big!

In a nutshell, this phone is a perfect example of design over function.

Perhaps if I were not a Verizon customer I would like this phone a little better. I hate Verizon and their PC centric phones. Verizon is the Microsoft of cellular phone providers. Their phone selection just sucks. They do not even provide any support for bluetooth. They told me that they have not released a PC connectivity kit for it yet and sent me to Motorola for support.

About the phone:

> The Pros

1.) Works with a Mac. I was able to dump my contacts, to to lists and calendar events to the phone over bluetooth.

2.) I was able to transfer an MP3 to the phone and use it as a ring tone without paying Verizon for it.

3.) I was able to record myself coughing and use the recording as a ring tone.

4.) I was able to use it with my car's built-in bluetooth speaker phone.

5.) You do not have to train the voice command dialing feature and it actually works.

Dont waste your time....


Apr 1, 2006 by joanne1985

I had the razor, and I returned it!!! #1 reason was because the software sucked and reception was worse. Motorola did a really bad job on this phone, it was just kinda slapped together. I've never heard as many complaints in the store about any other phone but this one. If you are looking for a durable and dependable phone, DONT BUY THIS ONE!!! WASTE OF $350.00.

Good.. but not great


Jan 2, 2006 by BluewindArmada

After seeing this phone in action on the Verizon Wireless network, I am pretty impressed with the preformence of the unit. but one thing that troubles me alot and maybe alot of other people out there. SOFTWARE SOFTWARE SOFTWARE. Motorola has set themselves back by allowing Verizon to use their software. If you take a look at the lineup of Verizon Phones, Every Verizon phone looks the Same! I liked Motorola because of they way their software worked, Now that the Razar looks the same (internally) as the other phones, I question now the realiblity of the software itself. I'm not saying that the phone is a peice of junk. I'm just stating that I would like a phone that is different from all the rest. The Razar is just another proof that all this "VCAST" promo has taken over a Very good phone.


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