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Good try motorola


Feb 1, 2006 by LGguy

After waiting for the RAZR for nearly 6 months i was somewhat disappointed.

Nice camera
Large colorful display
create your own ringtones
slim and lightweight
call quality

Very slow software
Speaker phone (sound cuts off so the other person cant hear you its almost useless)
No vibrate and ring
no transflash memeory card port
higher resolution outside display

In conclusion, this is a decent phone, but after all the waiting motorola couldve done better, amybe a software update comes out and fixes all the problems that would be great, but as of now RAZR is just for looks if you want a very good phone that doesnt have any of these cons go for the LG vx8100.

Best Phone Motorola Has Ever Made


Dec 26, 2005 by WBrown415

I have been a Verizon customer for several years now. I have had the Startac 7868, LGVX 4400, 6000, 6100, 8100., etc. This phone has it all. Ignore all the other negative reviews. Excellent clear reception, excellent sensitivity, thin, light, cool looking, V Cast., etc. No phone is perfect but if you want a dependable phone that
talks and listens with reliability, this is the phone for you.

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Jan 4, 2006 by gunny

I love my razr


call clarity is amazing

loud ringers

good build quality

feels good on the face during long calls

Form factor, just love that I can place in shirt pocket and forget about it.

none for me

Nice Phone


Nov 26, 2005 by mikeco927

this is a great phone. Gets great reception and has a clear speakerphone. Nice and big and the camera is nice.
Does anyone know how to transfer mp3's to your phone from your computer? Do you have to have software or what?

I Now Have One


Sep 2, 2006 by WNWoody

I just bought the RAZR V3C about ten days ago. I actually like this phone. I have owned over six different phones and the RAZR is the best one I've ever had. I wouldn't say that it's the greatest phone out there, but it is a pretty nice phone.

The screen is wide, which makes for easy viewing. If though I don't use the camera that much, the images from it are pretty clear. Also, I thought having the ability to record an actually video was pretty nice. The images or pictures that you can upload from your computer to your phone are very crisp. There are a lot of handy tools and options on the phone. Most of the ringers are pretty loud, which I thought was good.

The only thing I've experienced so far which was a minor flaw is that the screen may get stuck for a moment, but that can easily be corrected. All you have to do is turn the phone off and back on and the problem is handled. The battery is not a huge deal to me, though it maybe to some others. I figure since I'm always in a position to charge my phone, I just simply plug it up and talk, whether I'm at home or in a car.

Razr Rocks


Aug 29, 2006 by totallyalyssa

Yes, I gave into the "Razr Craze"! I bought the Motorola V3c, (a.k.a. the Razr) about one month ago. With this phone I have been able to get a keep a signal in places that I have never had a signal before. This phone has wonderful volume, with the ear piece and the ringer. The Blue tooth is a lot of fun! It also comes in handy! The screen is big so it enables you to see pictures and other information with ease. My only qualm with the Razr is the text notification. If you have a certain ring tone assigned to a contact every time you receive a text from that contact their ring tone plays. That does get a little frustrating at times, but overall the Razr is a great phone. I would definitely recommend the Razr to all my friends and family!

V3c Curse or Blessing?


Apr 9, 2006 by kmcfarlin

Upon signing up with USCC, I received the Nokia 6235i. Great phone.

About a week after I got the phone I was speaking to a Nokia representative, who talked me into the Nokia 6255i, a flip phone. Originally I did not like flip phones, but the 6255i did just so much more.

Then I figured if I was going to get a flip phone, why not just go all out and get the RAZR V3c. I did so.

For the first few weeks I had only two problems. There is no combination vibrate/ringtone when someone is calling you. It is either/or. Sometimes I would be driving and I would miss a call because I can't hear the ringer. That's when I decided it would be more efficient to have the V3c on vibrate 24/7. As soon as I did that, I would miss calls because I was in a different room cooking or what not.
Either way, a phone is supposed to alert you when someone is calling.

My other problem was Motorola interface. It's been about 3 weeks and I am still not used to the menus. It's nothing like my past Nokia's.

Now, just today, my phone will not send text messages. It began freezing up. After toying with it for about 30 minutes, I reasonably inferred that it was because of the memory being full. It works now that I have deleted some ringtones (that I paid for) and erased all messages memory.

I am beginning to consider spending $300 for the Nokia 6255i. Unfortunately I can not return any of the accessories that I have bought, for either 6235i, or RAZR V3c.

It looks great. It's an awesome toy, but it would make the next two years MUCH more convenient if they had refined their technology better.



Apr 6, 2006 by cellularswapper

Sure when you saw this phone on tv and on display, you thought it was the coolest----not true!
This phone sent me thru more H***, tyring to navigate and find little loop holes for different settings!
But dont let the slim design fool you, it was actually one of the sturdiest, ive ever had.
PROS: bigger screen
excellent sound
CONS:structure (try holding the phone up to your ear while multi tasking, impossible)
the way Verizon has restrictions on what the phone is fully capable of doing
recording sounds and you cant play them out loud so using them as ringtones are useless

Great phone sleek look


Mar 11, 2006 by chispa78

I got this phone completely free through Verizon internet/ renewal contract discount. I still had more then a year in my contract so an upgrade from the T-730 was much needed.

- Great Quality in both sending and receiving
- Much better reception then my old phone
- Awesome design/ so easy to have it in your pockets
- Long battery life
- Great speakerphone
- Much better calendar then my old phone
- Bluetooth works great, just have to get use to using it
- the mid west does not have V-cast, too bad since it would be nice to see how it would look in a big screen
- really having fun with the Camera, although the red-eye removal would not really work with an flash-less camera:)

- I bought the mobile tools 4 on eBay and the Multimedia suite is disable, If this phone was not free I would change carries next week, it completes kills so many cool features to customized your phone, i guess not everything is free in this world:)
- Limited control on the Home keys (unlike other Motorola phones) probably restricted by Verizon
- I really wished they kept the ringer/vibrating mode, I pretty much used this setting for years, sucks to forget to put in vibrating mode while I'm in a meeting..

other then that i love my new phone i had for over a month and convinced my girlfriend to get as well, we both had obsolete phones. I would have score 5 for this phone i was able to do al the features it says it can with a PC, but not luck so far...

Great phone with plenty of features.


Mar 10, 2006 by so_scene

After 4 replacement v710s in February, I decided to go ahead and spend the money to buy a new phone flat out. (ouch.) Seeing as I'd be spending a lot anyway, I decided to go with the pink edition of this phone, and so far, I love it. Here's my review:


The keypad and outside keys can be locked! Just press Clear and then *. I always had trouble before with my 710 having the Vibrate mode change to Loud without intending it to.
The speakerphone is great except when I'm in the car, which is where I would use it most. It just doesn't seem to carry as well. I do like that you can shut the phone and still use it.
Calls are clear and loud, and I was really surprised that the vibrate mode was so strong for such a little phone.
It is easy to use and I really like the menu style. I also like that it is mp3 compatible so I can make my own ringtones to upload on there.

I don't really have any huge issues with this phone, but there are a few things that bother me a little bit. It does what it's primarily intended for, so these are just minor annoyances.

I wish you could customize the soft key pad a little bit more. It only lets you change one to make a shortcut.
The rubberized keypad is pretty comfortable except for the raised rubber dots on some of the keys. (I text message more than I talk)
The text predict program that helps you text faster is kind of awkward.
So is the alarm clock. I need to go back to the manual to figure that out.

Overall I think that the V3c is a great phone, but it does have some room for minor adjustments. It has plenty of awesome features, and the size is great. I feel it's definitely an improvement from my 710.

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