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Albeit a few bugs...for the price its solid


Dec 24, 2005 by slickrick

Verizon Razr:


1. slim/light
2. good speaker phone
3. good clarity/signal strength
4. aesthetically pleasing
5. good camera


1. meager battery life (attribute that to smaller battery due to size of phone)
2. no memory card (faster to transfer pix and can hold more data with a memory card)
3. feels fragile (obvious due to its design
4. has more bugs than an ant farm. numerous software problems exist which will be ironed out according to verizon techs.
5. General quality control issues:
battery clip can be found not very flush with rest of phone, distortion at high volumes, slow menu's at times, and a loose keypad. the keypad, battery clip, and static/distortion problems can all be fixed if you get lucky enough to find one that is actually produced with integrity.

overall, despite the cons, the phone does its job: its very small, has great reception, and has excellent clarity. just make sure to find one without the aforementioned non-software bugs.

best phone (for now) on the best network in America


Dec 19, 2005 by locke322

Although some people are saying that this phone breaks easily, if people want to blame their mistakes on the phone, they should go pick up a sturdy Nokia brick that can handle drops on the floor.

That said, here are the pros and cons:

- sleek, slim design (previously only enjoyed by GSM network users)
- Verizon-standardized firmware, as opposed to the Motorola standard
- second-generation Bluetooth technology
- the very fact that this phone is available in the U.S. markets on the most reliable CDMA network
- very clear voice quality in ear speaker

- apparent bug in Inbox count-- there is no number in the message box that denotes how many messages have been received (S/W version GATW_01.0F.02)
- battery life-- with Bluetooth on, and with average use, I have to charge every day: 2 days without Bluetooth
- slow response on the buttons & menus, but not unbearable

Overall, I am just glad this phone is out for Verizon. Now I can flamboyantly sport my phone in front of my GSM-using friends. Even better, it's a little less weight in my pocket at the club. Best part is-- when I make a phone call from the club, my call will actually go through, as opposed to my friends who whip out their GSM RAZRs only to find no reception in the building.


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The Worst phone so far..........


Jan 20, 2006 by Brandon236

This phone is by far the worst phone that I ever had, this phone is a real piece of you know what.... I think that Verizon needs to recall this phone because of all the problems. The phone has problems taking charge, and also making phone calls when using the Bluetooth, I have never had more dropped calls with any other phone than this one, very bad phone and that's why I gave it a rating of 0.

Has promise, but does not live up to it


Jan 29, 2006 by goh34

got this phone from a official verizon store, salesman warned me the battery won't last more than 90 minutes talk time. By the way this is in NYC. so reception great, call quality great, speaker phone great. i don't care about not having an mp3 player cuz i already have a great one. but does not do what a phone should do. if you need this phone in an emergency it won't be there for you cuz chances are the battery will be dead. on full charge and talking on the phone for only 30 minutes the battery loses charge in about 14 hours, not even a full day. my view get a different phone or wait for a better one to come out.

Like an LG


Jan 6, 2006 by niknakz3

I really enjoy the Motorola Razr v3. It has the durability of an LG product with the creative style that Motorola is known for. I wish there was an MP3 player and flash on this phone, but overall I like the style, durability and user friendliness.

Returning It ASAP


Dec 31, 2005 by Sicilian40

I've had the phone for about 1 week. The speakerphone is not loud enough to use in my car, people say they can't hear me. The cover for the keypads must be loose, when I dial a number I'm always dialing the wrong number. The pictures I've taken at the highest resolution have been horrible. The VCAST videos I have downloaded seem to skip a bit at times. One video I watched neither the left or right button worked for muting or options.

I also don't understand why Motorola doesn't make something I can use in my car that would charge the batter and use the speakerphone at the same time. I have the car AC adapter but the speakerphone quality is totally unacceptable to me compared to my prior LG phones.

freedom, finally!!


Dec 12, 2005 by xaxis360

Love the phone and love the freedom Alltel gives to use OBEX file transfer via bluetooth. EvDO is blazing fast for browsing with your Mac. Haven't tried the TV service yet..

COMPLAINT! The side buttons are easy to inadvertently hit when you're handling the phone which may accidentally turn your phone to vibrate or silent if you're not careful. I enabled security on tones and that seems to help.

Verizon Razr Vc3


Apr 18, 2006 by liquidblue

Well when i first got the phone from verizon
i was very , very dissapointed for they dissable every cool feature of this phone.

No File transfers , because they want you to buy there ringers. I heard this is cuse of a lawsuit from the RIAA. Because Verizon is one of the best service providers out there. So they went for them first. But i hear they are fixing this in there new firmware upgrade this summer because of a lawsuit from there customers about them dissabling the phone.
So they would rather get a lawsuit from the RIAA rather than their customers i dont know how true this is , but if so , Maybe they really are working for you :D lol

Anyway After somereading I found on wikipedia
How to flash to alltels interface which reenables everything VZW disables this will void your warrenty and verizon can actually terminate your contract if they find out you did it.

But after doing this i simply love this phone
it is one of the best phones i have owned to date. I am able to transfer my own ringer, video , wallpaper , skin it , mod pretty much anything you want on it

This is the link for the wiki site on flashing , Just remeber it can void warrenty if u ever need your phone repaired or you mess up the flash. Use at your own risk


holy testical tuesday


Apr 12, 2006 by chunkymonkey

this phone is freaking awesome i had my doubts b/c i read the other reviews on her before i got it but it dose everything you ever imagined and just for the record many people on the site said " but it dose not ring and vibrate" well those people need to learn how to use the phones b/c you can chose from a list whether you want it to just ring, ring & vibrate, ring then vibrate, just vibrate or you can put it on silent...it is awesome!!! if you get the cable to hook it up to your computer you will never have to pay for a ring tone or graphic again you just transfer pics and mp3's from your PC! the sound quality is excellent, and the pictures are like pictures from digital cameras... i think I'm in love!!!
trust me if you are thinking about getting this phone you will not be disappointed despite what these other tards are saying, most of there issues are due to user error and there service provider!!!

I really like this phone!


Apr 9, 2006 by xelarhye

I have been through so many phones. I have had Lg and Motorola mostly but i have had some samsung. I recently changed to the RAZR from the LG vx9800 and I am must happier with this phone. It might not have a full keyboard but it is working really well. Some people have complained about the battery life and that just depends on how the phone is used. Put the battery saver on people! I was a t Arrowhead for 2 days without a charger and by the end of the weekend i had two bars left in my battery! I used vcast, aim, and made calls! NEVER LEAVE THE PHONE ON CHARGE OVERNIGHT! That will screw the phone up so bad.

Pros: Very slim and easier to dial with than the RAZR V3. Great resolution.

Cons: No vibrate and ring at the same tine. The menu opens up a little slow but nothing to worry about.

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