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Dec 27, 2005 by cdmamoto

I have been using cell phones since I started with Ameritech in 1995 with 60 anytime minutes and that's it. Wow have times changed. I have had Sprint, Primeco, Cingular, AT&T. I have had just about every cell phone out there. Verizon is by far the best network of any carrier. Now for my review of the RAZR. I had look at everyones reviews both positive and negative. For me, I am giving the phone a 5. This is a third generation RAZR. The phone has been through all of the test in order to be where it is today. Granted that the other two versions were GSM on T Mobile and Cingular, but the phone has been out for about a year. I am amazed at how so many people ran out and bought the RAZR then complained about it. No one forced you to pay the $299.00 with $100.00 mail in rebate for the phone. The phone is not a digital camera. The phone is not an iPod. The phone is not a voice recorder. The phone is not a PDA. My gosh what do user's want in a phone. The phone is exceptional. Motorola just didn't start making telecommunications devices yesterday, they have been around for a long time, and not by making shady devices. If you want the aforementioned items in a phone. Go out and by them separately. If you've bought the RAZR with Verizion, then I'm sure that you can affford all of the other items that you want in like PDA, iPod, digital camera, etc.

It's a keeper


Dec 15, 2005 by DanUsesVerizon

I've tried many phones to replace my Samsung SCH-a530, but this is the one that will do it. Form factor is most important for me. Fits in my pocket and I forget it's there.

1. Size
2. Reception
3. Large display
4. Very good speakerphone
5. Easy one-hand dialing

1. GUI. Noticeably slow screen reaction. Few customization options. Few quick ways to access semi-common functions. I had assumed it would have the same software that the E815 uses. It doesn't. The E815 has significantly better software.

If you don't mind the E815's larger size, I would recommend it over the V3c. Otherwise, the software drawbacks are tolerable and you'll be pleased with the V3c.



Dec 11, 2005 by Katibukata

I have owned this phone for the past 2 days. The looks are great, the background light makes the buttons irresistable.
Excellent looks, speakerphone is great, sound on ear piece also great. Navigation menu is different, but it is just as practical as the menu from E815 once you get used to it.

Questionable reception. Bars are low indoors (1-2). The phone is overpriced.

Overall, I recommend this phone for anyone looking for the looks and style. Buy this phone and add a bodyglove cell suit to it, people will turn heads.

I'll keep this phone even if reception is questionable. I also had reception issues with my E815. To my experience, Motorola phones have always struggled with reception indoors so going back to my E815 would not do me much good.

Great phone! Buy it!

Enough Already


Jan 18, 2006 by rs8388

I very carefully followed the reviews here. Any group of reviews requires a grain of salt. There is a significant spread of age in the reviewers, not to mention true expertise and fairness. That being said I did indeed purchase the RAZR V3C. This was a tough choice, because I had a VX-6100 which only lacked Bluetooth to make it nearly perfect, so naturally the VX-8100 was going to be my upgrade - LG makes great phones. I was very unimpressed with the V710 and never thrilled with my V-60. Motorola is not my first choice. The RAZR choice was simpler than I thought, at the end. It has all the features of the VX-8100 plus some, it's exactly half the thickness and it is "the" latest Verizon technology. What pleased me most was the Speaker Independent feature, it worked great and having it ask me "which" of all the numbers of a given contact I wanted, was the icing. There is only ONE thing wrong with the phone - battery life is pathetic. I get one day only with less than an hour talk time.

PROS: Everything except the battery

CONS: Terrible battery life.

This phone is excellent


Dec 11, 2005 by Yozster

This phone is very sleek and stylish... along with that it has the best clarity in a call that I have ever experienced. The ringers are crisp... the features are excellent... It's breath of fresh air after having the 8900 for 2 years!

Bad job on a good product Verizon


Mar 3, 2006 by DGatzby1

I purchased this phone two days ago because I have a Cingular RAZR, BUT their signal is not good where I use my phone the most, however, Verizon has a good signal. So read on....

Buying the RAZR V3c from Verizon is a mistake. I am lucky, I can and will return it next week and wait for the "Q". Lets hope it works as the manufacturer's and provider's advertise!!

The pro's - The RAZR as everyone agrees is its ease of use as a phone and its compact size for carrying it anywhere. The Cingular RAZR uses the Moto menu system and is pretty easy to use. It has been a pretty good phone for almost a year now.

The con's.

* Verizon apparently has really messed up this product. It uses a proprietary Verizon menu system that is not flexible. It will not do things it says it will (won't change themes, won't re-define the center button except the "down" and I still can't figure out why the "*" key tried to lock my phone the first day, but did not after that)

* If you want to sync this phone with your PC forget it! I connected it to the Mobile Phone Tools program that is a real pain with the Cingular phone, but at least it works. The Verizon won't sync the calendar and will not transfer files using the Multimedia Studio. Matter of fact the icons for calendar and multimedia will not appear. NOW, WHAT GOOD IS THAT VERIZON? Motorola blames the problem on Verizon. Of course Verizon can't understand why Motorola can't make it work. Neither really cares that us consumers waste lots of time trying to make these things work for us.

* The ITap system is really worthless. The Cingular model clearly shows choices at the bottom of the screen while typing. This Verizon unit is completely unsatisfactory! It simply don't show you what your ITap choices are, period.

Based on that, I would not have this Verizon equipped phone even if they were giving it away. It is going back and I will wait for something acceptable to purchase, even if it costs hundreds of dollars more.

Not Bad but I have had better...


Feb 28, 2006 by Calimon

I want to start off by commenting on why I only gave the Razor for Verizon a rating of 4.... I work for a Verion agent here in the Columbus,Oh area. My wife and I have the Razor and here is what we've come up with.

I currently use a LG 9800 as a Business phone. Although I use 4000 mins a month, the Razor with only 400 mins of monthly useage, I charge my 9800 less! The menu functions on the Razor are S...L...O...W... When compared to the E815 I had before, the Razor really blows...as for the battery life.

As for what my wife and I do like:
Of course the ladies are going to like it because its small and that it fits within a purse without taking too much space.
As for me:
Its slim and fits in my pocket very well, and even better now that I have a holster for it. I like the sound clarity and the speaker phone isnt that bad. The screen size and key pad brightness is GREAT too! And most importantly the phone only cost me $50!!

Overall this phone is cool. Its no 9800 but its cool for the price and for what it does overall.

Major Disappointment


Feb 28, 2006 by dhe18

I have just moved back to the US after spending 5 years in Japan, cell phone mecca.

I had pretty low expectations about cell phones in the US from both what I had heard from friends and from what I had seen online.

This phone actually managed to defeat my lowest expectations: it is ridiculous.

The software is a joke:
--It takes seconds to load any menu
--Functions are terrible (you cannot have different wallpapers on internal and external screens, you cannot change the color of the bands on the top and bottom of the phone (which are an ugly red), you cannot set the phone to both ring and vibrate at the same time (so if you are on a busy street like I am very often, you better hope you can hear the ringer over street noise or actually feel the weak vibrator while walking through traffic)
--Changing settings is unnecessarily difficult, taking multiple button presses through poorly-organized menus to do simple things like change your ring tone

The phone itself is poor:
--I experienced loud buzzing from the phone even when it was not in use (I have had it replaced by Verizon 2 times in 10 days and now my third phone has developed the same buzzing)
--The menu button is small and unresponsive
--I find myself unintentionally pressing the external buttons...all the time

I am taking the phone back to Verizon tomorrow and exchanging it: thank God I am still within my 2 week warranty period.

Best phone I've ever used!


Feb 5, 2006 by korndawg

Just picked up the Razr from USCC today after much deliberation on whether or not I wanted to spend all the $$$. I bit the bullet and am MORE than happy with this thing. Its by far the nicest phone I've ever used. The screen is super. Large and very easy to read and navigate Speaker phone works awesome. The phone is of course small, lightweight and it feels solid. Only issue I have with it is getting used to the side buttons. Gonna take some getting used to. I also looked at the V323, which is an awesome phone too, but the Razr is just so badass. From what I've read, people are unhappy with what Verizon has done to such a great phone, but for us USCC and Alltel users, the Razr is awesome. No regrets other than the fact I wish I would have boughten it sooner!



Feb 2, 2006 by babygirl7282

Love my razr! Went from alltel Nokia 6255i which I thought was wonderful, then to the Verizon Razr. Woww what a difference. Didn't know what great signal was. I haven't had a reception problem once, and those of you that know how great Nokia's are, this should tell you!

such as Vcast, Get it now, Ringback tones

battery life

Of course everyone hates the battery life, but how do u expect to have a great one with such a skinny phone?

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