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Alltel's V3C Far Superior


Jan 31, 2006 by Dandoo

I've had Alltel Wireless' version of the Motorola Razr since the day it was released. I am the inventory manager for one of Alltel's largest indirect dealers, and use my phone about 5000 minutes a month.

Call Clarity
Loud Ringers
Loud Speaker
Great Voice Dial (Motorola's VD is amazing)
Good Screen Indoors
Normal Motorola Menu (Verizon uses their own proprietary menu in their Razr)

Battery Life (I charge my phone no less than twice a day)
Bluetooth doesn't like to stay connected to my Plantronics Voyager 510
Can't send files via Bluetooth

Overall this phone has been the best performing phone I've ever seen on Alltel's network. The EVDO is amazingly fast (faster than Verizon) and the fact that the menu is the same as all other Motorola's makes it much easier to use. Now that the Motorola Phone Tools software has been updated (Ver. 4.0) to work with this model, you can create your own ringtones on your computer (mp3 only) and load them directly to your phone.

Don't blame this phone if you have Verizon service. I've used the Verizon Razr and it shouldn't even be considered the same phone as Alltel's version.

Excellent Phone!


Apr 7, 2006 by vzwguy72

Let me start by mentioning the people who should not buy this phone due to it's current feature set:

1) If you cancelled your cable TV for Vcast.
2) If you returned your Ipod for the V3C.
3) If you held out on buying a digital camera for the V3C.

Keeping in mind that this is a phone, and not a device to satisfy your every last craving for entertainment, the V3C performs second to none.

-Sound Quality (sounds like a landline)
-Reception (even better than my 710)
-Screen faces in on belt clip (protects screen)
-Antenna is located in the hump at the bottom - gives better reception, also lowers the SAR since it's not pressed to the side of the head.
-.03 software fixes many bugs found in .02
-Vibrate is strong.

-Battery life isn't great, but not horrible either.
-Software can be slow sometimes.
-Has only 1 volume preset for the ringer (my 710 has 2 - loud & soft)
-Can only customize 1 of the 4 home screen shortcuts.

One thing to keep in mind, the signal indicator on this phone doesn't seem to display the true DB level that this phone receives. I will have 2/4 bars where my 710 has 4/5 or 5/5 bars. Yet this phone will hold a call where my 710 can't (I have tested this). Just shows that you shouldn't judge signal quality based on the bars alone.

If you're thinking about the razr, make sure you get one w/ .03 software (unless you want OBEX). You shouldn't rate this phone poorly based on outdated software.

Hope this helps.

RAZR V3c - Nothing but problems


Feb 27, 2006 by pghQTpie

So about 2 weeks ago, I order a cute Pink RAZR V3c and get a matching pink bluetooth for free through Verizons website. I was so excited!

When I first got it, everything worked fine. I entered in all of my 170 contacts, downloaded games, customized my phone settings, created a calendar event, sent txt msgs, etc. I couldn't have been happier.

PROS: The phone was sleek, easy to use, had decent reception, easy menus, great graphics, sounds quality was decent, the works.

Day 4: I tried to add another event to my Calendar and the phone freezes. I tried reset, battery removal, *228, nothing worked. So, big problem #1, the calendar freezes my phone.

Day 5: I take it to the Verizon store. They say they'll have to send me a new phone. OK, no biggie, it happens.

Day 9: Get my new phone. Yay! Spend hours setting it back up (same rigamarole as before). Set up the same daily calendar event, and the phone freezes for a sec. Reset the phone, try again and it seems to be working! So far so good with the replacement.

Day 11: Attempt to add another Calendar event and it freezes again! Tried all the same stuff, no good.

Day 12: Went to Verizon to get my phone book copied over and complain about the calendar again. "If you call in a few weeks, they'll probably have a software upgrade we can perform in-store that should fix it". Eh, OK.

Get it home, play with it some more, next thing ya know I get a call: "Why haven't you answered my txts?" Uh oh... try to go into my inbox and get an error msg: "Fatal Error 0x00000002" and some other gibberish. Eeks! Follow the drill again and nothing works. Now the txt messaging and the calendar are both broke not to mention random resets and freeze-ups.

Needless to say I'm NOT a happy camper, thinking about getting a different phone while I still can. Though, I'd hate to give up this cute eye-catcher. :-(

My suggestion: Get it, but wait until they come out with a better, more stable version...


I Expect Better


Jan 20, 2006 by stegercreek

Fit and Finish.
Camera responds well.
Good Speaker and ear volume
Pairs easy w/Moto HS850 Wireless Headset

Sluggish Menu
Reception only fair in average markets. (3 to 4 bars) I get 1 to 2 bars)
Battery Life marginal
Price not a value, not even close.

My Thoughts:
Moto E815 Kicks its butt....

love it!!!!!!


Dec 27, 2005 by JENI729

I got this phone for Christmas and I love it. I have had the moto 720, samsung 530, lg 6000, samsung 670, lg 7000, lg 4500, lg 6100, moto 710, moto 815, lg 9800, treo, and back to the 815. It has great reception and works great. I am in northeast Ohio where reception isn't great and it works excellent. It is a motorola phone but it has LG software in it. Very strange. Knock on wood I have not had any problems with my phone freezing which is VERY common in Moto's. I like much better then my 815.

small size
good reception
good call clarity
decent picture quality
good preloaded ring tones
very bright keypad

exterior time is delayed until you hit outer buttons
can't take the red off the internal display
not very good battery life

Even though this phone has a few cons, it is still a solid 5 in my book.

Come and Get Your Love?


Apr 11, 2006 by GravityFails

After wading through the inane and ubiquitous "that's what I have an iPod for" comments, I realized what was bugging me; a device's capabilities should not be judged based upon the availability of yet other devices. If a phone has a camera, that camera should perform to satisfaction. If it has an MP3 player, it should be a good MP3 player.

Those who were disappointed by the Razr were disappointed for valid reasons. Those who are happy with it are happy with it for valid reasons. If the ascetic and dour-faced Luddites who shun the addition of a camera, radio, or MP3 player to a phone wish to vent their frustrations, they might consider visiting www.amish.net, and posting in their forum. Yes, it's real, and no, the irony is not lost on this reviewer.

As for the Alltel Razr, it was a vast disappointment to me. I had the opportunity to tinker with my father's and brother's T-Mobile Razrs over the holidays, and I was impressed enough to get one through Alltel, which didn't work out too well. The battery life was unacceptable; one hour of talk time in high-signal areas. The aforementioned side keys were indeed a problem, as there's no way to lock them while the phone is in your pocket. Thought your phone was on vibrate while you were at work? HAH! Think again.

Bluetooth worked only sporadically, and even then the quality was so poor that it rendered it unusable. Used the same BT headset with my Slider, and it's fine. Wouldn't have been a problem if a wired headset were an option.

The best things that this phone has going for it are its slick presentation and beautiful screen. The quality and tactile feedback of the buttons are top-shelf, and there's no questioning the overall coolness factor.

And I like the camera. I'll consider another Razr when the V3M is released, but until then I'm sticking with my Slider and my 6235i.

Solid, Classy ;not all V3Cs are created equal


Mar 31, 2006 by dtrazz

The First cell phone I ever owned was the old MicroTac flip phone in 1996,it's also the only other Motorola I have owned, I remember thinking how compact it was, Motorola sure has come a long way, just over a week ago Midwest Wireless (soon to be Alltel) in southern MN got the RAZR and I was the first one to get one, I've been waiting since I saw the Cingular version first advertised. First of all I think there should be two different reviews for this phone, one for the Verizon UI version and one for the Moto UI version, they are basically two different phones. it seems that the majority of the complaints are with the Verizon UI which reflects poorly on all RAZR v3cs:

A) Thin Form Factor
B) Solid expensive-feeling phone
C) Very Classy looking
D) Mostly metal & glass very little plastic
which adds to the solid expensive feel,
and classy look.
E) Very easy to use and configurable UI
F) Good Speaker Phone
G) Can put any MP3 on the phone via Blue
Tooth or USB cable and use as ring tone
H) Charges quickly (1 1/2 hrs)
I) Good Phone Book setup
J) Decent Camera
K) The Battery life is even good enough for
me (about 3 days)

What cons?

I highly recommend this phone with the Moto UI, I can't speak for the Verizon UI, (all I know is that you couldn't give me one of those) this is definitely the best phone I have ever owned.

form does not follow function


Mar 27, 2006 by tripitaka

the old bromide states "form follows function"
Not true with the RAZR, in its haste to put out a product, in its desire to make it real small and sexy, they threw a bunch of features in a box, and left them where they fell.

Although the phone works fine, its high cost is associated with features.
Now e.g., if you want to hold the phone while using the speakerphone, you have the choice of your hand covering the antenna, restricting reception a bit, or your hand covering the speaker (and possibly mike) - same problem. If you want to put the phone on the seat, either you've covered the speaker or the mike (they are on opposite sides of the contraption)

groups are not categories in the address book, as you can only put in 6 or 7 names per group (I wanted to list all of the local restaurants in a group in order to sort through them without remembering individual names)

The screen washes out in any kind of daylight.

This phone is downright dangerous, requiring you to look at the keypad to select an on or off button or dial, as there is no resolution to the keypad in order to shave a mm off the thickness. Also the side buttons (like to turn on the speakerphone or change volume) essentially requires two hands as the buttons are not conveniently located on the lower half where your hand is likely to sit.

Somehow, I always seem to be covering the lens with my hand as the lens is virtually across from the "take" button - I can be successful, but it is clumsy.

I don't know why, but the phone is uncomfortable in my hand for long conversations - not true for previous phones.

Happily Moto has improved their contacts menu to provide multi numbers/contact and reasonable contact search with an incremental search - no more having to scan a list to find whomever you're looking for.

I guess that teens might get more sex if they have a pink razr, but for the rest of us try a less haphazardly designed device.

disclaimer: these rants come from only 1 week of ownership.

Thumbs up for Verizon RAZR


Feb 19, 2006 by k9blitz

I started out with a .02 version software phone that had the time update problem. That was unacceptable. I don't file share, mp3, transfer, etc. but I at least demand the phone display the correct time!

After reading many reviews, I exchanged it under the Verizon 15-day worry free deal. I had the Verizon Rep search the boxes and find a phone with the most current ship/manufact. date on the box. Sure enough, I got the newest phone they had (the date on the box was 1/22/06) which also had the .03 version software.

The phone is flawless. The camera & video features work great, which is enough bonus for me considering I want the phone for it's primitive purpose; Make and receive calls, store numbers, take a pic once in a while.

The size and design of the phone should be what technology strives for. Fits great in the hand and pocket. Callers say I sound like I'm calling from a land-line. Great sound quality making and receiving calls.


Sound/Call Quality (hidden antenna works great)
Slim Design
Big Display with great color
Durable case, keypad, and screen feels well put together.
Takes good pics and good video with sound
Works excellent with HS850 Bluetooth
Voice activated calling / phonebook feature is functional and flawless.
Downloaded some great pic's of my boat that look crisp and colorful as Wallpaper.


Battery life could be a little better, but not bad enough to look for another phone.

Software issues: I ended up with the newest RAZR loaded with the newest software because of the research I did on this Website. The average buyer isn't going to do this. Verizon needs to step-up and make sure they are only putting the newest RAZR's on the market.

5.0 out of 5.0 for me. I love the phone.

What a dissappointment!!


Feb 17, 2006 by 47AV8R

I wish I had never purchased this phone. It looks great and everyone who sees it likes it but unless you actually use it, you don't know what a worthless phone it really is.

Having owned a Motorola V710 for 2 years, I was expecting great things from this phone. Unfortunately, I am very dissappointed.

Size and thats about it

Cannot program center ring to do things you want

Setting to phone to "All Silent" only turns the ringer off, not the alarms like voicemail and messages

Only way to use the "Snooze" feature on the alarm is to flip open the phone and using the center ring select "Snooze" and then enter. By then, you might as well get up!(The V710 did this automatically and you had to physically dismiss the alarm).

Even though the phone holds 1000 contacts, if you make a group folder ie. "Military", you can only put 10 names in it then is states the group is "Full"

You cannot delete or edit the default group folders that come in the contact lists.

Using the calendar, the only way to move to a different month is by using the center ring and cycle through every day or week of the month to get to the next month on so on. Pain if you are trying to look ahead 3 months. I hate having to press the center button.

I have set the alarm to go off at 6:30 am from M-F but it goes off on Saturday about half the time. Can't figure out why and Verizon thinks I'm crazy when I mention it to them.

Lag time on the "Send" button is horrible. I am used to just pressing the "End" button and then quickly the "Send" button twice on my V710 to redial a number. This phone you have to wait about 5 seconds between each push for the software/phone to catch up.

Oh, and the battery life does suck.

All in all, I would not recommend this phone to anyone who wants to be able to use this phone and expects a $300 phone to by more user friendly.


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