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Great Phone


Jan 10, 2006 by mifrancis

Is it perfect? Certainly not, depends on what you want a cell phone for. I just use it to make and get calls. So I want clarity and good reception, and this phone is as good as any other for that. I also want to be able to put it in my pocket, and the size of the razr is also perfect for this (reminds me of my all time favorite phone - the moto Star Tac). I only use the outer screen to check the time (when I am not wearing my watch). Using it with a bluetooth headset is great, and voice dialing is also good. If you are looking for bells and whistles (or like customizing your phone to the nth degree), this is not the phone for you, if you want to use it as a 'phone' you will really enjoy it.

flippin sweet!


Jan 6, 2006 by gboys09

this phone is awesome. it does what a cell phone is supposed to do and it does it with style. the call quality and clarity are second to none. the bluetooth rocks. the speakerphone works great. the size is unbeatable. you hardly notice it in your front pocket. even though its thin it still feels like a solidly made phone. nice work moto!



Jan 5, 2006 by dlanway

I just bought the phone yesterday I was carrying a V710 and the biggest thing that kept me from getting the v3 is no expandable memory and i can't use a extended battery. But so far i am very happy with it. The blue tooth works much better and now i will never buy a phone without EVDO. I use alltel in phoenix and so far the signal strength has been great. One thing that bothers me is on the front display the date is shown twice but there is a software upgrade coming soon. THIS IS A NICE UPGRADE FROM THE V710!

Its a phone!!! And a good one at that


Dec 31, 2005 by knowallchic143

This phone has been great. I got one for myself, my fiance and his three family members at Christmas time. All of us love them. When we bought them, we were told that it failed vzw's testing three times before making it to the market, which made us more comfortable knowing that vzw is cautious about the phones they put on the market. I live in Denver Colorado where VCAST was just recently launched and the VCAST service in this market is awesome. If I have the volume up too high, the sound crackles, but turning down the volume fixes the problem. I don't expect the product to be perfect because it is a new service. I realize that this is a phone, and it does what it is supposed to do- makes calls. I would recommend this phone to anyone who wants a phone, not all of the other bells and whistles.
pros include
- GREAT reception
- Big display, quite clear for moto
- Small and light weight (duh)
- I love they keypad!!
- Easy to follow menu (Its about time for moto)
- Easy to program
- Bluetooth capability
- Large buttons on keypad
- New improved charging port for moto!
- Battery life is not bad (In my personal use)

Cons Include
-Feels kind of flimsy- naturally with design
-Buttons on the side of phone, could be placed better and should be able to lock.
-I tap for text messaging can be difficult if not used prior to this phone.

All together this is a great phone! The rep at VZW said they are selling a ton of them despite the price and are not seeing a lot of them come back.

A Good Phone


Dec 18, 2005 by pwfb

I have been using mobile phones for over 20 years. Back in the days when the unit was mounted in the trunk and a mobile operator had to connect the call! The point being that I have seen the industry mature, for better and worse, and I have used MANY phones.

Some argue that this phone is overpriced. Having paid over $400 for mine, it is hard to disagree, but, early adopters of ANY new technology pay too much, so this is my problem not VZW's or Motorola.

As for the phone itself, here are my pros and cons.


1) Size, obviously
2) Ring volume
3) Ear piece volume
4) Makes and receives calls even when no bars are showing!


1) Because I slide the phone into the change pocket of my jeans, I end up hitting the side rocker button and change the ring to vibe or alarm function unintentionally.

2) It has a camera. I don't want a camera, I want a phone.

3) I wish that it was tri-band, but, I knew this ahead of time, but I wish that it did.

4) Battery life is so-so.

5) Even though I pair it with my BT enabled car, I wish that Motorola made a fully vehicle installed car kit for the phone so I could get one (phone and kit) for my wife as she will never give up her pro car kit.

I have seen many comments about the standard ring tones, playing music on the phone, red banners, etc. For me, I will repeat a theme mentioned earlier. I WANT A PHONE and not an entertainment device. If I want to listen to music, I turn on my iPod. If I want to take a picture, I get my digital camera out. As for the ring tones, because of a hearing deficiency, I selected the old-school "ring-ring" tone and it works great.

Lastly, yes I wish that the phone had OBEX. In my case, ONLY so I could upload my phone book to my car without having to buy a separate phone to do so.

Moto finally did it - The best phone ever


Dec 17, 2005 by RichardM

My previous phone was the Moto E815; before that, the LG 7000 and LX 6100. I liked the reception on the E815, but hated the bulky size. This new razr phone is incredible. The size is perfect. It fits into any pocket, even your back pants pocet, and you won't even know it's there. When opened, it's perfect size with a big screen, big keypad, and, all the side buttons are on the upper half, so that you don't accidently press them will talking.
The call clarity is the best I've ever heard--on both ends. And reception is superb. I tried it in places where reception has been difficult, and this one worked fine. The call clarity, volume, reception, and speaker phone are better than the Moto E815, as well as any of the LG's. The photo quality far surpasses any other cell phone camera I've had. I could not believe how great this phone works.
The speakerphone sounds good on both ends, so is actually usuable.

Earpiece Quality/Volume
Form Factor
Buttons are located in upper flip
Reception--best I've had
Call quality unsurpassed.
Super Cool
Very thin and compact, yet sturdy.

Cons--nothing signficant. Doesn't have an MP3 player, nor a built-in toaster.

I think Motorola has set the standard with this, just like the Startac and V60 did at their time. After several years of not-so-good quality, it's nice to know Moto's back!

Great Phone!!!!!!!!!!!


Dec 20, 2005 by dude_78

HAd the phone for a week now and love it!!! singnal is Great in colorado

It is Really cool and slim
Sound is Great
Makes calls any where
best Phone i have Had in years!
like the verizon service (have Friend with phone with other carrier not as good

No mp3 not a big deal have an Ipod
comes with no holster (not a big deal got a great leather case from verizon.

RAZR: A Great Phone


Dec 19, 2005 by runkelb

This is a great phone, one of the best I have ever had. I will be keeping this phone for a while.


Earpiece Quality
Slim Design


Battery Life

My thoughts ........


Dec 12, 2005 by hoppyjr

Well, first off, I want to respond to Davegreen96 - It doesn't even sound like he has the v3c, rather he would bring the ratings down because he doesn't like Motorola - hardly a fair assessment in my opinion.

I have the v3c from Verizon (also had the Alltel version). I like the new standard VZW interface, less to mess with and easier for most folks to switch from phone to phone without having to learn each one.

The v3c Razr has been very good with actual reception in the Seattle and Bellevue (WA) areas, in addition to the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County (CA) areas. Call quality is very good, as are ring volume, call volume, and strength of the vibrate function.

I also like that you can add photos & ringtones with your computer, using Mobile Phone Tools (version 3.28). Finally, Verizon has apparently seen the light and not completely locked down the phones features, something that definitely scores points with me!

The areas which keep the v3c from getting a "5" are:

- Battery life is only "OK"
- No ring & vibrate at the same time.

I wanted this phone for the slim form factor and internal antenna. I'm willing to accept whatever small shortcomings may surface because I wanted this phone.


Motorola out done themselves


Nov 25, 2005 by ccanady

Ok the phones I currently have are the Motorola V710, Blackberry 7250, Nokia 6255i and now the Motorola RAZR. I got the phone this Wednesday and after playing with it I have to say it is by far the best phone I have used.


* Feels great in hand
* Crystal clear ear piece, people sound so rich when you hear them on this.
* Display is really bright and easy to read.
* Speaker phone is loud and clear
* People have said I sounded better on it, I come in clear. (some were friends with 710s)
* EV-DO connection works great, and mobi TV.
* OBEX and the fact that I can transfer full mp3s from the Nokia 6255i to the RAZR through bluetooth and set the mp3's into ringtones.
* Can access my emails from it, and open attachments such as videos in the appropriate formate and mp3s and listen/watch them and if I want download them to the phone.
* Surprising small and thin for a CDMA version.
* Camera is a big improvement from the 710
* reception is awesome, have not had a problem yet
* Seems like some of the stuff the 710 had problems with or were annoying they fixed in this phone.
* I also like the copy and paste feature
* Can actually use the speaker phone with phone closed :)


* No flash but its a phone
* Can not listen to music through BT headsets.
* Wish they stuck with a dedicated menu button rather then the center button being the menu/ok button.
* Cingular is getting a better version
* wish it had an external memory slot
* Battery life is not great but this is coming from a person who used the extended battery for the 710 and never used the regular.

Well this is all I can think of at the moment as I am so impresses with this phone. Have any questions on something I did not cover ask me, until then motorola if you are reading this I give you 2 thumbs up and applaud you for making a phone I do not have nothing bad really to say.

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