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I love the Stylish Razr


May 11, 2006 by skids1258

Well I started working for an Indirect and started out with the 8100, I liked it but it just wasnt what I was looking for. I wanted more. I wanted something stylish, sleek, and cool. I wanted something that would catch the users eye. I FINALLY GOT THE RAZR. I love it! Some things I really like is the wide sceen, has a nice display screen. I like how it holds a lot of text messages. I love the look over all. I would say this is by far the coolest phone ever. I hard i look really cool to when I use it.

A little dissapointed


May 10, 2006 by jkp521

I upgraded my phone after 2 years with Verizon. I had the LG vx7000, which I thought was a very good phone to this day.
I was really excited to get the V3c Razr. It is definitely one of the coolest looking phones around. Verizon's version also didn't feel as cheap as some of the other carriers.
I have been disappointed so far with how often the battery needs to be recharged. They only give you a 740 li-on battery, which is way too small for this phone, it should be 1100.
Another thing, I really miss the ring/vibe mode.
I'm still playing with it, only have it for a few days.
Overall the reception is much improved over my lg since moving out to Long Island and the clarity is awesome.
What's up with Verizon not giving you a cheap little plastic holster? They want $20 bucks for one that should come with the kit.
I did get this phone free though with my upgrade, so maybe I really shouldn't complain too much.

From a real, and very dissatisfied user


Apr 8, 2006 by marin_caller

I used a friend's razr in January for 2 calls. I was hooked. So I got one of my own. Huge mistake. I didn't realize that her Cingular Razr was a completely different animal from my Verizon Razr. Nothing seems to work well with this phone with 2 exceptions - the sleekness and the great large numbered display, provided one hasn't run out of battery power.

The worst of the awful features for me are:
1. It is impossible to select a ring tone and have it remain set to that tone. The buttons on the side are so trigger-happy that as soon as you touch the phone your own settings disappear. So a ring tone set to loud becomes no ring tone at all.

2. Lots of calls (seems like more than 50%) go straight thru to voicemail with no indication either by ringing or on the screen that they ever happened. I have used the phone in all kinds of locations from California to NY and this is a consistent problem, much worse than with any previous Verizon phone I have owned.

3. When I select a name in my address book, and hit the call button, I expect that the cell phone or whatever is the first listed number of that person will be the one that will ring. But this phone has a mind of its own. It calls whichever number listed under that person's name that it feels like calling on a given day. I call this chaos dialing.

I have now owned my phone for about 7 weeks, so I can't take it back. But I hate it so much that I will consider just ditching it and buying something else to save my sanity. I just found this site an hour ago and I'm so glad that I have a chance to vent here. After sorting through the professional posters and finding the real users, I know that I am not alone.

Are you guys kidding me....n00bs!


Mar 26, 2006 by darkshad0

ok first of all, when i first got the phone i had my doubts, knowing verizon and their deficient plans to monopolize music and video downloads with V-Cast, made me really uneasy, but the first day i got the phone, i got myself a mini-B connection to usb cable and flashed an Altell bios into it and my phone is unlocked with every feature u want, mp3, video anything u can imagine transferring from your computer, i still haven't figured out a way to transfer some java games..even though im not sure V3c is java enabled...you can even add your own customizable skins...wallpapers...god i love this phone more by the minute...i gotta admit though...the only thing that verizon does well, is their service and coverage areas...but trying to block any relevant feater from a phone like this is probably the lowest they have ever went...so people get this phone and FLASSSHHHHH IT !!! you will be amazed by the results, and trust me im not the most intelligent guy when it comes to flashing cellphones, so if I can do it you can too !..the only reason i gave it a 4.5 and not a 5 is because the buttons on the outside get pressed when your walking or sitting somewhere. So to make a long story short...get V3c from Verizon ONLY if you know how to flash a phone firmware...if not..then change carrier because verizon just wants to rip you off with V-CAST..i wish i could curse right now but knowing the regulations of this website im pretty sure i cant...anyways good luck

I will never buy another MOTOROLA


Mar 2, 2006 by glmi

I recently got this phone and I am SO REGRETFUL that I gave up my LG V8100 for this piece of junk. First of all, the battery, which is only 710mah lasts less than half of that of LG. After about 20 mins of talk time you constantly have to worry about the battery running out on you, which is REDICULOUS. Also, you can't set this phone on Ringer & Vibrator together.
Thus, if you're in a noisy area and the phone is set on ringer you will not hear your phone ringing. Engineers at Motorola better get their acts together.

Love my RAZR


Feb 28, 2006 by tom108

despite all the soso reviews. i love my V3c. i have owned the v710 and e815 from Moto and those were great but my razr is by far the most stylish and most comfortable in my pocket. and a few seem edits can get it just were you want it.



Feb 17, 2006 by rshack

there is one thing wrong with this phone the battery does not last near long enough .. it is very fast as far as downloading and access apps.. i am really pleased with this phone and i have had every phone that Alltel has had and i am well pleased ..

One AWESOME phone!


Jan 13, 2006 by joecase

After waiting for oh so long for the Razr to come to Verizon (I even thought about going to Cingular just to get one)...I am thrilled with this phone!
It just feels great in the hand, sounds great to my ears...and I sound great on the other end of the line.
The speakerphone is excellent. The form and function is just awesome.
The only drawback I've been able to find is there is no Vibrate/Ring dual function...it's either one or the other.
The camera is very good. I do agree with others who remind everyone if you were trying to get this phone to be primarily a camera, you are barking up the wrong tree. It's great for snapshots, and that's all I need a phone on a camera to do. I have a very good digital camera for my important photos.
And...I love the fact that I can not only use the Bluetooth for headsets, but I can also transfer files!! How great is that! FINALLY, Verizon has "loosened" their choke hold on Bluetooth functions.
I would HIGHLY recommend this phone. Way to go MOTO...and Verizon!

Love This Phone


Dec 22, 2005 by Sara419

I only had the V3c for four days. I really love this phone!


Colorful screen
Ring tones are loud
Earpiece Quality
Slim Design
Great Reception
Love Bluetooth technology (Have the H500 Bluetooth Handsfree Headset)


The battery could be a lot better. I will have to get a extended battery.

Overall this phone rocks.

This one is great


Dec 10, 2005 by maverick96

There must be a lot of moto haters out there who want to chime in and write a useless review because lg didn't think of this bad-boy! Let me tell everyone this phone is great. 1st off we will start with reception the signal indicator is different on this phone as compared to the e815 which I also own, but don't let that fool you this phone gets equal to better reception than the e815. I purposely took both of my phones to a spot where I know my e815 will crackle and most of the time lose a call the razr performed flawlessly, not one break-up and no drop! 2nd the design on the razor kills anything lg or samsung has ever thought of so don't hate moto just because they have a better design team! 3rd the menu isn't the best but it most certainly is no where near the worst, yeah the moto menu was ok but talk about unstable!!! This verizon ui is simple, easy to navigate and works well in a phone, meaning it's a stable ui. And last for those people reviewing here that tell you to look at the cingular razr to compare they really do not own this phone and they are the haters, because this phone doesn't even compare to the gsm version. For one thing the earpeice volume on this razr is 100 times louder than that of the gsm also this is a true 3g phone there's is like it's still stuck in the ice-age with exception to design. Let me tell you from someone who actually owns this phone it's the best verizon has to offer and it's no disappointment it is the coolest phone I have ever used and anyone here who actually buys one and gets a chance to play around with it a little will truly appreciate it!!! It's the best!!!!!!

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