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Jan 25, 2006 by Fast Eddy

I have read all the reviews of this phone. Most are not about the PHONE but about what it has or does not have. This is a cell phone and that is why it is called a cell phone, not a camera, mp3 player, or the like. Much of the bad comments about this phone should be directed at Verizon and not the phone. Blue Tooth is as provided by Verizon and not a failure of the phone. The phone software is slow and very hard to use, but that is not a fault of the phone, it is a fault of Verizon's new approach of one size fits all. Of course, that is not right. The key pad also get much bad reviews but I have not had problem one with the key pads on either my Verizon or my Cingular phones. I have had this phone since it came out and the original since it came out. I use 1500 minutes a month with Verizon, the phone is my primary phone.

Reception is excellent.
Call Quality is just great.
Sound Quality is great
Battery life is very good
As a phone, there are none better.

The software is just plain bad, very bad! Verizon should change it at once. Not fault of phone.

One size does not fit all with software nor does it for phones, if you do not like that camera, buy one, mp3 player, get an ipod.

As a phone there is none finer then the RAZR V3c

Best Phone EVER!!!!


Jan 21, 2006 by adamzach11

Pros: Awesome style looks great!!
thin design
Awesome service
easy to press keys

Cons: freezes sometimes but all you have to do is close it and then open it

Awesome phone. decent camera and video recording. If you want high quality get a camera. This is fun to mess around with and take short clips All around awesome phone. i would definetaly get one if planning on spending alot on a phone

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Nice Phone


Jan 20, 2006 by ridavid81

Had the Razr for 2 weeks.

Excellent Reception.
No Dropped calls.
Solid Phone
Does everything it needs to do.

When it all comes down to it. Good Signal, Good Phone, Make calls, Receives Calls like a phone should do.

So to make this Review simple it gets a 5.

For those who rate it 2 or less. You need to re-think what a cell phone is. Remember its a device to make "phone calls" Not something to take pictures, listen to MP3's, browse the web, chat on AOL, Record videos. Remember those are just extra's the phone has. If the phone makes and receives calls then you should up your rating to 5.

Better than the Cingular Version


Jan 13, 2006 by malta97

I really like this phone. I previously used the cingular Black Razr, however there were several features that didn't sit well with me. The phone book software in the cingular version is not stellar, lengthy and tedious is the process to enter addresses. The earpiece speaker on the cingular version basically sucks.

The software is better on the Verizon Razr, the earpiece is excellent, haven't had any problem hearing people speak. The only complaint I have is that you can't customize three of the four toggle switches on the center circular toggle key. You can only customize the down arrow. However, verizon has their soft keys programmed to contacts and messenger which are the two most useful to myself anyways. By the way, the speakerphone activation switch is on the left hand side of the phone.

We don't have to praise Verizon's network. Their gazillion billboards do an excellent job of that. Definitely a better network than sprint and cingular. I've used both previously.


--size, obviously
--phonebook software
--internet connection is speedy

--toggle keys aren't customizable
--I really like black, but the grey is definitely cool

RAZR V3c is a great phone.


Jan 2, 2006 by pittstop1

I purchased this phone December 21st, 2005 from U.S. Cellular and have not had any problems with the phone. It has great reception in the Lake Eufaula area where I live. The sound quality is really good. I don't have any complaints at this time, and would recommend this phone to anyone.

Razr another Motorola quickie


Jan 1, 2006 by bkdlays

I have not had a good Motorola phone since the 7760 Star Tac

I have had a Razr for a week and have had plenty of problems with it.

It has locked up 5 times and you cannot tell when it is locked up until you try to make a call.

You have to take the battery off to reset.

The phone randomly doesn't ring in a perfect service area.

The "pocket" phone design makes it so you change the ringer setting or turn it off when you walk by pressing the ultra sensitive side keys accidentally.

No assignable shortcuts keys

Battery life not so great


Looks cool
Cool Ringers

Attracts attention

Vcast I guess
Camera is ok



Jan 1, 2006 by JJemMO852

I bought the RAZR V3c from Alltel a little before Christmas, and I love it. I upgraded from the LG LX5450, in my opinion the worst phone ever created. The V3c performs much better and has way more features.

-SMALL: fits into the small little change pocket in jeans
-The camera is so much better then the VGA camera on my LG, plus you can take pictures from the external display
-Decent speakerphone
-BIG screen on the inside
-The keypad is so awesome...maybe my favorite part of the phone
-Ringers are high quality.

-Side buttons get messed with in my pocket and sometimes the ringer volume changes
-Not many skins (three) and I only like one.
-No menu button and it takes some getting used to to use the center button instead.

I highly recommend the RAZR to anyone looking for a new phone.

Not perfect but what is


Dec 31, 2005 by antjones

I just purchased the moto v3c with u.s. cellular. The reception is great and of course I love the slim body.
The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't have a ring & vibrate feature but I can live without it.

Wow! Nuff Said?


Dec 23, 2005 by BroJim

First of all, there are NOT enough CONS on this phone to warrant lowering the score from a perfect five (5). There are too many PROS!

I am with Alltel. First of all, I live in a fringe (read rural) area and every phone prior to this one has had trouble receiving and sending from inside my house! Not this beauty!!! I am actually thinking about having my home phone disconnected...

Here is the list of PROS:

1) Small (duh!)
2) Light (another duh!)
3) Easy to read screen! (LARGE)
4) Menu - easy to navigate AND understand.
5) Phone book is easy to customize.
7) Speakerphone is superb!
8) Voice dial...BEST IN THE INDUSTRY.
9) Axcess Apps (faster than other phones due to the ability to access the Alltel HS network)
10) Camera (megapixel) and it does video too!
11) Text Entry (smart and NOT overly aggressive)
12) Great Ring Tones! (even more to download)

1) Side Rocker Buttons cannot be locked!
This is ok...I carry my phone in a case. =)

Here is a small list of phones I have been through to get to the V3c. They are:

1) Audiovox 8410 (0.5 of 5 stars)
2) Kyocera 3245 (1.5 of 5 stars)
3) Kyocera 5135 (2.5 of 5 stars)
4) Motorola V60 (3.0 of 5 stars)
5) Motorola T720 (2.5 of 5 stars)
6) Kyocera KX1 - SOHO (3.5 of 5 stars)

I also have a been through a few GSM phones from my employer. They are:

1) Sony Ericsson T300 (4.0 of 5 stars)
2) Motorola V535 (3.5 of 5 stars)
3) Motorola V66 (3.5 or 5 stars)

I know my cell phones...and even though this is the most expensive phone I have every owned, just remember this...you get what you pay for!

Merry Christmas!

RAZR - It's about time...


Dec 16, 2005 by Common

Background- Startac, LG VX10, and LG VX700. This phone is all that it says it is. Overall, this phone is an excellent model from the Moto line. Coming from an LG, I would say Moto finally did it.


Earpiece Quality
Form Factor


Battery Life
Plastic Holster does not seat phone well

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