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Verizon V3c in 2008


Jan 3, 2008 by Hakuryustar17

When I read reviews of this phone when it was first released in 2005 and compare it to the recent edition of it I swapped it in for with Verizon a couple weeks ago, I felt it would be interesting to come back and give a updated review for the RAZR V3c.

Updates on the more modern edition include:
Mp3 player and get it now options, improved performance from the new OS on this old favorite.

Sleek, stylish, I love the charcoal grey of this phone, just looks better, but I'm a fan of dark metallic coloration, so that may be part of it.
Great reception in the area I live in, I live in the mountains so I was thrilled when my old phone was able to reach out, but the clarity of the V3c cant be beat considering the hit or miss terrain.
Excellent price, $120 off eBay

Battery life, charging is a constant chore although I'm hopeful with the extended battery I purchased to cure that problem.
No ringtone while charging, I've missed calls like that

Overall, this a great phone, now and then, improvements have been made with the new OS system for this phone and if anyone has the time to have their system upgraded at Verizon, I strongly recommend it, vastly improves the performance of this phone a great deal and it keeps pace with the new generation of RAZR phones quite well with the new OS.



Dec 16, 2007 by dombrowskichris

This review is a little late, but I'm doing it now because i have decided to go back to the razr.

I never should have gotten rid of this phone.
it was and still is one of Alltel's best phones.


Good signal.
Good call strength.
Good Speaker Phone.
Large Screen.
Well placed buttons.
Alltel keeps Motorola's original software so it isn't slow or buggy.
Okay camera.
Video is decent.
Fast Downloads.
I like the gray and silver look.(would prefer black outside but will survive.)
Fast Messaging.
Bluetooth that allows files to be sent from your bluetooth enabled computer i.e. mp3s/pictures/contacts (it seems like more and more bluetooth phones are getting rid of that capability).
Made of strong metal like material so it will last a while.

Battery isn't amazing but will last through the day if you charge it every night.
I bought the v3c the first day it came out and it had the problem of locking outbox messages to where they couldn't be erased but once they released a software upgrade it worked just fine.
The middle button on the keypad which is a circle isn't part of the whole keypad so it seems to be super glued on and falls off after a couple of weeks and it still works fine but it looks weird and makes you wonder about the phones overall construction.

If it wasn't for the battery and the middle button then i would have given the phone 5 stars.

It has been the best phone i have ever used and i can't wait to get another one considering there only $150 average on eBay.
worth every penny.

Dont be so dramatic


Jun 22, 2007 by Cleartalk Trell

It's okay, I do agree the battery span sucks. But you really cant expect it to be perfect, It was kinda first in it's class.

This phone is great


Jun 30, 2006 by antm

I have this phone on U.S Cellulars network and it is a very great phone!

Very Good Signal Strength
Fast and Reliable(not bogged down by the Verizon software)
Sleek design
Very hard to drop
Takes good videos(although they can only be up to 15 seconds long)
Great ringtones and ring volumes( so easy to be able to hear this phone ring, goes very loud)

there are more but i cant think.....

No games
Battery life is only bad when you talk a lot.... if you just leave it idol then the battery life is fine for the day

besides those minor flaws this phone is one of the best U.S Cellular has to offer!

Great phone


Jun 22, 2006 by merlyn266

this is one of the best phones i have ever own i don`t know way everone else is crying it sure put samsung to shame loud ringer finally i can tell if someone is calling me nice display very clean takes great pics and it feels good in your hand buy the phone you won`t be dissapointed

Razr V3 from a US Cell Agent!


Jan 13, 2006 by MD02RSX

This is a great phone and has a lot of perks and some downfalls. I previously had the LG 6100 and loved that phone. I just upgraded to the V3 a few days ago and am getting used to it fairly quick. The phone is amazing as far as the wow factor with customers. Whenever I show them the Razr they always get a big grin on their face. The phone does what it is supposed to, attract attention and be a phone. The Bluetooth feature is coming in handy very nicely. The headset I got is a cheaper one and may not take full advantage of the Bluetooth feature. The durability of the phone seems to be well built, i did purchase a case just to make sure it stays scratch free. The screen is nice, bright and big with easy to read menu's and words.The camera on this is amazing and takes better pictures in the dark than my 2mp digital camera. The video is also great to have. If you want a flashy phone that will compliment a suit and tie or just for the wow factor then buy this phone now. The price is a little steep for US Cell but will come down eventually.

Now for some of the things I don't like. The text messaging is a lot different than my LG and takes a lot of getting used to. The design of the buttons is hard to do if you aren't looking at the phone because of the non-raised layout. Also the grooves in between the buttons throw you off on where the next key is. The ringer setup is a little bothering when you go from loud to soft. It won't just make your settings softer it acts like it's a whole new program with each style. I think they could have made it where you could select one of your own videos to be the screen saver. The lack of an expansion slot also is disappointing. The model for US Cell does not have analog signal so if you go to areas that have analog this phone will not work. A lot of people do not know that when they purchase this phone from US Cell.

Overall I am very please so far with my new purchase. The V3c has proven to be the next generation in phones.

verizon razr v3c


Dec 28, 2005 by rewinter88

Purchased 3 new Verizon Razr v3c phones a few days before Christmas for the whole family. After 1 week we are all very happy with this phone. The size was a big influence for all of us - it is very thin and pocketable. It seems to be very sturdy, at least so far, although no one has dropped theirs from way up yet.
PROS - very slim and very nice looking
- very large inside screen
- no antenna - and reception where i am (which is rather remote) has not been an issue at all
- ring volume is plenty loud
- ear piece volume is fine
- speaker phone works great
- voice dialing seems to be clear
- I had no problem using my own ringtones with this phone which is a BIG plus - i went to a music site (walmart.com was fine) and saved the 30 second music clip from any song i liked to my computer. (right click the "listen" icon on the music site and click "save target as" and save it to your computer. then i went to funformobile.com and uploaded the file right to my phone. save sound and set as ringtone. SO COOL and works perfect! and i am NOT techy!
- camera is VERY nice-my daughter has taken photos with it using all the options and the pictures are so clear it is incredible

- no ring and vibrate at the same time.
- there is no way to actually put your mp3s on the phone yet, as verizon has not released the software to hook your phone up to your computer and have the computer be able to deal with it. so, even though this phone has a small mp3 capacity capability, and it does, it isn't a working thing yet for someone who isn't a complete techhead.
- i can say bluetooth stuff - but i don't care about that and bottom line if you need that- on't go through verizon, right?????
- side buttons do get pushed when you don't want them to-i wish they could be locked.

I recommend the phone. it does what it is supposed to - and does it very, very well. bottom line, there are little things problematic with every phone, and this has the least of them.

Very Happy


Dec 10, 2005 by nbg127

Received phone yesterday, 12/9, along with an LG for daughter. We have a problem with my husband's Verizon Samsung phone dropping calls at only our house and so have been hesitant to switch from cingular BUT the razr works great at our house (and on the road too!). Even showing only 1 bar got excellent reception and clarity...no dropped calls. Better sound than my current moto V505 which I loved. Have yet to work with interface but not too interested in mp3/ringtones anyway. The bluetooth was the essential for me as I use my phone both at home and in car (many hours).

Downside so far: difficult to tuck under your chin due to thin size (but that is what bluetooth is for).

Highly recommend if looking for good clarity and reception. Wouldn't suggest buying if you just want the "new hot phone" to show off as I was at the ice rink today and saw three others.

Here we go again


Dec 10, 2005 by ferndog

My goodness, I can't believe the naysayers are at it again. What were you expecting? You all had plenty of time to figure this one out. From the UI, bluetooth, etc, etc. Look, the bottom line is that this phone works very well in what it is advertised to do. No more, no less. Just a few Pro's to add here.

Call quality is fantastic! Non-users of the razor, do not listen to the naysayers in this forum until you try it yourself.
Speakerphone is adequate.
RF is fantastic, ignore the dang bars. Means nothing.
Battery life is the longest but this phone charges faster then any other phone I have used.
I won't go into the negatives because I knew full well what to expect. The phone works well.

Don't listen to the kids


Dec 10, 2005 by BBman

If you are looking for a great phone with good RF then look no further. If you are a LG toy person who needs a MP3 player on a phone and need the transflash to store your movies and such, then stick with the toys. Obex works out of the box and it is good enough for me. Don't listen to the kids that need a toy and not a phone. This is a phone not a MP3 player, that's what I have an IPOD for.

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