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Feb 17, 2006 by jgojcaj

Just got my Razr and I love it! I read these reviews before I got it and I was amazed by how stupid people are. My phone received the new update. This makes the phone a bit faster than how it was as soon as they debuted.

Picture quality
RECORD YOUR OWN RINGTONES! AND SEND Mp3's to the phone and use them as ring tones (through Bluetooh).
Durable (non-cheap feeling)

Nothing, it is perfect!

Hope this helps anyone!



Feb 16, 2006 by boardhead

I very much like this phone..


Fantastic features
Ease of use
Great Handfeel
Quality build


Not much

I dropped the old Startac once to often and had to get a new phone. I haven't had much time to pay attention to phone technology lately, so I was dazzled by the current offerings. Wow ! I otained a TREO 650 and quickly decided that was way too much PDA for me . When I saw the features built into this V3c - I suspected it was right for me . I am not disappointed.

About the only thing that I have found slightly problematical are the side buttons on the portion that flips up. If you don't handle very carefully, they are easy to bump and alter your settings. Also the phone is thin and slippery ( very cool for a shirt or trouser pocket ). I am getting a case from Piel Frama to protect the side buttons and give it a little bulk to grab onto. That is all I need !

If this thing has anywhere the toughness and potential longevity of my old Startac it will stay with me for a long time .

Unbelieveable !

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Best VZW Phone Ever


Jan 2, 2006 by jonnyp79

Ever since Cingular came out w/ the Razr I said man, if only Verizon had this phone. Finally!! Don't listen to all these clowns that give the VZW Razr a bad review; the V3c is a huge improvement over the GSM version in my opinion. Here's why. First, the vibrate mode on this phone is strong, stronger than the GSM version and the Moto E815 in my opinion. Next, the interface. I know I'm in the minority, but I HATE the old Motorola interface. This new "standard VZW" interface is simple and easy to use, and I love it. Who cares if all new VZW phones' interfaces look alike...come on people. The contact list can store multiple numbers per entry unlike the old Moto interface that had you create separate entries/numbers for the same person. For example, you can now store a home + work + cell number for a person in one entry unlike prior Moto phones. I use this phone as a phone and nothing more; don't care about bluetooth and MP3's and all that jazz. Lastly, this phone is LOUD; the ringers are very loud as is the in-call volume. In summary:

PROS: Size (obviously), good vibrate mode, simple LG-like interface, excellent RF, VERY loud ringers and earpiece volume. Best phone I've used to date.

CONS: None so far. Battery life has been fine for me; I don't use the camera or other multimedia features so that probably helps.

Verizon fails us again.....


Dec 27, 2005 by jsherman02

I have waited patiently with Verizon to see if they would ever offer the RAZR. So, today I picked one up and I must say I am sadened by the lack of quality.

The original RZAR was a sleek metal-future-like phone. Verizon's version is PLASTIC, and is thicker then the REAL RAZR.

Verizon tells us all that they "test" the products so that they work perfect when they hit the streets.

IMHO, they cheapened the phone with the plastic casings and the interface. Is it me, or does VZW do things in the opposite direction of the market?

Would you rather spend $400 (retail) for this immitation RAZR or $150 to get out of your VZW contract and then spend $100 on a REAL RAZR through another carrier?

VZW should have their heads examined. They think because their network is one of the better ones, that we should be forced to deal with inferior equipment?

Not this guy. Bye-bye Verizon!

It's all about the size-and obviously nothing else!


Dec 24, 2005 by Mary424

I've had the 8100 since it came out and love it, but with all the hype about the RAZR, I just had to get it! Now, I'm not going to complain about what it doesn't have, because I knew EXACTLY what it did and didn't have before purchasing it. I got it last night and thought I would love it and knew if I didn't, I had 15 days to try it out....well, I didn't need 15 days to know that I did NOT like it and it went back this morning!

~Descent size interior screen

~Key pad is loose
~Menu button is hard to use w/out pressing wrong buttons
~Some key presses would not be recognized and needed to be pressed more than once
~Buzzing in earpiece
~Akward positioning on ear to hear well
~Exterior screen is horrible-pretty much useless
~Materials feel cheap and poorly put together
~Verizon UI is fine-knew it had it, but it's lacking some of the options that other phones w/ the Verizon UI have

I really wanted to love this phone and did give it a shot, but IMO it is not all it's cracked up to be, not even close.

Too much echo


Dec 29, 2005 by bcronin

I wanted to like this phone, with all of the buzz and amazing reviews. However, I got my phone yesterday and while it looks beautiful, the sound quality is just awful. The voice quality of the person I am speaking to is not clear. Even worse, when I speak into the phone, it has an echo or reverberation. The listener doesn't hear the reverb of my voice, but I do. At first, I just assumed it was a bad phone, so I went to the Verizon store and swapped it out for a new one. The new one had the exact same problem. Evidently, it's the phone design. Ultimately, I need the phone to sound good to me and good to others (the other gadgets are nice, but audio quality is number one). Further, the speakerphone sounds fine to me, but the listener hates it when I was on the speakerphone, essentially telling me not to use it with them. This was true on both phones as well. Bottom line: I love the look of the phone, but back it goes. It doesn't have sufficient audio quality for both the owner of the phone and the called party.



Dec 13, 2005 by nickyscoops

Hey guys. I'm new this this forum but was dying to give some in put on the new Razor. Picked mine up Saturday and just returned it tonight for another try with a new one. Battery life is not bad but poor. They tell me I may have got a lemon???? Giving it the 15 day trial and then I'm done with this phone. No matter how cool and sleek it is.Good luck to everyone else. If your a talker your gonna need it.

It's no Nokia that's for sure!


Jan 20, 2006 by thorn101

Let's make one thing clear, if you want a phone with functionality then this one might not be your cup of tea.

The Negative
The user interface is abysmal, the phone is slow to respond and clunky to use.

The assortment of applications you get with it are meager (not even a simple app for making notes), luckily you can find lots of free apps on the net you can upload to your razr.

Can't use Bluetooth and receive calls at the same time.

When taking pictures you have to save or discard first before you can make another one, which is annoying.

When you receive a call, and you open the phone it takes a couple of seconds for it to pick up the line, resulting in some confusion at the callers end since they always catch the silence after the "hello" part thinking the line went dead. You can bypass this inconvenience by setting "Open To Answer" to no and manually picking up.

The Positive
If you're looking for a really cool phone and you don't care how much it costs, this one is definitely for you!!!
There is no way around it, what this phone lacks in quality and usability it more than make up in style and coolness.
I recently bought an Apple powerbook and together on my desk they look great.

Other aspects are, clarity and good reception (thanks to the great built in antenna).
It's sturdy, compact and feels great in you're hand.

So if you want a cool looking phone which radiates style, that you may or may not want to use for calling this one is for you.

This phone rocks


Dec 8, 2005 by Gadille151

i loved the black razr from cingular but what good is a sweet phone with a poopy provider now that verizon has its going to rock

love the pink edition


Mar 25, 2006 by leah3470

This is a great phone. LOVE THE PINK!! This is my second phone with the standard UI (different manuf) and I like that I did not have to get used to a new interface.

Pro's: UI, color, call quality, sound, volume of ring, signal,great camera & video. Just overall easy to use. Also pink headset (H500) so easy to use and stylish at the same time. Very feminine (on the pink one) wallpaper included - had no need to purchase from 'get it now'. So far so good with the battery (I am no the biggest talker considering I am a rep on the phones).

Con's: keypad vibrates slightly while in get it now or Mobile web, can not change specific sound settings, text messing not as easy as LG models.

Overall I LOVE this phone!!!(and I swore I would never own a RAZR - ha ha)

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