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Looks aren't everything


Feb 26, 2006 by nobodyreally

People buy this for "the look", but they give up a lot of freedom to customize. I needed a phone with a great speakerphone (this has got it), easy voice-activated dialing (this one has a known bug according to Motorola), and ablilty to sync with my PC...The Razr from Verizon has had that ability disabled. You can buy Motorola's Phone Tools (think that's the name) and still sync your contacts, and a few things that didn't matter to me, but NOT ringtones nor wallpaper or pictures. To get those you have to download from VCast, which they charge $2 per tone or paper. You can email yourself a picture & set it as wallpaper, or use the camera & take your own. But out of luck with ringtones, and their selection is not very good. the ones that come with the phone are bad (probably to encourage you to pay money to download better ones). The bug with voice dialing is only for calling a cellphone number. If you say "Call Leo", and you ONLY have 1 number listed for him, under Mobile 1, they ask, Which number: mobile or mobile 1? There is only mobile 1 or (an empty slot for) mobile 2, no such entry as just plain mobile.... Even if you then set your entry Mobile 1 as the default phone number, and go to voice dialing settings and disable choices (home or mobile1?) it STILL asks, Which number, mobile or mobile 1? Circuit City let me return it due to the bug, even though I'd previously returned an LG VX5200 because you couldn't hear its speakerphone.Also can't turn off the startup sound like you can on most phones, nor the startup animation. Now I have LG 8100 and love it! You can download BitPim for free and customize it to your heart's content. A little heavy but nothing is perfect. Especially if you have Verizon for a carrier. Verizon has great coverage, which is why I have it, but I hate how they disable a phone's inherent abilities for increasing their profits. The Razr from a different carrier most often is not disabled in its syncing abilities.



Jan 12, 2006 by chavey

I had this phone for two weeks from U.S. Cellular. I took it back and am now "test driving" the Nokia 6255i with the option to settle on one or the other in the next 15 days. Here is my breakdown of the Razr:

-Thin and sleek - people may actually think you are cool
-Great reception in areas I could not get reception normally
-Big, bright screen with amazing clarity
-Menu is easy to use
-Pictures from camera are nice in well lit areas

-Terrible speakerphone (consistent echo complaints from callers at every volume)
-Flimsy (mine began creaking near the hinge)
-Bluetooth headset (H700) began to crackle at five feet away from phone (range of 33 feet) also had to constantly turn the phone on and off for it to recognize the headset
-No flash for camera
-Awkward side charge port (although USB nicer than the crappy two prong clasp of past Motos)
-Battery life is short, especially when using Bluetooth
-Severe lack of features

I am on the phone a lot in the car so speakerphone and Bluetooth are very important to me and it just was not up to snuff with this phone, especially for the price tag. The thin structure of the phone lends itself to early damage and the way it began creaking after only 10 days made me wonder if it could last for a month much less 2 years when my contract is up. I believe if you treat your cell phones with kid's gloves and do not care about extras in today's phones then this one may be for you.

I am going to try the Nokia and write a review for that one as well and see which is the better phone for me.

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OBEX and Vibe Then Ring both working on Verizon V3c


Dec 14, 2005 by xzi

Just so everyone is aware, I've only had the phone a day and I've already got all the following working thanks to the guys over at Howard Forums... OBEX, Vibe Then Ring, Mobile PhoneTools (MP3s, file transfers, and Outlook syncing). Turns out this phone is not as "locked down" as we thought it would be... if you're a little resourceful you can slide a few more things in the "Pro" column in these people's reviews...

As for the phone itself, I'm coming from a Samsung A530 (which is TINY) and I love the new RAZR. Wider and thinner is so much better than smaller and fatter (The A530). I love it so far...

phone is horrible


Dec 10, 2005 by stoic127

i give this phone a 1 because of design. its a pretty phone to look at but the features are terrible. signal strength is almost nonexistent 0-2 bars was all i ever saw and while using mobile web and get it now i would constantly lose connection. i didn't even try the vcast because most of the time i couldn't get a vcast service. the keypad was annoying because sometimes you have to press a bottom several times to get a response.the menu system is the new standard verizon menu system but it seems to take a long time to move from menu to menu. there is no expansion slot for mp3s and only 30mb of memory but don't worry about playing mp3s because the speaker is weak a lot of distortion even at the lower volumes and the lower volumes are all you got to make matters worse there isnt even a earpiece jack so if you want to use a headset it has to be bluetooth. in conclusion if you need this phone because you want to look cool then go ahead and waste your money but if you actually want a real phone then get an moto 815 or lg 8100

Don't waste your time with this one. . .


Dec 26, 2005 by Unknown1234

Worst phone ever! Went through two of them and decided to go back to my LG vx4650. Key pad is very unstable, calls most of the time do not even register; the phone just rings, battery life is abysmal, sorry ladies and gentlemen way too many flaws with this one!

This Phone Has Really Grown On Me


Feb 9, 2006 by samui777

After some initial skepticism, I have become an absolute believer in this phone.

I have this phone for Verizon Wireless and its service continues to be flawless. I gave T-Mobile a 7 day trail run with the Moto V360 and it wasn't nearly as good as VZW.


Great interior display
Terrific voice clarity
Ear piece volume is plenty loud
Bluetooth works great
Nice and thin body
Phone feels good on my face when I talk
Looks cool
Good choice of ringers
Good ability to customize features
Speaker phone works well


Battery life isn't great
Outside display blacks out and doesn't display the time
Numbers on the outside display are small

In summary, I'm completely satisfied with this phone.



Jan 19, 2006 by trickykidx

Bought mine from a verizon agent on ebay. I and have not had any problems with the phone. It has great reception around the country (make sure you get from a Verizon authorized agent so it will work nationwide). I don't have any complaints except that the VERIZON VERSION DOES NOT WORK WITH THE H500 MOTOROLA HEADSET, and would recommend this phone to anyone

It's not the E815


Dec 25, 2005 by mrex275

It's beautiful. About time that a phone is thinner than my wallet. I gave my 815 to Mom and every time I go over to show her something on it I get these pangs that I've done the wrong thing by switching to this version. A friend has the Singular black and loves it. It's much more like my 815 and even he expressed his doubts about this phone. Plus it's not working smoothly with my Jabra BT 250. The e815 was effortless and instant. I'm not much of a techie, and I hate to make a mistake. I loved the idea of having the new, trendy, and beautiful. But it feels like I've given something up. I'm still doing some research, but will return it by Wednesday if I'm not convinced by then.


Dubious connect with Jabra bt250
Non intuitive ui.

I like this little phone


Feb 11, 2006 by KenNJ

I too was skeptical when I 1st brought this phone home. I use Verizon, and my old Audi 9500 always had 4 bars in my house. The V3c gets 2-3 bars depending on the room. Guess maybe due to internal antenna. Also get an echo once in awhile.

Nice display
LOVE the huge font size when dialing
Good voice clarity
Ear piece volume is good
Phone form/function is good
Speaker phone works well
Paid $75 (after rebates) with a 1-year plan on Amazon.com
Worked well in the Atlantic City casinos, my old phone did not.

Battery life ok, not great
Outside display blacks out and doesn't display the time
Display is not viewable on a sunny day
For some god-awful reason, the phone occasionally decides to go into vibrate mode

Overall...I am VERY happy with the V3c.

Is it a phone or scrap metal?


Dec 29, 2005 by HotLongLegs1978

I was very dissappointed with this phone. I thought it was going to be high quality considering the price, but it definately wasn't!

Pros are that it is thin and has a good inside screen.

Cons are that it feels so cheap, has horrible outside screen, key pad is loose, buttons don't register half the time, and did I mention it looks and feels cheap?

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