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Razor NO WAY


Dec 12, 2005 by stevensocal

I have been shopping for a new 2 yr upgrade and done my homework . I went to verizon and tried this phone out . First of all your forced to use Bluetooth since there is no jack to use headset on this phone. Second more nicer phones your able to play mp3s on them and this phone doesn't allow that feature at all. No memory slot at all .
I read these review and for all the hype of this phone it was very disappointing that all it does is look good.
If I wanted a shallow phone I would go back years since motorola makes the worst phones on the market.
Talk to anyone , more motorola phones come back for problems then any other phone on the market .
I decided to go with the LG 8100 it's an amazing phone .
Reading around Motorola doesn't do much to fix phones, when there is issues.
So all you people out there, your phone breaks good luck on a fix.
Don't know about the rest of you but I want good coverage , and good solid backing of a product. Going from a LG 6000 to the 8100, much better choice than this RazR. The only thing good about the Razr that it's thin , so what, if it breaks , due to dropping , what good is it ?
Now that this is finally out , buyer beware on this one. Not a wise choice if you expect this phone to last 2 yrs.

Problem with new razor


Dec 11, 2005 by bman

Got the phone last night. Loved it for a short time. The clock doesn't work right on the phone. It doesn't keep the current time on the screen. If you push a button to check the time or just open it up it doesn't show the correct time until you do something like go in and out of the menu. Took it back and they check the display phone and it had the same problem. Looks like Motorola needs to do some more work on this one.

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Dec 24, 2005 by jensen1011

There are a number of reasons why you shouldnt buy a RAZR V3C from verizon. One of the biggest problems with this phone is that you can hear yourself talk through the speaker when you talk. It isn't to the point that it echos, but you can hear yourself and its annoying. Also, the phone sucks to hold. I find it really hard to hold up to my ear and find a comfortable position. Also, be aware that when you put the RAZR in your pocket, the side buttons change the ringer profile (better hope that they don't change when you are in a meeting or church!!) That was one of the biggest concerns. Also, the phone lags. By this I mean that the time doesn't keep up on the external display unless you open the phone. It is a phone that is really bought because of fashion trend... It seriously though is a really really bad phone... Boo MOTO



Jun 22, 2006 by txn_grl

This phone completely sucks!! Can't turn the sound off for the key tones, even though it's set to off, you still here the beeping whenever you press a key. And the now the front screen is all orange, can't put a picture there anymore. I've been thru 4 of these stupid phones in the last 3 months cuz of the main screen cracking or it falling apart when accidentally dropped. Stay away from!!

Have had no issues with this phone.


Mar 5, 2006 by ChicPea

My husband purchased this phone about two weeks ago, and in all honesty, he has not had any severe issues or problems with it. We do have our service through Verizon Wireless. It's the first Motorola cell phone that he's ever used, and he seems to be pleased with it at this stage of the game. I guess time will tell.

umm... not worth it!!


Feb 8, 2006 by love_ to_ shopQueen1

alright.. this phone is not even worth it.

i mean come on now people.. all this phone has is V=cast video. i mean it doesnt even have a MP3 PLAYER. sure it has a good camars but is that what you are really looking for in a phone?

this phone has hardly any features so why waste your money-(400!) to get something that isnt worth it.

i reccemend the lg vx 8100-lost of features and great quailty.



Dec 13, 2005 by wabmorgan

Captain... I believe we have arrived at the later half of the twentieth century.

In this case... it is not a compliment!!!!!

We have a form factor that fits in 23rd century but the internal workings of a phone built 2.5 years ago!!!!!!!! No trans-slot..... my god.... how fast we run out of memory on this phone.

And VZW.... QUIT messing up the phones!!!! You may have left OBEX in this time but you gave an GUI that absolutely SUCKS!!!!! It is horrible!!!!!!!!

I'm probably actually going to return the phone. What a disappointment!!!!!!! And I think that when I do..... I am taking my business to another carrier!!! One with better phones, and one that doesn't screw the phones up just so they can make some more $$$$$$$$$$$$ One that will let me use the phone the way the manufacturer built it to be used!!!!!

??? & Review


Dec 11, 2005 by viper jer

Does this phone have a way to brighten the screen and leave the key and screen light on while you are on the phone or if it is opened? Is there a way to change the front display and font size so you can read it?

How do you check your pop3 email with this phone. Cant seem to down load a soda pop type email program. Will this phone work with a mobile office kit or will it work with national access with your laptop?
After Verizon transfered the contact list from my 6100 to the razor the speed dial location numbers were all changed. What option is there to change them?

Is there a way to use the bluetooth to connect your laptop to the web?

lost several calls on Scottsdale Rd.
It is all digital.

The phone is thin though and has good ear volume.



Mar 23, 2006 by motorola1


mp3 support
video support
1 megapixel camera
data conection


Much shorter battry life than the 5 days I got with my last phone.



Sep 15, 2006 by Disasterpice_007

Ive noticed that all these problems have been occuring with Verizon. Well I say, VERIZON IS A BUNCH OF CRAP RELIABLE SERVICE MY ***!!! Their phones are cheap, and their service is nothing but games, and hidden costs. When the debts owed (over 900$..) to VZW were paid and it was time to get another phone, I went to cricket. Not much better...but better..

Anyway, I had a small little camera phone, not much but I liked it. It got wet and never died, it was a little messed up, but the battery lasted FOREVER! I liked the phone but It eventualy gave out. So seeing the new ***Razr*** and its name up in prety lights and what not, I decided to buy it (400$ WTF!)

Since this will most likely go on forever I'll just list the things that I thought were a little dissapointing...

- Battery life seemed like a few hours
- *The tones and settings never stuck*
- I couldnt get blutooth to work for my life
- The menu sometimes dissappeared while choosing camera settings
- Keybad was sometimes unresponisve
- Takes very good pictures
- You can get REAL tones (and it has alot of good ones already on the phone)
- Lots of different settings

Overall i think the phone is good or bad depending on the carrier.

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