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lvx 6100


Aug 26, 2005 by headache1969

I got this phone roughly about a month ago and I love it.I had a Samsung 650 and upgraded,I am glad I did.It has excellent volume on the earpiece I can hear everyone even in loud places like our local carnival and it is set on low volume.The ringers that are factory installed work better than the downloadable ones they are actually louder.The camera works great for the picture caller id.It is a great phone It could use a clearer speakerphone.

decent phone


May 31, 2005 by cellygrl

*decent-to-good sound quality/reception
*sturdy phone (has been dropped numerous times, and has made it every time)
*good camera
*speakerphone (only reason I chose this over the samsung a670, which doesn't have a speakerphone)
*"Manner mode," which I believe comes standard with most LG phones, but with the push of the * key, it automatically puts calls, text messages, and voicemails on vibrate, as well as schedules and alarms.
*charges very quickly, in about 1 1/2 hours when battery is low

*pretty ugly phone, but will look better once a different faceplate is put on it
*no video
*reception is ehh...better than my ex-phone, the at&t v60i, but it's obvious the "eh" in its reception is due to the phone, because verizon is known for its reliability
*not very much memory for "notes"


overall, i wouldn't go and recommend this phone specifically, but if you get a good deal on it, go for it: otherwise, look for a better phone (I hear the samsung a670 is a good phone, however there's not much else that verizon offers besides the BULKY 8000, or whatever the model is)

best yet


Mar 23, 2005 by childan

As a long-time user of the VX-4400, I wanted another triband phone, and this was the rec of my verizon rep. I am wildly pleased with this phone, easy to use and awesome

Able to handle analog cell areas - this is a special feature
Nice color screen
upgraded sound and ring tone capability
Easy to use and good quality speakerphone (use it, it rocks!)
relatively slim and small
great sound
small battery charges FAST
able to handle two phone numbers (NAM'S) on the same phone
New web application is rather cool

No bluetooth (so you Borg-looking folks are SOL)
battery life on the small battery is average so get a spare and a car charger




Nov 28, 2004 by swish

I hesitated returning my samsung A670 (had its problems) for the LG6100....GLAD I did it. This phone has better features than the A670 and call quality is about the same.
PROS: speaker-phone is pretty good
driving mode
missed calls are logged in and in a VM
call quality is good
voice alerts are decent (so far)
color screen
reception good
menu is user friendly
quick response for e-mail, text messages
I can actually text a message and when a call comes in I have a choice to ignore it and I won't lose what i was texting, same when accessing VM...I won't lose the connection when a call comes in (this was frustrating on the samsung A670).

CONS: voice dialing....only dials primary contact.
voice recognition is 85% ok...seems to speak names phonetically.

WISH LIST: would like to use the speaker-phone when the phone is closed. Also, voice dial any contact would be nice.

The camera is OK for a phone and the style is nice.
I highly recommend this phone.....it has alot of good features and it can place calls delivering quality sound on both ends. I have not experience the "bug" as of yet during an incoming call.

Hope this helps!

GREAT PHONE! LG quality!


Nov 10, 2004 by deboh09

I have had this phone for a week now, and I love it already. I owned the VX6000 before this, and everything that one didn't have, the 6100 does. The speaker-phone was my main attraction, but it can only be at the MOST on MED HIGH. Any louder will be distorted. As for pictures go, the 6100 is a lot better than the 6000. The flash is AWESOME!

As for the downsides. So far i've noticed that i can't switch modes(manner, normal, silent all) using the side soft keys. You actually have to open the phone up. A major inconvenience for me. Another thing is the belt clip. It takes SOOO much effort to take the phone off the clip. Could be good, but i think it's bad.

Overall, i recommend this phone to anyone, especially if you are familiar with how good the VX6000 was. Good luck!

Great Phone!


Oct 31, 2004 by jimc917

I upgraded a week ago from my Motorola T720 to the 6100. GLAD I DID! After 2 years I started having misc. problems with my 720 so I decided to give LG a try (seeing how the V710 has been having "issues"). I paid basically $0 for it (new every 2)--%150 less than the Motorola 710. No real complaints except about the side keys being hit too easily. Camera quality is JUST OK--but who really thinks a cell phone will replace a camera? I do like the camera lens cover--have worried about the lens on other camera phones. I wish there were 3rd party accessories--I am sure this will be taken care of quickly (I refuse to pay Verizon prices). Don't know too much about LG quality--I did get the warranty. Nevertheless, I am happy with it so far!

durable little bugger


Jul 26, 2005 by lingeringstar

If you're a careless or clumsy person like I am, this is the phone for you. Not only have I dropped it a hundred times, but I even left it in my pants pocket when I did my laundry. This phone went through a full wash cycle, and after leaving it to dry out for a day works just as well as the day I bought it! Amazing....

strongly recommended by a heavy user


May 10, 2005 by stonesight

two weeks ago, i renewed contract with verizon and took home two new phones... the samsung n330 for me, and the lg vx6100 for my son. (i've had motos, kyoceras, and nokias before.) though the n330 fits my needs better, this is a really great phone. i use it now and then myself.

it is fairly small with a sturdy feel, and the hinge opens smoothly. the verizon store guy told me he drops his all the time and his was in good shape. (he spent over an hour with me while i went over every phone in detail. great cust. serv.)

the ringers are loud, it has plenty of preloaded choices.

reception is excellent. even in rural areas.

sound quality is excellent both in private and speaker phone modes. also, it has a "driving mode" which announces who is calling. you tell it "yes" or "no" to answer without ever touching the phone.

clear ext. display-black & white which is easier to read in the sunlight than color displays.

large, bright, very colorful internal display. when the menu is set to list-style (vs. icons), each choice is a different bright color, large text, and numbered, therefore easy to read at a glance and navigate.

keypad buttons are large, brightly lit, and well-placed.

side buttons make the camera and voice memo very easy to use.

voice memos can be used as ringers (my son's voice shouts for him to wake up when the alarm sounds)

photos can be used as wallpaper.

pics are vivid in good light. digital zoom is x2 to x8 depending on your res. setting. excellent for a phone/camera.

can send txt msgs from the contact menu or recent call list

sound quality
txt ease of use
true hands-free driving mode

ext antenna
something for me to break off
makes phone awkward in my pocket

for a simple, sleek phone to throw in my pocket on vibrate and use with a headset, i like the samsung n330 (see my review there), but for the pix, other extras, and phone sound quality, i highly recommend the lg vx6100.

HIigh Maintenance Friend


Dec 14, 2004 by myrowd

This phone has me totally perplexed. I think my experiences reflect many of the opinions in the Review section of this (terrifically helpful) website. When the 6100 is good, it's very very good. When it's bad, it's very bad. Some days, everything is smooth as ice. Other days, people cannot hear my voice- I've even had to give up on calls. Sometimes, the speakerphone volume is fine; other times, way too low.
-Excellent feature set
-Friendly Interface
-Great color screen
-Information-rich outside screen
-Fairly reliable voice input program (for voice dialing and digit-dialing)

-Call recipients cannot always hear me
-The speakerphone is tinny and not always loud enough
-Reception has never been as reliable as my wife's (she won't give it up) StarTac, or my previous phone, LG 2000. I've dropped about three calls per week in Buffalo and in Chicago

Conclusion: Great design, questionable consistency. I expect to be spending a lot of time getting this phone serviced. It's a high-maintenance friend.

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VX-6100 Opionions


Nov 13, 2004 by PhoneUser

The VX-6100 is an exceptional phone. There are many Pros to this phone: Speaker Phone, Voice Dialing, Screen clarity etc (many features worth the money). The only major con I can say about the phone is the reported Volume bug.

Description: At times, some incoming calls sound very distant or soft. To get this corrected, you must hit the speaker on and then the speaker off button which seems to reset the ear-piece and corrects the problem. Sometimes, but not always, you can hit the volume control buttons to correct this problem.

This is my second VX-6100 both of which had the same problem. I am waiting for a response from VZW on this and hopefully will find out about a potential fix or replacement. All-in-all I believe this phone is by far superior to others. But if this cannot be fixed, I will consider changing phones - too what, I am not sure.

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