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very nice phone!!!


Nov 7, 2004 by ablax2

I am more than satisfied with my phone. Many people reading these reviews aren't very picky about small little imperfections in the phone (like me) and have no problems. Sure there might be a slight volume bug but it doesn't really have any impact on me, usually the first thing someone says is hi anyway and if thats a little lower then so what.


-very nice speakerphone
-good battery life
-you can see the outside screen whenever... on the samsung 670, with light I couldn't see the outside screen, you had to open and close it for the backlight to come on... on this phone you hit one of the side buttons and you can see the time and stuff perfectly.
-very nice voice commands, I didn't train it and it hasn't gotten one thing wrong
-pretty good reception- I use my phone the most at my desk and no phone gets great reception- everywhere else has perfect reception
-buttons inside are easy to press- especially compared to the 6000 (the top menu buttons were much harder to press, IMO
-easy to understand menus
-very good vibrate


-camera is mediocre, but if you want excellent pictures buy a small digi camera (like I did :) fits in my pocket!)

bugs are minor, and easy to ignore-- very very nice phone!!

Excellent Phone


Oct 27, 2004 by lpj8

I received this phone this past Saturday and have been playing around with it since. This is a substantial upgrade from my Motorola T720.

Very nice internal screen
Great reception and call quality - My mother can definitely tell the difference
Seems pretty durable, there isn't much "play" in the construction
Speaker phone works much better than I had expected
Camera works great, and it works with the phone closed
Plays mp3 files
Lens cover
Battery Life seems good (Lasts about three days on one charge)
The ringers are nice and loud, Med volume is fine.
Very sharp looking phone (Many compliments)
Outside LCD (I hate outside color screens)

No blue tooth
Not much on Get it Now because the phone is so new
Cant utilize speaker phone with the phone being shut

Overall, this phone works very well and it has a ton of features. Plus, there are no flashing lights like on the vx7000.
I give it my full endorsement.

Happy with my LG 6100


Oct 24, 2004 by phoneshopper

I had to upgrade from my old phone because the antenna was about to fall off and it had no speakerphone.
The features of the LG 6100 are so vast that I am already spoiled and loving it. I have already taken a great photo with the built-in camera and am using it as the wallpaper for the screen.
I love the tip calculator. It is now easy to split a dinner bill in a large group and know who owes what.
The most important feature of course is reception and so far I've been pleased. I have been using it in the Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe and Encinitas areas of Southern California.

Pros: Good camera, easy to use contacts, voice memo, ringer ID

1. Cannot charge a spare battery unless the phone is attached to it.
2. I would like a better speakerphone. I wouldn't mind paying more for that feature. The volume can't be turned down low enough. I have sensitive ears, so this "problem" may not bother everyone! A good solution for me is using a headset, which is OK, but I sure would prefer a magnificent speakerphone. Maybe, it just isn't possible on such a small device. Anyway, still dreaming.
I will keep the phone and maybe someday find a phone that has everything.

Worth the Wait


Oct 22, 2004 by truth

I have been waiting for the release of the 6100 for close to a month now and let me tell you it is well worth the wait. First off, the phone looks great, i love the blue on the outside and the display is much improved over the 6000. On the inside the screen is larger then i expected and the colors are very vibrant. The key pad and all soft keys are more than proficient. On the side of the phone is a voice command key, key and ring volume, and camera button. The ring tones from verizon and lg are not great but get it now can fix that easily. the phone also has a ring and vibrate at the same time function which is nice for me. The contacts list and menu are very good, easy to access and fun to use. The camera is very proficient, but even with the flash the dark photos arent great, but good enough coming from a cell phone. The speaker phone is loud enough on medium high and is a nice feature over the 6000. Also the phone does have picture id which was not listed as one of the earlier features. The voice command function is nice because it is trained to recognize any voice not just your own. But if you are unhappy with the function you can train it yourself which i might do in the future. The one con that i found was the charger, in every picture i saw the charger was a round headphone plug looking thing that plugged into a small hole on the bottom of the phone, when i got the phone the charger is similar to some audiovox's in that it is the large square plug that fits in a port in the bottom, overall the phone was more than i expected and well worth the wait, for the price and the features it is the best phone that verizon has hands down

has potential to be great phone (after software fix)


Dec 7, 2004 by shellebelle303

I absolutely LOVED my LG 6000 and I expected to absolutely love this 6100. However, I have had this phone for one month now & I am not impressed with the reception, voice quality, or speakerphone. I am hoping it is just MY phone that is bad and not all 6100's. Lets start with the good:

PROS:The battey life is on par for a phone that is tri-mode. Screen is nice & clear. Same great LG user interface. Love that it has a camera lens cover. Vibrant keys and it has a timer for the lighted keypad. Has speakerphone which was my main reason for switching from my 6000. The only other reason was because customers were always wanting to buy the 6000 due to the rave reviews on it,excellent reception & several VZW reps swore by this model. However it has been D/C (i've had it for 14 months) so I got the 6100 in the hopes it would live up to its predecessor and I could give it just as great reviews plus it would still be avail. for customers to purchase.
Occasional loud buzzing. Other times people cannot hear me. Occasionally my phone will beep & I will have 3 voicemails & 3 missed calls. The speaker cuts out & so does the volume during the first 5-7 seconds when you receive a call. At first you will hear nothing & then all of a sudden it's like people are yelling at you!
The LG 4500's speakerphone is exceptional when compared to this one. I am hoping mine just needs a "software update" on the machine since my phone doesn't fall in to the "defective" catagories quite yet. My software version is T61VZV01.
I am confident that the "volume bug" & speaker/reception issues will be fixed once there is a update in place for the 6100. I will update my review on this phone once that happens.

My VX-6100 was returned...


Oct 26, 2004 by Mark3101

Well, it wasn't to be. Not a bad phone, just not that great.

Pros: Good RF capabilities
Nice size
Analog capable
Price not bad

Cons: Lousy wallpaper
Volume control is messed up..bug
from 6000 still present.
No ERI banner, just triangle.
Side keys too easily pressed when
not desired.
No missed call reminder beep
Lousy ringtones..lack of selection
Voice dial needs work, too many steps
Battery life only average to poor
Screen hard to read outside

Had this phone for 5 days and sent it back today. Too bad it didn't work out, but there is not enough good to want to keep it over my T-720. I know..720?? But yes, it works very well and has the features the 6100 lacks..i.e.: ERI banner, reminder beeps, real ringtones etc. I guess I will wait for the re-engineered V-710 to emerge from testing. LG is not bad, just not that much better for me to want to keep it.

Verizon's Best Basic Phone!!


Oct 24, 2004 by kenstee

Without a doubt this is the best phone I've ever had from VZW. It has just about everything one could ask for in terms of basic phone functionality. I'm not picky or a phone phreak. All I want is:
- Great RF
- Speakerphone
- Tri-mode
- Always-on Outer LCD
- Great earpiece and ringer volume

Major Pros

- Amazing RF! Best I've ever had on a VZW phone. (Even better than the v710 I had briefly.) No static. Crystal clear. Most people can't even tell I'm on a cellphone.
- An always-on outer LCD. For me, this is wonderful and a major attraction of this phone over other VZW offerings. Yes, it's B&W. But who cares. Now you can always see the outer LCD info (time, date, status, missed calls/vm etc.) at a glance without pushing a button or flipping open the phone. Very visable in sunlight too. Great feature!
- Earpiece volume is loud and clear as is the ringer volume.
- Speakerphone works great. Good volume. Easy to operate.
- Lightweight
- Solid build quality
- Good size. Easy to fit in pocket.
- LG menu system and UI is very good
- Voice dialing/commands work without training and work great
- Inner screen resolution is very good and certainly large enough. Text is very readable. Visability is good even in sunlight
- Battery life appears to be very good
- Stub antenna. Certainly does not appear to impact the RF.

Cons (not many)

- No "Missed Call" reminder tone or beeps. NOTE: There are reminders for every other type of message though.
- Reminder "Beeps" are too soft, not loud enough
- No Missed Call/VM/email blinking light or lamp. I can't figure out why every phone doesn't have this feature!!!
- Minor rant: LG has to have the worst preloaded ringtones and wallpaper though.

Other Points

- I'm not into camera phones. So, I haven't tried the one on this phone. In fact, I wish it had no camera. BTW, first camera phone I've seen with a slide down lens cover. That might be a "pro" to some people.

The Cons are not significant to me This phone gets a solid 5.0.

Excellent phone


Oct 23, 2004 by ak203

Thanks to all of you for a great website that saved me from keeping my Audiovox 9900 and getting the 6100 instead. I sense reviewers have prejusdices that lead them to declare phones great or awful, so I'll express my perspective and prejudices first.

I am not looking for a video or digital camera. I'm looking for a really functional phone for stationary and in-car use. By those standards this is an excellent phone.

For background, I've owned a range of Motorola StarTacs, then the 720, an Audiovox 8900 and - for two weeks till I found this, and Audiovox 9900.


Good feel in hand, easy to open and close with one hand but solid feel

Excellent features

Voicedial and speaker independent dial are huge safety features for car use and easy to use, though one reviewer is right that voicedial turns a 2 step process into 3, though it's because of the other terrific voice features that the 3 steps are needed

Excellent reception

Excellent speakerphone and much easier to use than on other phones

Though black/white the front second screen is very clear and crisp

Battery life is competitive with others, including the 9900, which grossly exaggerates its duration capacity

Main screen very good though not remarkable and large like the 9900s, the latter's main great feature

Excellent array of features that are really practical such as auto mode (like the V710) and speaker-independent voicedial, digit dial, etc.


Very few, but:

Hideously ugly screen wallpaper and theme choices, though those are of course correctible through outside vendor additions

Rocker switch is a bit too firm so your thumb or finger will ache when doing lengthy contact entries, etc.

Like all phones, the flash feature with photo use is a joke

OVERALL, an excellent phone with really intelligent features choices favored over toy gimmicks

Great phone... almost perfect


Oct 29, 2004 by tbone92178

I purchased this phone a few days ago to replace my Samsung A670. I like my A670 but it was lacking some features that the vx6100 has. I would of given this phone a 5.0 if it didn't have that "volume bug" when answering incoming calls, but I'm sure it will get fixed with the next software update.

+ great reception
+ outside LCD
+ speaker phone
+ battery indicator with 4 bars
+ great user interface

- "volume bug"

The vx6100 outer display is clear and can be seen anytime, but the A670 outer display was useless in the sunlight. I love the speaker phone which was something that I really wish I had on my A670. The 4 bar battery indicator is great since the A670 only had 3 bars and it would go to one bar quick and the last bar lasted a long time. I hated this because it was hard to tell how much battery life you had left. The big thing that was missing on the A670 for me was EMS sending capability. I text message a lot and the limit of 160 characters with SMS sucks especially when they cost the same. Call/voice quality is better on the A670 in my opinion.

There are some improvements that I would like to see...

1. better camera
2. missed call reminder
3. larger and higher resolution screen
4. mini USB port for charging and date transfer
5. FasTap text keypad
6. user settings for the indicator lights - like being able it have it flash every few seconds when you have a missed call or new message



Nov 25, 2005 by got_it

This cell phone starts out being a cool phone. I had it for like 3 months and it started to give me a hard time. I mean like after I got it in may me and my friends went to lake compunce like everyday during the summer and rode rollercoasters with it and it even went for a shitter once but still. It drops calls left and right and I never have service were my mom does (she has a vx4400). Yesterday it was on the floor and it was closed and I stepped on it with no shoes and it broke in half. I am furious and I have gone back to using my sisters old vx4400 (which sadly has a pink cover) until I can get back to the store to get a new one. P.S when I bought the phone it was 150.00 now verizon is selling it for 29.00....im pissed.

-good screen
-OK camera
-easy to use

- the charger ( I liked the holster chargers that the vx4400 had so the damn cord doesn't fall behind my night stand all the time.

-the flash
-the outside screen is b/w
-the speaker phone is a joke
-drops calls

all in all I'm going back to the vx4400 which was a great phone

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