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Best phone for Me:)


Oct 28, 2004 by PhoneShouldBaPhone

This is my 1st camera phone - camera is not a priority to me so the photo quality isn't reflected in my rating.

Battery charges VERY rapidly! Initial charge was complete within an hour - that's a plus for me.

Camera - very easy to operate. Mediocre quality - but not expecting high quality pictures from my cell. Like the lens cover. If picture quality is important to you, this may not be the phone you want.

Love the outside display (black & white) - very easy to read in all lighting conditions. Very similar to the 4400 - time, date, signal strength, battery life, analog/digital.

RF seems very good so far, no problems even with stub antenna.
Call quality so far so good as well.
Speaker phone volume much louder than some others - a plus to me.
Easy to put in driving mode - great for hands free calling.
Easy to put in manner mode (same as 4400)

Feels great in the hand. Buttons on phone feel rubberized though think are plastic. They do not feel "plasticky" & cheap like on some other phones.

This phone will NOT fall out of your free holster - however - this makes it a tad hard to remove from holster...

All in all - great functional phone.
Was looking for something like my 4400 but with speaker phone - this fit the bill - got what I needed & more:)

This is a good phone...at least for me.


Aug 25, 2005 by lala1

After reading many reviews on this site it has become apparent that one persons ruby is another persons rotten egg. That being said here is my 2 cents. I really like the LG 6100. It feels well built and has lots of usable features. Before this I tried a LG4650 and a Mot V265. The 4650 was a good phone, but I just couldn't deal with the way it looked..sorry its just not that cool. The 265 had great phone reception, but a terrible screen, no date and an iffy track record. The only thing I don't like about the 6100 is its a little bigger than my trusty old LG VX10. The camera is like everyone says just okay, but its a phone. So like everyone else here are the pros and cons.

Good reception so far-even in remote areas
Really nice internal screen
Good software-easy to use and navigate
Camera with cover-much better than Moto V265
Voice commands-very useful
Voice Memo
Good loud ring tones

Not huge but certainly not small
speaker phone distorts at loud levels
Big unmovable Verizon banner on screen
No color external lcd-not sure if I care

Have had for two weeks and so far it might make me forget about my LG VX10.

Great Phone.. shoulda waited for the 8000


Jan 17, 2005 by Albie05

Hey everyone! heres what i think abou my lg vx6100

+ LOUD speakerphone that can be used when closed
+ User friendly
+ Can store 60 pix
+ Decent Camera
+ Flash does WONDERS!
+ Can record ringtones for free
+ Long battery life
+ Can record phone calls (hehehe)
+ Great alarm clock
+ Internal display can double as a mirror (I'm gay ok?!?)
+ Best reception in the San Francisco Bay

- Lens cover is pointless
- No video capture
- Camera isn't as crisp as 6000 (why did they downgrade?
- Gets hot during usage
- Reception bounces up and down randomly
- Vibrate should be more intense
- Plastic makes it feels like nothing more than a happy meal toy; should be made with metallic material like the moto's.

Overall i like this phone, its simple, yet packed with features... my only regreat is that i purchased it a couple months prior to the release of the 8000, which is the 6100 plus video capture, streaming multimedea (cable TV), as well as the option of viewing the person you are talking to while talking to them if they have a phone with that option as well.

Gotta love LG!!!!!


Nov 8, 2004 by p_skiddy

I just got this phone as a replacement for my audiovox cdm-8900(huge upgrade) and I love it.

-great screen resolution.
-excellent RF quality(even with a snub antenna).
-very loud earpeice and speaker phone.
-sturdy build the flip and buttons don't feel
cheap and brittle like most phones.
-lens cover for the camera
-cant reassign home keys
-no way to lock the buttons on the side while
phone is closed (they are very sensitive)
-gets hot against your face during calls

Overall I would say this is one of the best phones that I have owned and the pros far outweigh the cons.

A near excellent phone.


Nov 6, 2004 by Kedemah

For years I had the Motorola T720 and unlike other reviews I've read, I never had a problem with it. I always wished though that it had speakerphone capability. I jumped on the V710 bandwagon due to all the additional features besides speakerphone that it had but all those features just drained down the battery that more quickly. I also realized I really didn't need all those features on a cellphone.
That's when the LG VX-6100 caught my eye.
Its camera takes way better pictures than the V710 which photos always looked grainy but again that's not the main reason for purchasing the phone.
They are:
-Speakerphone performs above average,
-Tri-mode capability,
-Very easy to understand menus,
-Excellent battery, though I did order the extended battery for increased capacity but it's presently back ordered,
-Size is just right for me,
-Excellent LCD display
-Time is diplayed all the time on its outer display,
-Sturdy construction
-I personally like that each phone call's time and duration is saved.
The only drawback that I found that has been discussed many times already on the forum is that I do experience a 2-3 second low volume bug which goes eventually away when receiving a call. I can live with that but that's why I can't give this phone a full 5 rating.
I however do highly recommend this phone to anyone who really doesn't need all the bells and whistles that some phone manufacturers are offering on their phones but enough phone features that makes its purchase worthwhile.

Best phone verizon has imo


Oct 22, 2004 by edamon

I've owned the V60, T300, LG 4400 and the
v710. I've logged 6 hours of call time on
it thus far in the past 3 or 4 days I've
owned it (which my review is based).

The LG 6100 is the best phone I've owned to
date. The size is perfect - thin and small.
The keypad is great and LG's menu/user interface is the best going these days.
The build quality is superb. Way..better
than the vx4400 was and not creaky as
the v710 felt. It reminds me of the recent
samsungs in build quality - ie x426, a670,

The phone is tri-mode which is a big plus
for me, as I need analog support. The RF
is the best to date for all the phones I've
had (the v710 and vx4400 were both good as

The camera - well it's as good as one would
expect on a phone. Pictures are as a good
as the v710 - little lower resolution, but
actual photo quality is on par.

Datebook, calender, alarm clocks and user
contacts are great. Easy to use and very
intutitive. Voice memo works well too if
thats something you care about.

Lastly, it's got a speaker phone. The quality
is pretty good. I can hear fine on my side
and people on the other end think it sounds
good as well.

It works for me ...


Mar 28, 2005 by Sabre150

I had a VX 4400 and it was time for verizon's 2 year handcuffs again .. so I picked the 6100. I've had it for 2 months (900minutes).

Reception: Basing this on the Nokia 3589i because I have found the Nokia to be superior to phones that I have tested. If the Nokia is a 10 then the 6100 is a 8 or 9. I took the Nokia and the 6100 to fringe areas and the 6100 did fine. At home, the nokia would be able to dial out and maintain a better connection then the 6100 %80 of the time. Wasn't big enough to be a deal breaker for me but close.

What sold me on this phone: Voice dial and speaker phone.

Speaker Phone: If I position the phone so the back side of the speaker faces me in the car (rather then the regular ear piece), then it works great with the flip open . Though it's kind of a hassle, it works. And I carry on 20 minute business conversations without worring about the customer or client straining to listen.

* Speaker phone / "hands free" works well
* Voice dial is excellent. Transferred 190 contacts from my palm and voice dial hits my contacts 9/10 times. Even tough foreign names.
* All fields in items transfer well to palm (using bipim fields are long enough, multiple numbers..)
* Keys give a positive click compared to 4400
* Camera is not important and growing on me. Quick way to customize my wallpaper.

* Speaker on ear piece could be better (fidelity at higher volume to combat road noise)
* Voice memo capacity is still only 4 minutes.
* Speaker phone drains the battery (can make it through one day of moderate - heavy use)
* Not as well built as my VX4400.

Wish It Had:
* Reception equal to the Nokia.
* Voice dial will only dial the default number. (Had to make separate entries for multiple number for a person eg 'Bob Smith Work' 'Bob Smith cell')
* Must push a button to activate voice dial in driving mode
* Cannot program any of the keys

I LOVE this Phone!


Oct 20, 2004 by Casper_DJ

I got my VX6100 yesterday and already, I am amazed at how much it does. I previously owned the VX6000, but LG continues to up the ante with new features.
The voice-recognition feature is incredible- I may never have to push another button on my cell phone. Very handy while driving or doing anything else where both hands might be occupied.
Perhaps one of the more attractive features (and this might sound ridiculous); I like the snub antenna. In this world of have-to-extend-it-yourself antennas, which is one more thing to break, the signal strength is incredible without having the hassle of fumbling with, and eventually breaking, an antenna.
I really like the size and weight of this phone, as well. It sits well in my hand, and I can hardly tell I am carrying it on my waistband most of the time. The amount of memory and the user-friendly interface are outstanding.
There are a couple of things, however, that kept me from giving this phone a "5.0"
I was disappointed with the bundled wallpaper and ring tone selections. I have since downloaded applications to get my own. This might sound insignificant, but I appreciate fun, trendy ring tones and wallpaper.
I was also hoping that the camera in the phone had a better resolution. 640x480 is a decent picture, but some of the newer camera-phones have cameras that can rival their low-end full-sized counterparts. The picture's quality, however, DID improve... not as grainy as were the pictures from the VX6000.
The only problem I have with the actual construction of the phone is the battery door. It seems somewhat flimsy and I don't believe that it would withstand much abuse. I preferred the 6000's design here, where the battery WAS the back of the phone. I would think that such a design is not only more aesthetically sound, but would also add some physical strength to the phone itself.
Overall a great phone. I would recommend it to anyone. Have fun with it!

Nice Phone


Dec 25, 2005 by bsballdude27

I really like the lg VX6100. The only thing I dont like is that the calls drop alot. I used a VX4400 and the calls never droped... but over all I like this Phone!

Pros: Camera
Descent battery life
Nice Options

Cons: Sliding thing by camera i annoying
Small Outer LCD
Drops Calls
Ear Volume is Quiet
Speaker Phone Quiet

It actually works!


Nov 17, 2005 by toolbox

Other than a lousy camera, the 6100 is a real champ. My wife and daughter both have one and it does everything very well. Coverage is super, no dropped calls, clear speaker phone, great vibrate mode, 4 day battery, nice size, easy and responsive voice commands, great menus, easy to use keys and clear conversations. Is there any more??? LG took a real dive with their upgrade phone(8100)so hopefully they keep the 6100 on the shelves for many months to come. If you are contemplating the 8100, RUN don't walk in the opposite direction and get a 6100. It's one of the few phones on the market that actually works!!!!!!!!! (NO I am not a dealer; just a guy who uses cell phones and doesn't want any excuses from them or VZ).

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