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Awesome compared to my Moto V265!!!!


Oct 16, 2005 by joe_doherty

I signed up with U.S. Cellular about 3 months ago, and since then I went through 3 Motorola V265 phones. The first wouldn't charge after a month, the second didn't work as soon as I swapped it at the store and got home (It wouldn't ring), the third did the exact same thing as the first, so I went in and told them I definitely did not want a swap again, I wanted a completely different phone. The technician at the U.S. Cell store even told me they're sending a lot of the Moto's back because of the charging port (including the very expensive V710). He said the charging port will not be revised until mid-2006. I got the LG 6100 as my moto-replacement and have been extremely impressed. On my Moto I got 2-3 days battery life depending on how much I talked on it. With the LG, with the same amount of use (avg. 30 min/day), I get 6-7 days of battery life. I'm in the Milwaukee area and have great coverage in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. The lowest I've seen my phone go is 3 bars (and that's inside a dense brick building with a metal roof.) My pros and cons are based on my experiences with the Moto, which wasn't a great phone, but was fairly up-to-date, and is a comparison most U.S. Cell customers are making.

-Signal Quality & Strength
-Battery Life
-Screen Quality
-Camera Quality
-Phone Sturdiness
-Voice Command Software (Much better than Moto!)
-Keys are perfect size
-Use of camera from external LCD (for taking a picture of yourself)
-Vibrate & Ring (This is a must! - duh Moto)

-The 4-way navigation pad isn't customizable (i.e. Push down on the 4-way pad for messages can't be changed to bring up contacts instead.)
-Flash is Ok (but it is a phone)
-Side buttons are easy to press, but doesn't cause an issue.

Good phone....


Oct 5, 2005 by phonexaddict

For the 2 weeks i had this phone i LOVED IT! great phone. Its for ppl who want a nice up to date phone that they can eaily nagivate.

pix are awesome quilty
great for pix and txt msging
easy to use
VERY durable
great looking phone
keypad is easy to read and are the perfect size
great set up (menu)
fun to play with
pre loaded ring tones are ok
good wallpaper selection
fun theme colors
LCD is bright and great quality
over all great phone

some time the LCD flashes, but its no big deal
speakerphone is a lil quit but works
no games or anything
when u have the speakerphone on at top volume it sounds muffeld.

if u are looking for a phone that is up to date but not too complacted or expenisve get this phone!!!!!! but if u are SUPER PICKY (like me) i recomd the LG VX8100....thats a great phone....



Aug 23, 2005 by Teloulou420

*Good quality
*Great loud rings (previous phone I could not hear through my purse, this one I can)
*Easy to use texting
*Good reception compared to previous phone
*Easy to use schedule and contact list

*As other people have complained about this- this phone does heat up if you talk for over 30 minutes on it... but its actually kinda nice when my ears are cold. It doesnt heat up enough to burn/hurt but is just warm.

*You cannot remove "Verizon wireless" banner from screen so putting a picture on screen is useless since you can't see it!
*The rings/wallpaper that come with are pretty ugly, and I have Verizon- so it costs me minutes to get on the phone to shop for new ringtones and wallpaper (it costs every minute I'm searching and the stuff is downloading onto my phone, and it downloads slow!) and extra money per piece of wallpaper/ringtone downloaded.

Russian Roulette


Aug 23, 2005 by wmverry

Purchased $$$ three VX6100 in March. They are all different. Do you feel lucky? (Verizon) One phone works acceptably, the other two don't.

Primarily this is a phone. If the phone doesn't work well, what good is it? I've been with Verizon for three years. I'm using the vx6100 to make/take calls at the same locations I've always used. My old Nokia 5185 only dropped 10 calls in 3 years (never extended the antenna). Verizon Techs evaluated my vx6100 phone for four hours and said the performance was not bad enough to allow replacement. I even purchased an external antenna, reception still stinks.

Drops calls and loses signal.
Earpiece sound quality poor at higher volume.
Speaker-phone sound quality poor at higher volume.
Can't hold phone without pushing buttons on side.
Incidental contact with stub antenna drops calls.
Phone gets uncomfortably hot after 10 minutes.
Color screen not viewable in direct sunlight.

Right sized
Good keyboard
Nice display (except in sunlight)
Good battery life
Predictive text entry

Great features & intuitive interface, but avg or below call quality...


Aug 10, 2005 by halman

I couldn't deal with the Moto E815's hollow, "hear my own voice back in my ear", echoey type sound, so I traded it in for the 6100. I didn't go the 8100 route cuz it is too new and it it seems like LG (and others) usually need time to work out some kinks via software fixes/ upgrades. The 6100 is on its 3rd version of software, which means it's gone through several software fixes since it was released over a year ago. I was hoping the fact that I was buying a mature product was going to pay off, and it has in every way except one. The sound quality is below avergae. There is a static sound in the earpiece constantly... sometimes more annoying than others, but always audible. I haven't had problems yet with dropped calls (I've only had the phone for 4 days), but apparently, the 6100's receiption is below average as well.

-Light weight
-Intuitive user interface
Version 3 software (many initial bugs have been fixed)
-Battery is fine
-Camera is ok for a phone camera
-Cool features/ tools
-good shortcuts (i.e. hit the green button to get to "recent calls", hold star for 3 secs to get to vibrate mode, hit the right soft key to get to contact which can be grouped and easily searched, etc)

-Below average sound quality (constant static, hissing in earpiece)
-Speaker phone is not poor, but it is average at best
-If you download midi's as ring tones, they are often tough to hear even if you jack the ringer volume
-Although I have not had problems yet, it is well documented that all LG phones trail the market in receiption and dropped calls

Poor Call Quality Ruins A Decent Phone


Jul 16, 2005 by 1075

My main priority when choosing a cell phone is RECEPTION AND CALL QUALITY, so if a phone can't deliver those two basic necessities then it is not worth owning in my opinion. I could care less about a camera on a cell phone, ESPECIALLY if you have to pay the provider to get your pictures off of the phone. The camera on the VX6100 is OK, but the quality of the image is poor which is exactly what you would expect from a cell phone. It produces an OK image if you only want to use them as a screen saver or as a contact pic.

My main beef with this phone is poor call quality. The 6100 simply does not hold a signal as well as it should and the quality of it's reception (what you hear in the earpiece) constantly fluctuates. I dropped more calls with this phone than with my previous StarTac and more than the 2 LG VX4400's my family uses. I finally got fed up with this after 6 months and paid full retail for a Motorola V710 which has significantly better call clarity and reception. Several co-workers also shared similar experiences and made the same switch. I gave the 6100 to my son and he has the same complaint with poor call quality, his friends notice that his calls don't sound as good as they did with his 4400.

Bottom line, if you care about making and receiving phone calls (what is a phone for after all), there are much better choices.

Good, user friendly menu.
Very strong vibrate mode.
Battery life.
Keypad very well lit and easy to use.

Poor, distorted speaker phone.
Control buttons on the side of the phone are too easy to accidentally depress.

Great phone!


Jun 12, 2005 by nate_jud

I have the LG VX6100 from Verizon and this has been the absolute best phone I have ever had. I love everything about it, and it works great!

-Great signal and reception
-Great messaging capabilities
-Loud speaker/speakerphone
-Easy to use
-Great camera with flash
-Very reliable

-No video capability

I love this phone and everything about it. I've had it for about 2 months, and I haven't had a dropped call yet. Very sturdy and reliable phone. I use it quite a bit everyday, and it has proved itself very reliable.

Not consistent?


Apr 25, 2005 by Got Karma

I got this to replace a broken Moto v265. I had used a friend's VX6100 quite a bit and expected to like mine, but found that mine and his were not the same.

-Superb outside display. Other manufacturers should take note of the basic LCD LG uses that is visible at all times without pressing buttons.
-Interior display is very clear and works great in sunlight (again, this seems pretty basic, but lots of phones are poor in this area).
-Good menus.
-Excellent voice recognition, with no need to train it.
-Reception is good, but not great.

-Sound quality from my earpiece was very nasal and poor. My friend's sounds great, which makes me wonder about the overall quality control of this phone.
-Lens cover seems like a nice idea, but on friend's phone it flops around uselessly and doesn't stay shut.
-Camera can be activated by holding outside button. Button is sensitive enough that this happens easily in a pocket. More than once I wanted to take a picture, but couldn't because the memory was full. I looked at the gallery and all that was in it was a bunch of black photos of the inside of the lenscap.
-Sensitive outside buttons can change ringer mode in pocket.
-After ending a call, the display shows who you just called and the length of the call for five seconds. I find this info useless, and wish the phone would return to the main screen without having to press END multiple times.
-During a call, the display (inside and out) is totally blank except for a timer showing the length of the call. Again, this info is useless to me, and even if I liked it it could just take up a single line. I miss not being able to see the time and date during the call if I need to.

I returned this phone within 15 days (Verizon) due to the poor sound.

Love This Phone!


Apr 24, 2005 by shopaholic31092

This is first cell phone and I love it! I was in the Verizon Store(that's my provider)and there was not a great selection. I wanted a picture phone with BREW, but all of them seemed to expensive. A sales clerk at Verizon was telling me about how great this phone was and how most people who worked at the particular store had it and loved it. I got it on sale ($100 with a $50 rebate), but I probably wouldn't have bought it if it were full price.

Downloadable games and ringtones (via BREW)
2D display
Lens Cover
Many Backgrounds to choose from
Overall, good service
Speaker phone
Color display
Speed dial
Voice dial
Picture ID
Fully Charges in one hour (I love this!)

It's not a large phone, but it isn't tiny
Camera quality is OK, but what can you expect from a phone?
Speaker phone is not always clear, but that could be my location

If you need a good quality phone, this is a good choice.

A good phone


Mar 24, 2005 by qingzhuliu

After I owned Samsung sch a-670 for 15 days. I decided to switch to LG VX6100:
For Samsung sch a-670:
1) it has smaller size then 6100.
2) it feel solid when holding it.
3) it has a pretty good reception.

1) the outside display is useless (hard to read at any condition).
2) the battery run out fast without obvious reason (only two bar left after I used it to receive two messages). It also
got hotter.

For LG VX6100
1) it has larger size than 670, which is good for me.
2) the outside display is gray-scale (easy to read at any condition).
3) it has a larger selections for ringtons and wallpaper.
4) it also has good reception.
5) it has a good battery life.

1) it has no video capture ability.

The camera quality is almost the same.

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