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Great phone


Jun 22, 2006 by SoDakLax

I've had this phone for a little over one year and it still works great. Never had a problem with dropped calls and I normally get great service. (live in South Dakota, so there's not an abundance of towers here)

Pros - very durable. i've dropped it many times and keeps on working. even dropped in it water and after a couple days to dry out, works the same as before. speakerphone is good.

Cons - not the best camera, but i like the slide cover over the lens (can't get scratched) could use a better front display. (wish pictures would be displayed)

Overall a very good phone. i am very happy with it. I'm looking into getting the LG 8300 and i hope that works just as well as this one

I love the LG VX 6100


Dec 9, 2005 by crunkme478

I bought this phone about two weeks ago and I absolutely love it! I have had a Kyocera flip phone (hated it), 2 Nokias (great), and an LG 4400 (great phone) and this one is my favorite so far! I have US Cellular and live in the mid-Iowa area. My service is awesome and I haven't experienced any dropped calls or any sort of call delays.

The Pro's for this phone are:
-The rings are loud and very audible, with a good selection of ring tones.
-The screens are *cute*!!
-The camera works great with cool things you can do to the pic (negative, black and white, antique, etc...)
-It's visually attractive and easy to follow and find things.
-It's more compact than the 4400 and slim.
-The speaker phone works very well and can be really loud if need be.

The Con's for this phone are:
...I'm not sure I really have any. I guess I wish the outside display were a little bigger, but it doesn't really bother me.

The keys are different than the 4400 and that has taken some time to get used to. But overall, I ADORE this phone! It's really visually appealing and more detailed than any other phone I have had.

I would highly recommend this phone.

Awesome way better than samsung sch-a950


Nov 21, 2005 by zachw91

I love this phone! I just switched to it from the samsung sch-a950. I had many problems with reception with the samsung sch-a950. It would only pick up a verizon signal everywhere I went.. NO matter how weak the signal was. So I could pretty much never use my phone to talk on. Well I with my new lg vx6100 I can call from anywhere I want because the signal switches over to extended network when i need it to. Plus I have way more ringtones and better wallpapers!

VX6100 cute.. but not reliable


Nov 13, 2005 by a67327coupe

I have had over 20 different phones sice the early 90's from bags to shoe phones..
I am on my 3rd 6100, I am in the most anti cell tower, tree huggin' crunchy state.. VERMONT!! towers go up and the enviromental lobbyists get them takin down.. therefore.. good performance in marginal areas is a must (most of this mountainous state is "marginal") I am disapointed mostly in the reception and call holding ability. I will give you my P's & C's:

Loud earpiece (my wife says I'm deaf)
large display
decent battery life
loud ringer
ok quality pics for a cheap phone
nice features in the memory

if you use the clip holster, phone opens itself and gets caught constantly on doors, climbing on and off equipment

drops calls like a hot potato (I know Verizon likes this to happen) More connects = higher phone bills

external buttons constantly bump & beep things when in pocket or belt clip

I wish the cell phone salesperson would just be honest about their performance and reliability.

GREAT phone! Overall a much better phone than the RAZR V3m


Jun 29, 2006 by dnielsen1

I've had an LG VX-6100 for a long time now and I recently upgraded to a RAZR V3m with my "New Every Two" with Verizon. Holy Crap was I disappointed. The V3m is poorly made,
It's a cheap piece of plastic unlike the other V3 versions that were constructed of the aircraft grade aluminum. I used the RAZR V3m for about two weeks then returned it and went back to my trusty VX-6100... I also bought a new VX-6100 on ebay so I have a backup when this one dies, but I don't see that happening for quite some time. The 6100 is still a great phone and will hold it's own against any of those new poorly made phones that are coming out these days.

Lg6100 simply the best!


Nov 7, 2004 by StevenP166

There is nothing at all you can complain about with this phone. every aspect of this phone is absolutely great! Nice speakerphone, nice reception, trimode is awesome, camera works great, nice looking also! Many features and all are great..No complaints from me..

incredibly pleased!


Jul 24, 2005 by marchingroyalduke

I've never had a flip phone or camera phone before, and I've had the same Nokia for the past 4 years, so after having my new phone for about 3 days, I have to say I am really satisfied with the LG! When my family was recently getting new phones I wanted the Samsung sch a-670, but they didn't have it in stock so they gave me the LG, but I'm not complaining at all! One of my best friends has the Samsung and I just drove 6 hours with her, so here's what I found I like better about my LG:
-better keypad- the keys are very slightly raised so it's more comfortable
-nicer cover design
-better selection of ringtones and wallpapers
-much better color display inside and outside
-more vibrate
-better picture quality

But i did like some of the things better about the Samsung:
-15-sec. video available
-smaller size

both phones have adequate battery life, signal, etc.

overall I am very very pleased with my LG...i absolutely love it! If you're debating, quit it and go out right now and get the LG VX6100!

good bang for the buck-> LG VX6100


Apr 10, 2005 by hollerday

Just recently purchased this phone, and am pretty satisfied with all its features. As this model is a mid-level model, don't expect all the best whiz-bang features.

The phone's design is clean and efficient with easy to push buttons. The side buttons are a bit sensitive so watch out if u dont use a belt holster. The camera is pretty basic, but can take decent quality pictures that can be wallpapered or put in msg (wasn't expecting amazing pictures from a phone) Call reception and clarity seems to be fine for now, and speakerphone works well, although it would be nice if it worked closed. Some may be turned off by the grayscale secondary screen, which DOESNT support picture ID.(but is supported on the main screen, whats the point?) this also means u will have to use the lens cover to judge angles when taking self portraits. Has voice activated features, which would come in handy while driving...but its tough to understand the computerized voice that reads off your contacts.

Seems like i'm baggin alot on the phone, but overall it really does what its supposed to do with ease, which is provide clear calls with good reception and toss in a couple of extras for functionality...infintely better than a overloaded phone that has constant problems. I just wish the deisgners had thought a little more about speakerphone functionality but oh well... For the price this phone isnt bad at all!!

-speakerphone is loud and clear
-sturdy design, buttons have nice feel
-clear reception and call quality
-camera lens cover (hey, not a bad idea)
-bright main LCD screen
-menus are easy to navigate
-phone is a little difficult to pull off the holster, which is a pro in my opinion

-speakerphone doesnt work while phone is closed
-secondary lcd is grayscale, so no picture id and self portrait mode
-gets a bit hot during long use

Good phone now that the bugs are worked out!!!


Jan 5, 2005 by HawkeyeOC

I bought this phone along with 2 more for company use the first week they were out, so I have had ample time to figure out the good and bad of this phone. Overall it's a BIG step up from the V60i I had.


-Far easier to use interface than current or past motorolas

-good color display

-contacts can be organized by groups (ex. personal, business)

-speakephone can be heard on the other end easily while driving (I have never been able to achieve this even with expensive car kits in the past with my motorolas)

-Permanant antenna means no more $20 repair bills replacing cheap antennas

-This tri-mode phone can be used in more areas

-Nice looking and feeling phone, good quality construction

-Good battery life

-easy to use camera


-Tinny high pitched speakerphone is so so quality compared to nextel units I have tried

-Phone was rushed into service too soon before volume bug was fixed(update now available)

-No reminder beep for missed calls

-Permanent antenna means a few more dropped calls in marginal areas than my v60i or StarTac 7868 did.

- don't expect good quality pictures from this sub-megapixal camera


- Driving mode is a multistep process to dial a number by voice commands and is sometimes more time consuming and frustrating than it's worth. It finds the correct contact only 50% of the time. Digit dial and redial are nice features and work better. Although the V60i was a pain to train the contacts for voice dialing, it was far more accurate once set up.

This is a good overall phone and is worth a look. I chose it over the LG 7000 and the Motorola V710.

Pretty Nice Phone


Nov 24, 2004 by Nevets64

I've had this phone for about a week now. It's not too bad. There are no perfect phones and all have some kind of problems. I gave it a week and I can live with it. My last phone had no bells or whistles, so I can not compare to other gadget phones. The most important aspect is that I have had no dropped calls in this past week.


*Slim design
*Lens Cover
*Non-color front display
*Ignore call feature using side volume key
*Self Portrait feature
*Menus are numbered for little scrolling
*Ok speaker (good for listening to voice mail)
*Loud Ring
*Loud Earpiece
*Looks Good, Feels Good
*Fun Phone


*No missed call beep
*Displays Missed calls even when call goes to voice mail
*Minor volume glitch, but friend's 4500 has same problem.
*30 second minimum key lighting
*Bad holster design, I bought a nite-ize pouch.

So all in all, it's a pretty nice phone. Just minimal things to complain about, but have had no dropped calls where I would have had with my other phone. I get the new every two, so a good, free, phone. I looked at lots of reviews before going to this phone. You have to start somewhere. This seemed like the best choice in the price range that it's in.

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