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Work in Progress


Mar 23, 2005 by CheJ

This phone is the best LG I've had but it still needs some tweaking. I previously hadf a v6000 and it was pretty great.On the v6100 the speakerphone sometimes sounds as if i'm in a funnel. Also on the V6000 you didn't have to go into manner mode to make the phone vibrate. Overall, I like the phone but I really am thinking about getting the PTT phone.

Good phone overall


Dec 2, 2004 by parkite

I have had this phone for over 3 weeks. So far, I like it. Yes, the volume bug exists but does not bother me that much. Overall a good phone. Reception seems to be very good and sounds pretty clear. I am located in Kansas City. VZW customer service is great. Used to be a Sprint customer. Sprint cust. service just plain sucks. The camera is nice to have but not a necessity.

Reception good. Ringer vol pretty decent (I can hear it at medium level). Like the color screen. Light. Like the layout on the buttons. Like the Groups in Contacts. Like the Voice dialing.

Volume bug. Does not have Vibrate only (it does have a Vibrate + High Ring). Cannot seem to find a way to control which number it call when using voice dialing (seems like it dials the first number you enter)

Overall, I give it 4.5 rating. Good phone, good service and satisfies my needs.

Awsome Phone - Minor Complaints


Nov 25, 2004 by j92angel

I purchased my LG VX6100 about 2 days. The phone I personally think is amazing.

*Nice sized screen
*Speakerphone and Ringers are so loud
You'll always be able to hear the phone!
*The camera is pretty good
*(For me at least) It doesnt drop calls
*Nice, sleek design. Very attractive
*Outside screen is very clear and easy to read

*Keypad heats up after a few minutes
*I cant get the belt clip off
*I had to ask around to learn how to put the phone on vibrate (maybe it was in the manual...I didnt see it though)
*Ringtones and wallpaper arent good at all.

Other than those things I think the phone is great. Before this phone I had a Motorola V60. Not the best. So this is a lovely upgrade from what I had. But, I dont seem to have a "voice bug" as I have seen other people have. All the Cons are very ignorable, but is why I didnt rate the phone a full 5.0.

Overall a good phone.


Nov 19, 2004 by acura919

I recently just upgraded from the vx4400 which was an excellent phone, to this vx6100 which has alot of very good features.
speaker phone (crystal clear)
vibrate is very strong compared to the vx4400
The camera is decent for a cell phone.
It has a few ringers that are decent,same as the wallpaper.
The ringer is much louder than the 4400.
User friendly to use,easy to navigate the menus.
color is much clearer than the vx4400

Volume Bug when receving incoming calls the volume is extremely low almost to the point where you cant here the person who has called you, after about 3 seconds it returns to normal volume.

I have read all these reviews on here, and the only thing I agree on is the volume bug, the reception is excellent in my area with Verizon. It all depends on where you live and what type of signal you can draw in. One person wrote that he exchanged his phone for another one and not experienced the volume bug yet. I am going to exchange my phone for a new one and see how that one works, I am a big fan on LG phones. Here is what verizon wrote back to me in response to the Volume Bug problem.

Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless through our website. We have
received your inquiry regarding the wireless equipment and apologize
for any inconvenience you have experienced. However, the problem you
have described cannot be repaired. The phone can only be replaced or
exchanged for another new model phone.

Please remember, as part of our Worry Free Guarantee your satisfaction
is guaranteed on any equipment you purchase from us. There is a 15-day
threshold for the return of newly purchased equipment.

Feel free to contact us again through www.verizonwireless.com if you
have any further questions.


Verizon Wireless
Customer Service



Nov 19, 2004 by rrenzu01

I read this site alot, and relied a lot on reviews and info to find a phone I want. Overall the vx6100 is a decent phone. The problem is, new phones are being released so often its impossible to know which to pick.

Basically the vx is good, theres no major problems I have, speakerphone is usable, camera is as good as other VGA, hard to take picks in dark. The one bother I have is after you end a call, it says ended for like 5 seconds, so you can make any other calls, otherwise, its a good phone.

Love it!


Nov 18, 2004 by american_man_2000

I've had this phone for a couple of days now and I just love it! I get reception in places I never could before, the sound is very loud...I can't imagine anyone who couldn't hear the ringtones or speakerphone. The camera is a nice feature, even if it doesn't have the greatest quality. Honestly, if you want good picture quality, buy a camera not a cell phone. There are a lot of great features on this phone, and it seems to be very durable. I would suggest anyone looking for a new phone to strongly consider the LG VX6100!

Good phone


Nov 12, 2004 by dharit

I am an LG fan and have carried VX4400, VX5550, and VX6000. I just bought VX6100 two days ago and I like it very much. Its easy to use (like all the other LG phones), provides pretty good reception and its just about the right size - not too big and not very small.

The camera is not very good but the flash does provide better picture quality in the dark than other camera phones I have used. The zoom also works pretty well - does not distort the picture quality.

The external speaker on the phone is not very loud and clear as it is on the VX5550 model.

The voice command feature on this phone is very useful because you do not have to program your voice dials - all the contacts in the phone-book can be dialed using the voice command.

The driving mode is another feature which comes in handy, especially when you are driving - the phone tells you number calling you when receiving calls.

Battery life is really good.

The back-light on the internal LCD is different - it does not turn off the back-light completely - it makes it dim so that you can still see your screen when the back-light is off.

Overall, the phone has very many good features.

Very good phone


Nov 12, 2004 by RGK

I upgraded to this phone from a Nextel i90c, which had terrible coverage, a primitive screen, ridiculous weight, and awful battery life, so improving upon that experience wasn't hard. That said, this is truly a nice handset. It's light yet solid, has impressive external and internal screens, great features (the speakerphone with driving mode, where you can make a receive calls without taking your eye off the road, is particularly nice), and has very good battery life. I looked very closely at this phone v. the Samsung A670, and what caused me to choose this phone over the Samsung were the speakerphone and analog coverage. This phone is not without its faults. I have the same volume bug that others on this board have described, for example (just to recap: the first two to three seconds of incoming calls are at a reduced volume. Not impossible to hear, but sometimes difficult to hear. VZW and LG are supposedly aware of the problem and are working on a firmware fix). But the drawbacks I've experienced are minor compared to the strengths of this phone, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

Very Nice Phone!


Nov 10, 2004 by dequardo

Near perfect.

Has everything I demand in a flip-phone; tri-mode, SPK, LOUD ringers, good displays ext. and int., great UI, easily uploaded ringers (MP3), wallpaper, and phonebook (via BitPim and RS cable 170-0792 (Future Dial model #19)

Coming from the GSM world I miss the stronger reception pull but in my area that's due to native VZW CDMA 1900 band coverage. Forcing the mode to 'cell only' changes that for the better. That's VZW's issue not LG's

LOUD ringers
Great displays-inside and out
Great battery life
Great call clarity-as tested in a blind test with my friends.
Very good UI

Volume bug for some early devices at least. I haven't seen it yet on a replacement I exchanged for.

Low power rebooting. I also have not see this on the replacement unit I now use.

Excellent Phone


Nov 8, 2004 by Herd-12

Used this phone for a little over two weeks and find it to be perfect for my needs. I rate the phone very high with the assumption that the volume bug will be corrected. Reception in some areas could be a little better. Overall, however, the phone performs extremely well. All of the described features work very well and the menu options are very user friendly. Battery life, with average use, is also very good.

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