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LG VX6100


Nov 2, 2004 by pepsifreak

I bought this phone from Verizon Wireless last week and I love it. No problems, no issues, just enjoy having a phone that is both serious and fun.
Reception, phone book capacity (500), speaker phone, call clarity, ease of use, color screen, camera are all A+.
Ring tones and wallpaper (not enough of either).
If you are shopping for a new phone, make sure you take the time to check this one out. You will not be disappointed.

Good, but a bit of a disappointment


Oct 27, 2004 by RichardM

I got the LG6100 after I heard all the rave reviews, and reading about the great features it has.
I currently have the Samsung A670 which I replaced with the LG. This review compares these 2 phones, which I think are 2 of the best overall phones from Verizon.
The Samsung style is much more sleek and nice looking, build quality seems better, and phone is better laid out. More importantly, the call clarity of the LG is not as good as the Samsung A670, which is the best Verizon offers for excellent call quality sound. The buttons on the side of the LG are very difficult to avoid pressing accidentally. And I was surprised that even the camera on the Samsung produces better photos than this LG model. I like the speaker phone feature, which the Samsung doesn't have. I like the Tri-mode feature, but it's not essential for me in Chicago. But, the call quality is whats most important to me in a cell phone. So, I'll be returning the LG 6100.

Pros: Speaker phone works well, camera lens has a cover, above average call quality and good RF reception, Tri-mode, and lots of cool features. Light and easy to carry, and good battery life.
Cons: Call quality, while better than most, still leaves a bit to be desired, with occasional sound distortions on both ends. Somewhat awkward placement of buttons on side of phone. Style not as sleek as Samsung. Camera photo quality not that good.

If you can get by without Tri-mode reception and a speaker phone, and your most important factor is the call clarity and reception, I'd stay away from this phone. The Samsung A670 surpasses this one in style, call clarity, and overall quality.
If you need Tri-mode, the LG 6100 is probably your best option with Verizon.

VX-6000 Not Up To My Standards


Dec 14, 2004 by HTaylor913

After having owned the LG VX 6000 for a year, I purchased the VX 6100 about 10 days ago. The 6000 was the best cellphone I had ever owned, having been a moto fan for many years until I got tired of moto's many screen dumps and lock ups.

I say the 6000 was the best because I could depend on great signal and in-call quality, high volume, and being around my boat in a salt water environment all summer, it really took a beating and kept on ticking.

I had expected the same from the 6100, but I just returned it to Verizon in exchange for the VX 7000.

Why? Simply for the fact that the volume bug affecting the 6100 is a real issue. It began cropping up within 48 hours of my usage. Some incoming calls were crisp and clear, but at least 60 % of all incoming calls started at below medium volume and stayed there.

The next issue was with in-call signal quality. Bad news. It was like being back on AT&T analog again. I think the problem here is the 6100 reverting back to tri-mode from the all digital of the 6000. Many of the 6100's calls were somewhat garbled. I had the same thing with past CDMA moto phones that were tri-mode.

Fast forward to the exchange for the VX 7000...the new phone seems to be just terrific! No volume issues, and each call is back to being loud and clear (the 7000 is solely digital, same as the 6000). My service is based in the burbs of NYC, (1X service).

The 7000 has a bright easy to read screen, and I do not miss the speaker phone feature of the 6100, which was no big deal for me. So, the extra bucks for the 7000 have proven, in my case, to be the better buy!

This is a great phone


Nov 20, 2004 by HarryB

This is one the best phones I have never ecountered. First it is a tri-mode so it can pick up all digital and analog signals. so that if you are traveling through the country you got great coverage. 2ndly this phone key pad is very nice and easy to use. screen is nice and big. no crazy stupid antenna like the crappy v 710.

You can not compare the 710 to this..the 710 is a motorola and their ports are the first to go in any of the phones. LG makes great phones and last alot longer then motorola. Star tac was the last great phone that motorola came out with. 6100 offers a speaker phone with the better driver mode feature and easy access to the driver mode. as well as voice activated dialing..you dont need to train the phone to start dialing.

Very nice phone


Nov 5, 2004 by The Boo

First off I must say that a tri-mode phone is the way to go as it really does make a great deal of difference. The 6100 has great reception and is so user friendly. You can learn this phone without having to use your manual. The camera isn't the best but can be helpful if you really need to have one in a flash (no pun intended). The battery life is excellent and this phone charges fast which can really help. There are some buttons on the side that you will find yourself accidentally pressing and that can get annoying.

Easy to use
battery life
stub antenna
camera cover

buttons on side

Well at least if you want to try this phone take advantage of there 15 day trial but remember you can only change to another phone once unless it is okayed by the management to think i had a samsung 670 that had terrible reception.

Great Phone


Oct 28, 2004 by AMS9

I just received my VX-6100 in the mail yesterday and after a day of use and exploration of all of its features, I must say it's a great all-around phone.

I took advantage of VZW's New Every Two promotion and ordered a new VX 6100 on their website and it cost me nothing...not even shipping. The phone came via Fedex in two days.


The phone is the perfect size. I seriously considered the VX-7000 but opted not to buy it because of it's bulkiness. The 6100, on the other hand, seems to be the perfect size. The construction is SOLID, putting shoddy products like the Moto V710 to shame. The RF quality is absolutely stellar compared to my just-retired Moto T-720. The speakerphone function is GREAT....people say it's like I'm speaking on a landline. Menu layout is perfectly logical and intuitive. The battery life is also a vast improvement over the ol' T-720. I didn't choose this phone for the camera, but it's a fun feature that yields decent results. I'm an amateur photographer, so I'll stick to real cameras for taking real pictures.

The CONs

Message alerts are not very loud nor are they very frequent (two minutes apart). Not apparent whether or not phone can be synched with PC application Outlook.

Overall, it's a great all-around phone that's not over the top with useless features. It seems to me that VZW has been lacking a quality phone of this general utility for quite some time.

6100: Excellent Choice For Me


Oct 20, 2004 by lindaleembh

My requirements are basic: good reception, solid feel, decent screen, good speaker phone and easy to use. The 6100 meets all these. (My prior phone was the VX4400)

I initially had the 9900 and returned it within two days. I wanted to be able to open the flip with one hand (like my old VX4400), it was also large and a bit heavy, but the major factor in returning the 9900 was poor reception in a fringe area. The screen was great though!

The 6100 meets all my requirements.

Pros: Feels good in the hand, can open with one hand, good reception, easy to use navigation, very nice screen and what appears to be a great speakerphone. Of course, it's trimode also which is required because of my location. I love the basic external screen. It gives the time, date, and signal and battery info, along with caller id, but most important you can read it in almost all situations. Can't comment on camera, haven't used it, may play with it later.

Cons: a bit more plastic feel than the 4400, therefore I may use the leather cover (I usually just use the case on the number side of the phone)

Must learn to use the driving feature. Battery life seems good, but I basically use the phone as a phone. Hope I can hook it up to my Mac Powerbook as I need internet access when I'm with some clients outside of my office. I don't really use GIT or the other "extra" VZW features. Do like the ability to have multiple numbers per contact. Also can have a special ring for different contacts.

I wanted a good phone with good reception and good business features. I got it. Glad I waited, and really glad I didn't keep the 9900. This one fits in a purse or briefcase easily. The camera, I suppose, would be good in an emergency, but I prefer a good digital camera. I don't think you would be sorry if you acquired this phone. Good Luck!

best phone


Feb 1, 2006 by fye

i love this phone this works ahow much better than the samsug sch-a670

Okay Phone


Oct 19, 2005 by Tinkerz3

I recently upgraded from the 6000 to this 6100. Not only have I had problems with one phone I have had problems with 4 of them.
I had to go back constantly to get it upgraded fix or switched. I really had better expectations for this phone.
The first one I got someone sent me a picture and I couldn't erase it. 2nd It stopped making and reciving calls. The 3rd I had delayed text and ever since that my whole network is off, this all happened in the last month.
Not until I got the one I have now (the 4th)
did I experience the easiness of the keys being pushed on the side. I constantly miss phone calls due to it accidentitly pushing manner mode. that's really annoying.
Also the phone battery life is absolutely ridiculous. I charge it everyday twice sometimes. It gets very hot and the pictures are horrible. The belt clip is a pain to get on and off. there's no purpose for it. it's $30 couldn't they get something that actually served its purpose?
also why have speaker-phone if the phone is going to be open? also during a call it always records my conversation and then when i really want to use voice memo it's already full.. I really didn't think I had this much hate against this phone but it really is lousy. I really am upset with LG lately my husband to be got the LG8100 and had nothing but problems the but that's for another review .. anyway there's always 15 days.. Don't get me wrong I like the phone just to talk on if that's what you want this phone for go ahead but if you want a high tech phone with excellent pictures I recommend the Samsung phones. they are excellent.

Best Cell Phone I Have Ever Owned


Sep 25, 2005 by kstrikova

I am absolutely thrilled with this phone! No complaints whatsoever!

Good signal strength - No. Calif. Verizon
Good speaker phone
I love using voice commands - works great
I'm glad the outer display is black & white - I can always see the time easily. The caller id text is smaller, however (not a problem for me).
Inside screen is very nice and has an easy-to-navigate menu.
I'm pleased with the camera because I am able to personalize the wallpaper with ease and no additional cost.

I love the all ringtones, too!

Ed. note: Corrected 10/2/2005 at user's request

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