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lg vx6100 battery sucks


Aug 25, 2005 by zkhalifa

I got this phone in june 15. the battery gets very warn after 5-10 minutes talk time. I have got a new battery in replace but still the same. I have no problem with the reception but my phone gets really warm after 5-10 minutes talk time.

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Sent back after 10 days


Jul 27, 2005 by kase

I had a kyocera phantom and hated it so it was an improvement to get the LG 6100. However after having it 10 days I got a message on the screen that said Data Abort. The front screen froze up on me and when I flipped it open the screen was black. I ended up taking the battery out to bring it back up. It is off for repairs at the moment and I'm thinking about getting another phone but I'm not sure...

-Camera is pretty good
-I think the speaker phone is ok
-Easy to figure out

-My screen froze up
-I get text messages that are blank

Over all not to bad a phone if you can handle those problems.

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I expect alot more!


Jul 23, 2005 by John18142

Loud Speakerphone
Large color display

Unnessicary lens cover
Too many side buttons (Camera takes photos of a blank black screen because of the side camera button)
Weak Flash
Very Poor Sound Quality
Small harddrive ( only holds about 1 minuite worth of recorded tones/notes)
Weak vibrator
Handset is not very loud

Overall: If you are looking for a very basic phone, this is the one for you.
If you want to get sophisticated and make custom ringtones, wallpapers, web browsing, get it now, i suggest going with the lg vx8000.

I have went through 4 of these phones:
2. Battery died
1. Screen died
1. Volume did not come out of phone.

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The 6100 LG Phone


Jul 16, 2005 by beautiful


CAMERA -Quality is horendous... I don't like takin pictures anymore.. and if I do take them it can't be something I am too attached to because they don't look good at all

there is also no frames to pic when you are takin pictures on the LG 6000 there were about 10 franes I could put around my pics and now I can't

if you try and use one of your pics as a wallpaper it does not look good... the pics don't fit and screen is still showing

LOOKS- I personally just think this phone is a little on the ugly side

there is a front disply, but it isnot color or just plan and the light does not stay on.. on the LG 6000 the front display scrolled and had cool looking lights and had blue illuminestant lights.

if you leave the phone flipped open for more then a min the screen goes away and you have no idea what you were just doing with other pushing a button and messing everything up

You can not turn off trhe service light on the phone.. it ALWAYS flashes

the ICON menu does not look good at all.. I can't not make out what the icons are.. so I have to use to the list

RING TONES - I was very found of the ring tones on my 6000 and now they are all changed.. there are only about 4 from the precious phone... are plain and not really loud

The vibrate on this phone sucks.. I usally sleep with my phone across the room and my 6000 would wake me up with just the sound of it's vibration.. but this phone I can't hear

There is no button to push to get to your calender quickly

they changed the places of things in the menu (take for instance the Alarms are not longer 8 - 2, they are 8 - 3)

Phone feels like plastic


More Crappy pictures to hold
GREAT battery life
More plain ringtones
Flash on Crappy pictures
Littlie pics to put in Text messesages65ew
more face covers availiable in my area and also back covers for the battery included

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Jun 18, 2005 by phonereview

The 6100 is better than the 6000 but not enough to recommend it to others. The phone is a real disappointment. Thought it would be everything the 6000 is not and have a great speaker phone better than the 5550, well it's not that great. Needs more work!


-sturdy design, buttons have nice feel

-camera lens cover

-menus are easy to navigate

-Phone software not as intuitive as previous models

-speakerphone is not loud and clear, sounds tinny and distorts when volume is turned up

-speakerphone doesnt work while phone is closed

-Reception qualty from the phone earpiece is not as good as the 4400.

- Inside LCD screen is good but not as good as the 6000 in outside daylight.

-secondary lcd is grayscale, so no picture id and self portrait mode

-gets a bit hot during long use-phone

-A little difficult to pull off the holster,

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Great LG


Jun 8, 2005 by enterprise

I love the LG brand and for me this has been one of the most awesome and durable phones that I have owned, it's been dropped several times and no problems.

- great signal
- driving mode is great, and handy to have
- large bright screen
- loud speakerphone

-NONE for me.

So far I love everything about this phone.

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LG VX-6100 experience after one week of ownership


May 31, 2005 by DHB

Thought it was a decent phone but it was deficient in a couple of areas that were important to me.
1st - The speaker phone is loud enough but clarity left a lot to be desired. Placing the speaker on the back of the upper part of the clamshell is a bad design because the sound is always pointing away from you.

2nd - Unlike the Nokia's you cant assign a voice tag to a contact. If you want to use voice dialing then you have to rely on this phones voice command feature. It rarely was able to recognize my contacts when I would say them and would suggest alternates that werent even close thereby making you waste lots of time saying no-no-no-no.

After one week I traded by VX-6100 in for a Motorola V710 which I have also had for about a week. So far the Moto has been far superior to the VX-6100 and especialy so in the 2 LG problem areas described above. The only thing that is a disappointment on the V710 is the camera which isnt important to me anyway.

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Great phone


Apr 24, 2005 by roedrunnerr6

I'm a verizon dealer who gets the chance to demo phones. This is a great phone for a low end camera phone good reception, hearing and a great speakerphone. The only knock on this phone has to be no video besides that great phone

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Terrific Phone


Jan 8, 2005 by chj

Got two 6100's for my mother and me about a month ago. So far, we love this phone (knock on wood).

My mother is 85, and hearing and technologically impaired. She uses hearing aids and has often had trouble using landline phones. Last year, we got her a hearing-assisted cordless phone and that seemed to help. But the 6100 has been even better. I talk to her every day and she seems to be having no trouble at all hearing me.

Also, I love the speakerphone. I just finished a half hour conversation with my brother in St. Louis (I live in Stamford, CT) and used the speakerphone at Low volume. It was so much better than holding the phone up to my ear for 30 minutes. I told my brother about half way thru the call that I was on the speakerphone and he was amazed. He could not tell the difference.

Now that the volume bug has been fixed, there seems to be no reason to dislike this phone, unless you're a nitpicker.

PROS: 1) Solid construction;
2) Good weight and size;
3) External display;
4) Very good quality speakerphone;
5) Terrific voice commands;
6) Handy driving mode.

CONS: Manual does not fully describe all features. I had to learn how about some basic functions (such as Vib & High, Silent All, Speakerphone) from this forum.

1) Camera;
2) Ringtones;
3) Wallpaper;
4) Text messaging;
5) Web browsing;
6) Get It Now.

One caveat. This is my first cell phone, so I have no experience to draw on. But I can honestly say that I have been pleasantly surprised by this phone.

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Terrific Phone But Get The Software Upgrade!


Dec 31, 2004 by cyn0023

This is Verizon's top selling phone, and it pretty much has it all with the speakerphone, the camera (w/sliding lens cover, 4X zoom and flash!), as well as a beautiful color display in which the brightness can be adjusted from 0-100%. The exterior has a basic black-and-white display which can also be adjusted for contrast, which is nice (also saves money out-of-pocket and possibly battery life!) Sound quality is great, speaker phone very good. I compared this neck and neck with the Motorola V265 and OMG that phone is horrible doesn't even have backlit keypad or show the date! Also the V265 quality of the earpiece was subpar in my opinion, and the screen much smaller than the 6100. The side keypads are intuitive and easy-to-use and the fact that I don't have to extend the antenna makes things easier. "GET IT NOW!", but get the software upgrade!

OK here is the MAJOR con, but the good news you can get your phone updated via software upgrade... ever since receiving this phone new at the store there is a hidden 'bug' in the level of volume when receiving a call -- when you pick up the phone when someone calls you for the first 2 seconds the volume on the earpiece is VERY low, then it resumes quickly to normal volume. After reading many reviews online, etc., it was quickly discovered that a software upgrade was in order, but the upgrade from what I am told was only made available recently (over the past 2-3 days in fact!). Don't think that you need a new phone, you simply need the upgrade. After updating my phone the "S/W Ver" (or software version) now reads: "T61 VZV02". Be prepared to wait at least 45 minutes to an hour for the upgrade to complete (you wouldn't believe it takes that long but it really does). After that, its even better than the VX-6000 for display quality, camera upgrades, plus you get the speakerphone the VX-6000 never had, but you lose the electro-luminescent (EL) display. All-in-all a good trade-off in my opinion.

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