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very dissapointed!!


Nov 4, 2004 by klapper2001

don't know why this phone got rave reviews. since it was just available to the public about 2 weeks ago, all these positive review are just based on limited use. i bet once you have it for a few months, you'll change your mind.

i rate a phone based on 2 things - battery life and reception. any other features are nice to have but not essential, imo. In both areas, this phone sucks!

some pros:
- ease of use
- camera is ok
- driving mode and speakerphone

- battery sucks
- Reception sucks - if your area has excellent reception then it's good. if you only get 2 or 3 bars and it fluctuates constantly, you'll notice this phone switching to analog and to no signal all the time. my motorola v60i can hold much much better digital signal than this phone. had experienced so many dropped calls the 1st day i got this phone. thought it might be just a bad phone so switched it another v6100. same exact problem.
- use of speakerphone drains your battery really fast. in a somewhat quiet environment, it's useful, a little noise then the speakerphone is useless.
- if you don't hear your text messages tone the first time you get it, forget it, you'll never know you have a message unless you check your phone LCD.
- all plastic phone. cheaply made. drop it once, kiss it goodbye..
- tried to use FORCE MODE to switch to cdmaOne(p_rev4) from cdma2000(1x) so it would hold digital signal better. it does hold somewhat better but doesn't save the setting so after turning off/on the phone, it's back to cdma2000 and signal would suck again.

verizon's nokia 3589i is cheaper and is a much more useful phone w/ excellent battery and reception although looks crappier than this phone.

Poor Sound Quality


Aug 25, 2005 by jhorn

Pro's Good size, easy to see numbers. Loud ring and loud volume control.
Cons's Sound quality is poor. Seems very gravely. Granted, I'm hard of hearing, but I've successfully used motorola v60 phone for years. I was excited to get this new phone, but I find it nearly impossible to have a complete conversation with most people. If you have a hearing problem, I would avoid this phone. Increasing the volume may not help. When I travel, I like to set a schedule alarm to vibrate so I can wake up at proper time. I can't seem to find a way to set vibrate on for a scheduled appointment or wake up.

fluff at the expense of function


Jul 21, 2005 by grover

I bought four of these phones to upgrade all the employees of my small company. Trading up from our Motorola V120c POS phones, the VX6100 looked like a Ferrari. However, my enthusiasm was short lived.

After months of headset roulette, we have yet to find a headset that this phone likes. The folks whom we call report inability to hear us clearly, erratic dropped syllables, poor voice quality, and effectively unintelligible conversation, even though we hear them fine.

Additionally, the volume (both handset and headset) does not have enough range of adjustment to the low end. Thus, I walk around with the headset pulled partially or completely out of my ear, or the handset held away from my ear to keep from going deaf. And yes, Verizon and LG, I KNOW ALL ABOUT THE SPEAKERPHONE. IT IS NOT ON! Geez they treat you like a moron.

I wonder if OSHA or the FCC would be interested in this volume issue?

Many other slightly less infuriating software glitches have signed this phone's death knell. I finally "convinced" Verizon to let me trade mine for a Motorola V710 (they resisted because they milked me through the free exchange period by saying that "I" must be the problem). I will see how that works before I trade the rest of them.

Multiple contacts with Verizon, exchanging the phone for another 6100, calls to LG, all left me wanting better customer service. They all act like this is the first time they have heard of these problems. Yet they make no effort to capture my detailed descriptions...so in effect for most of the "customer service" reps, my problem is INDEED the first they have heard of it.

Verizon prides itself on the best coverage and the best service yet fields a phone wherein a camera and a bunch of other crap replace basic functionality like universal headset compatibility and full range of volume adjustment. Go figure.

sucks less than the V120

headset incompatibility
lack of volume adjustment range
multiple software glitches

Great Phone!


Mar 6, 2005 by LaChicaItaliana3

I just upgraded to this phone today after having the 4400 for 2 years, man what I difference!!!

Great picture quality
nice loud sound
great vibrate (unlike the 4400)
Camera has a nice quality about it
easy to use menu
calls have been crystal clear
tri-mode (always a plus these days)

I miss the silent mode
I hate having to open the phone to hit "manner mode"
Camera pics can't spread your entire wallpaper

All those things are little things I can deal with. I haven't really had the chance to use speaker phone yet, but I've heard some good things about it. Definitely a good feature to have on this phone while driving :-)

AWESOME phone, AWESOME price.


Mar 3, 2005 by Sweetpea6497

Got my LG-VX6100 as an upgrade from my old LG-VX4400. Loved that phone, and now I LOVE this one. Looks real nice, sturdy and durable. Dig cam has outside lens cover that slides over the eye to protect it from dirt.
Inside, display is AWESOME. Bright, clear, and colorful. Keys placed in just the right spot so its easy to hold and text. Menus almost the same as the 4400, easy to work through. Battery life is awesome, at least 3hrs talk time. Ring tones are nice and clear, ya can download regular songs (with lyrics too) and they sound great. Cinci area of Ohio,..never have dropped calls not even when I travel far from home. Reception is clear, sound is clear and crisp. Great volume control, people say they can hear me great also...even when I use my headset. Cam takes GREAT pics..nice and clear..good quality. Speaker phone is loud and clear also. Purchased through Verizon, got it for FREE, with a $50 rebate so theyre basically paying ME $50 to use it lol

Sharp looking phone.
Large, colorful, clear display.
Clear sound, even on speaker phone.
Pics are clear, good quality.
Ring tones sound great.
Sturdy, durable.
Great key placement
Easy menus to operate.
Keys light up blue, not that ugly green.
GREAT price.
Stub antenna, so ya dont break it.
Schedule calendar
Alarm (its what I use instead of an alarm clock!)

Keys get hot if ya use the phone while charging.
Outside display doesnt show the current time while youre using the phone (I miss that feature from the 4400)

Overall, this phone is AWESOME. This is my second LG, and my boyfriend has the LG-vx7000 which is the next step up from this one. If youre looking for a sturdy, dependable phone with a few frills (good cam, and speaker phone) I HIGHLY recommend the LG-VX6100. You will NOT be disappointed in this phone! :)

Best all around phone


Feb 8, 2005 by Andytheman77

Long battery life
Good quality speakerphone
Best non-mega pixel camera
Easy-to-use menu
Innovative lens cover
Vast improvement over LG 6000
Good form factor
Tri-mode for those who need it
Very customizable
Well built
Good signal handling proper
Large font and high contrast for visually impaired users.

To easy to activate driving mode
I'm having trouble thinking of another.....

No, its a startac but what is......

I Love This Phone


Jan 5, 2005 by 1LadyLena6

I like this phone. The inside and outside look looks elegant/sophisticated. I love the buttons too. When calls come in it lights up in different colors.
The camera works pretty good, all my pictures are clear. If you want any better step it up to a digital camera.
I notice the 3-second low voice thing. That's when you first make or recieve a call, the person on the line sounds distant. It clears up really fast though and I got used to it.
The ringtones play really loud and the speakerphone works great.
I personally have no problem at all with reception or battery life. When i first got my phone i charged the battery for 24hrs, I think that makes the standard battery work longer. I've gone into 2 days without charging it (and that's not on standby). Also it takes almost no time to charge the battery up. Convinient!
The stub antennae is so much better, no worries about a broken pull out one.
My ONLY complaint was not with the phone but with LG. I'm mad it comes with no games! Come on, at least falling numbers guys!
Iight, I hoped I helped some buyers,

what a joke


Dec 22, 2004 by kbonynge

I purchased this phone through Verizon Wireless, the first LG6100 I had dropped calls left and right. I think I was dropping about every 3 calls. I took it in, and customer service told me that it was the first one they had returned to them. They took a look at my dropped calls, and told me that it was defective. I then got another Lg6100, as I was willing to give it another try. It still sucked. I wasn't dropping calls as frequently, but nonetheless I was still dropping them.
I also thought the service was crappy. It was like the phone couldn't make up its mind. It was constantly on analog. I was and am very disappointed.
The only feature I would say I did like about this phone was the speaker phone.

I gave up. I decided to get a Nokia, something sweet and simple. I own the Nokia 6015i and I have yet to drop a call.

Some added features but volume bug must be rectified


Nov 14, 2004 by Glove

This phone is pretty good but the 6000 still is quite clearer. I read some of the reviews and it mentioned a volume bug. It does have it. When someone calls you, the first second or two, the volume kinda drops a little. The voice command is nice but ear-piece volume clarity is a quality issue for me. To me it seems that the digital phones do work better. LG's R&D has to look on how they engineer these phones. I had the 4400 blue. What an excellent phone but because I am a electronics new technology lover I just purchase a LG 6000. Excellent job. 3 weeks later the LG 6100 came out my 12 year old son has been on me to get him a cell phone so I broke down and purchased the 6100. It has some new ring tones, very colorful display, I never use the camera, speaker phone is nice and voice command. Again most important to me is reception, clarity and functionality. This LG 6100 was upgraded from the LG 6000 which added some more bells and whistles but.... drop some quality like the ear-piece volume and/or clarity.

Volume Bug


Nov 4, 2004 by pablo12365

I've had this phone for a week now and is a really great phone except for one BIG problem. On incoming calls, the volume is so low that you can hardly hear the person.
I contacted Verizon by e-mail and they don't own up to anything being wrong. I've looked at other phone forums and seems like everybody has this same problem. What gives?
I'm disappointed that LG and Verizon would put out a phone with a bug in it.

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