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Works For Me!


Dec 15, 2004 by cciiicdb

The 6100 is a great phone thats work for me, a 18 year old college student. It is easy to use and very user-friendly. once again LG and Verizon hit the mark

*Great Reception
*Easy To Use
*Attractive Sleek Look
*User Friendly
*Can Make own ringtones (just record memo and set as ringer)
*Not too small or heavy

*Can't close your phone and use speaker at the same time :(
*Hard to remove holster sometimes
*And if voice memos are capable to become ringers, more time should be allotted.

excellent phone


Dec 15, 2004 by shaneflanagan8

first of all, i work for verizon wireless....and we can not keep this phone in stock!

This phone is a highly anticapated phone since the vx6000 came out...i must say i still use the vx 6000 and will not upgrade to the vx6100 b/c there is no external color display. That was the worst thing lg thought of. However the everything about this phone is awesome....now i have not used this phone outside of work, but i do not see any complaints....i watch people go in and out of tech support everyday but no complaints. I must say i am waiting for the vx 8000 b/c of the features...but for the people who really care about trimode vs. all-digital get over it.....vzw will be all-digital within the next yr.....if you know of areas around virginia that are not good let me know. I am not going to list the pros and cons of the vx 6100 b/c they are obvious (a. people list them b. you are on the internet...look at it yourself) If you don't like the vx 6100 check out the vx7000 or wait for the vx 8000, i am anticapating an excellent phone from lg. and for those of you stuck on motorola....for the love of God they are just a name....their product really isn't that good....happy shopping to all you consumers....and come see me at vzw....i will give you the real deal!

Very Good Phone


Dec 12, 2004 by psyguy76

I have owned several phones through just about every major carrier. I live in Florida and had Verizon until the first hurricane hit us this year - then I had to move into a house where VZW service was not working. This phone has exceptional reception, however, as I get at least 2 bars, and sometimes a full signal in my house - compared to my VX6000 which only gets 3 bars max in the same house.

- Speaker phone is excellent! - my friends often cannot tell when I'm using it.

- Voice dialing is great! - usually works quite well, even with minor backgrond noise.

- Larger keys - more ergonomic than VX6000.

- Front screen is very easy to read in any lighting.

- Caller ID announce is an awesome feature! I wish all phones did this.

- User-friendly menus - very easy to learn!

- Mostly issues with the screen and camera:
I only wish that the screen resolution were better. The photos do not look very good on the screen (better once you upload them to vzwpix). The camera is not the best, and the flash is completely worthless. I have a Motorola v551 (Cingular) that I'm comparing to this one, and it has NO flash, yet somehow takes amazing pictures with more lighting than this one.

(I do not often use the camera for "quality pictures" mainly just as a memory aid, by snapping a photo of where I parked at a theme park, or something.)

- I do not like how you cannot customize the various sounds, such as voicemail, text message, etc. The graphics included for wallpapers are pretty cheesy.

- Finally, my biggest gripe is with Verizon service, as they charge you to download photos and ringtones, where other carriers will allow this for free with an unlimited web package, etc.

Overall a great phone. If you choose Verizon, this one is a great phone at a very reasonable price.

I have not experienced a glitch with volume. LG phones have an "auto volume" feature, which adjusts the volume somehow - maybe turning this off will solve the problem.

LG VX-6100 Great Phone


Dec 8, 2004 by impostle

I've had the vx6100 for 6 weeks now and i love it. This phone is great, much better than my old phone the Moto T720. I also recently purchased a data cable and was able to successfully upload 30 .mp3 ringtones that are louder than the original ringtones. The 7000 doesn't even have a speaker-phone or tri-mode.

Great reception
Great Speaker-phone
Tri-mode is a must for me
Clear and easy to read LCD screen
Good camera w/lens cover and self portrait option
Easy to use and very functional shortcuts
Nice features like "manner" and "driving" mode

Volume bug is annoying at first, but you learn to ignore it. (When answering the phone, the other party is almost silent for a few seconds).

Overall i highly recommend this phone to anyone and reports indicate that there is in fact an update coming soon that fixes the volume bug!

Version (T61VZ01)


Ear phone volume


Dec 1, 2004 by k7wwa

I just received my 6100. After checking to see if it had the reported low audio problem, which it does, I called the LG warranty service number listed on page 123 of the User Guide. Yes, LG is aware of the audio level problem. They told me that they (LG) are working on a software fix and when it is available it will be made available to your provider (Verizon?). Sometimes it is a good idea to talk with the people who make the product :) rather than grip about the re-seller.

Good Phone


Dec 1, 2004 by GVSULaker

Received two of these as "free" upgrades (2 yr committment) to replace Motorola V60i's. Overall, I'm very pleased but wish for a couple extras. Also, haven't had any issues with "volume bug".

Signal strength
Speaker phone
Great display
Outside LCD shows caller ID
Good battery life

No alert for missed calls
No built in games
No vibrate & ring option
Ring volume loud even at lowest setting

Verizon's Response to Volume Bug


Nov 17, 2004 by Zy

This phone has many positive features. However, the reception is inconsistent (with loss of clarity during calls and excessive dropped calls), and there is a serious problem with the volume on incoming calls. The reception is low and nearly inaudible during the first few seconds of many incoming calls. The next several moments are wasted clarifying what the caller just said. I contacted Verizon about this problem, and here is their response:

Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless through our website. We appreciate your inquiry regarding your equipment, and we offer our apology for any difficulty you have experienced using the LG VX6100. Currently, there are no known issues about this phone, and we thank you for bringing the problems to our attention. To properly assess your equipment issue, a hands-on evaluation is required. At your convenience, please contact one of our many Verizon Wireless stores to find out if a service technician is available.

I don't think they want to publicly admit this problem. I suggest that everyone with this problem contact Verizon through their website and/or their customer service phone number to voice your concern. Perhaps this will motivate them to correct the problem.

Other comments: Vibrate mode is strong, but only allows a) Vibrate only, or b) Vibrate and High Ringer. I would like to see an option for Vibrate and Low or Medium Ringer. Also, when vibrate mode is on, it scrawls a message informing us of this fact directly over the main screen. This is totally unnecessary. Finally, Voice Command works well but requires an extra command to connect.

Guess I'm first


Oct 15, 2004 by hoppyjr

Ok, to start I'm giving this one a 4.0 because that is my preliminary rating.
I received two of the three I ordered online Tuesday, when the phone was on the VZW site by mistake (early). I don't have the time to post photos but I am not a "kid" nor would I waste anyones time with B.S. (read: I'm telling the truth here).

My wife and I agree that the 6100 "feels good" in the hand and reminds us of the feeling of the first Motorola V60, but in plastic, not metal. It's a decent size for pocket carry and fits well in the ratcheting holster and the flip can be opened in the holster and it faces out (it also fits the small Milante case). The speaker is on the lower right front of the flip and it works pretty good for as small as it is. Keys and feel are typical LG, which I like. Menu is like the vx4500 but the display is much clearer. Voice command is like the vx4500. I don't find any way to force analog, so it must be automatic when needed? I bought my wife a 6100 and a brand-new v710 and she prefers the 6100 (so I'll be selling her v710). The other went to my son for his birthday, mine comes tomorrow. It does appear to be all its rumored to be, nice phone overall. Have not had a chance to use it but for a couple test calls and all seems good. Crappy ringers from LG IMHO. Nice screen, but kinda small. Looks like a quality piece from LG again (wow, these guys are Goldstar?????)

Good news, I checked (in person) at the Radio Shack tonight and the 6100 uses the same battery and car charger as the 3200 and I believe the car charger also fits the 7000. :-)

I'll post more when I get mine tomorrow and we use these over the weekend.


Love it


Mar 5, 2005 by justpeachy

I upgraded to this phone from the VX6000 about a week ago, and absolutely love it! I highly recommend this phone to anyone.

-camera and display makes a huge improvement from the VX6000. I took the same picture with each one and was amazed at the difference in clarity and especially the color/brightness. the flash is pretty decent too, and you can take a self portrait with the flip closed using the outer display
-drive mode is fabulous. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, you can use it for voice dialing or digit dialing without any training, for anyone in your phone book. Speakerphone works very well, even in a noisy room
-as neat as the OEL outer display was on the VX6000 I do prefer that the monochrome one on the 6100 is always on, and is readable in sunlight.
-I have yet to drop a call or have any service issues
-USCC's version of the phone has a new design that's very slick-looking
-user-friendly and intuitive menu
-battery life is great.

CONS-just a few nitpicky things
-when you respond to a text it asks if you want to respond as a text or photo msg, and photo msg is listed first. annoying when you text as much as i do.
-the lefthand outside button now activates drive mode instead of manner mode, i miss that
-downloaded rings are very quiet- this reason alone is why i gave this phone a 4.5 instead of a 5.0
-no desktop charger (not that it really makes a difference)

All in all, it's yet another great LG phone. My family can't wait til their contracts are up so they can get one too! :)

The Best Phone I have had


Jan 3, 2005 by cws

All I have to say is after going through several phones(Moto 710,Lg60000,Lg7000) the 6100 is by far the best phone that I have owned. Just got the software update and the phone works like a champ. I am a phone geek I geuss beacause I love all the new toys that come out but not all of the new phones are all they are cracked up to be. I highly recomend the 6100 to those looking for a camra phone and want a good peice of equipment.

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