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Aug 19, 2005 by Kopeke

I have this phone with verizonwireless service in Ithaca, NY.
I got the phone today, and i am already in love. I'vehave already tryed this phone, as my aunt owns it. The RF isnt the best, but can be delt with. The camera isnt very good, but its a phone! not a digi cam!Analog roaming is nice to have, although verizon is going to try and go all digital the next few years.
nice screen
good speaker phone
nice shape,color,size,weight
camera OK
analog roaming
status light (missed that :()
stub antenna
pretty much it

excellant phone!


May 25, 2005 by kaylaruth

I had the LGVX10 and hated it, so when that phone bit the dust i was happy to get this phone. it has worked wonderfully.

lg vx-6100 on Verizon

~easy to use
~camera takes surprisingly good quality pictures
~ voice commands worked better than i thought they would... I had fun just playing around calling my voice mail.
~ verizon has extremely good service... but I already knew that.
~ loud ringtones... I used to constantly miss calls because the ringtones were weak.
~ the color quality is really nice, easy to read in all lights
~ many personalized options... as a teenagers i love all those things
~ i like Get It now... although they can be pricey
~ the phone book is set up logically, unlike my old phone that had each person to a number which annoyed me
~ i was able to get all my numbers transfered, keep my old number and voice mail options (its the same message as on my old phone)
~ the charger is light weight, doesn't take up room a lot of.
~ i like that you can easily change the ringer just by clicking the side buttons
~ speaker phone... haven't used it enough to really know if it works well, but what I've done with it, seems to work nicely, and i like that its there
~ gallery has a large amount of space

~ the only way you can have vibrate and ring is if you have it on the highest ring volume. Its not horrible, but still
~ sliding thing (i don't know what to call it) over the camera. I normally keep my phone in a little cell phone pocket in my purse, and I am paranoid that when i slip the phone out the thing over the camera slides open and effects the camera.
~ I wanted video option, but it doesn't matter
~ I can't figure out how to zoom in more than 2x on the camera.. and it says its capable of 4 times.
~ larger than I expected. not huge, but a tiny bit larger than i would like.
~ makes a lot of noise turning on and off, that could be a problem when I am trying to use it discreetly.

Great phone... I recommend it to anyone

LG VX-6100 Happier


Feb 19, 2005 by jl_77375

I score features from 1 to 5 (1:worse, 5:excellent)

Size:4.0(I'm 5'7")
Screen/color/display:3.75(could more organize)
Outside screen:3.75(icons needs larger)
Keys pad/visual/feel:4.5
Speaker:3.5(clear,could be louder)
Voice command:3.75
Contacts:3.75(useless catagorize)
Features:4.0(cal,alarm,voice memo,notepad,world clock,schedule... Voive record @ play back is low)
Camera:2.75(no flash)
Batery:4.0(w/ extend batery)
Reception:4.25(no option to switch to analog)
Menu book:4.25
Overall, I am happy. It works better than motorola T720, and it's free after $50 rebate w/ Every-2 from Verizon.It wins over Motorola V710 on money and structural design, even speaker may less louder and screen size is smaller.

poor signal and sound quality


Nov 28, 2004 by surfcity

My mobile is my primary phone at my office, so reception/sound quality is a necessity for me - and that is why I rate this phone so low.

I experienced what several other posters have mentioned: a strange fluctuation in the signal strength: during a call it would go from 5 bars to 1, and sometimes the call would drop. I experienced this same issue with the vx 4500. This seems directly related to these LG phones, since a coworker has the same provider (Verizon), and does not have these issues with her Samsung.

none (IMO)

- signal/sound quality
- side buttons too easily activated when in pocket
- voice activation takes too many steps
- photo quality poor
- mediocre batter life (but about the same as others)

LG VX6100


Feb 17, 2005 by maximus2

Too many side buttons makes it a NIGHTMARE !!!



Oct 13, 2004 by gcluver426

I just got this phone today and i love it! When i got home i started to play a little with it and i couldn't stop. There are so many features. i was a little nervous because i made the decision of buying this phone so quickly. my sis had a spur of the moment urge to go get a new phone cuz her plan has been done for a long time. when she came back she had gotten this phone and she is really protective about her belongings so i didnt really get to take a look at it but i overheard all the cool things that she was playing with. i went to the mall with my sis that afternoon so she could get a leather case for her new cellpone. i asked when my plan ran out and they said that it ended at the starting of october. i was really excited and couldnt wait 2 pick a phone. i knida had already done my research and i had my heart set on the samsung a670 cuz of all the good reviews but the salesman let me take a look at this phone and i fell in luv with it instantly. this phone is definitely a definite buy!

Buggy software , Bad reception, Battery sucks!


Dec 6, 2004 by mobileguru

As someone who have tested vx6100's for 2 weeks, the only thing I can say is "CRAP!". For fringe areas, this thing constantly looks for signal by switching to analog and to no signal. I kept getting disconnected. Heck, my older moto phone work flawlessly compared to this plastic piece of junk. Plus what's all this bugs? low-batt charger bug, volume bug, etc... Sorry, but it's been offered (buy 1 get 3 free)really cheap by VZW for a reason, it's pure junk. Get a moto v265, it hold much better reception. It doesn't have the nicer camera and screen as this 6100 but at least you can make conversation and not worry about dropping calls.

Ok phone, several really annoying flaws


Jan 9, 2006 by jeffpjeffp

Have had this phone for 6 months on Verizon in the Bay Area... reception is generally good pretty much everywhere, though not as good as my old AT&T TDMA coverage (which is being dismantled, so much for that!)

The VX-6100 is capable enough, but I can't say I love this phone.

- it generally works when you need it to
- good basic feature set - pictures, txt, etc.
- solidly built

- it's visibly slow internally, esp. saving or opening photos, so it feels much like the several-years-old technology that it is.
- the vibrate is too strong, it's very intrusive in meetings or in quiet settings
- the side buttons are awful!!! They keep getting pressed, beeping and taking blank photos any time you move the phone around in your pocket etc. I'm tempted to just glue them fixed in place.

Very poor sound quality


Jan 5, 2006 by bucks4444

I upgraded from an LX 4400 to the LX 6100. The first phone I got had a constant low level static/hissing noise when I talked. When I was sitting in a quiet place, this obnoxious sound was overwhelming. Even people on the other end could hear it at times. Figuring I had a bad phone and trying another 6100 would correct the problem, I went back to the store and exchanged it.

No luck, I had the same trouble with added warbling of the sound which sounded somewhat like being under water.

Needless to say, I think they put their money into the camera and other bells and whistles but forgot that this is a phone, first and foremost.

I switched to an LX 4650 and really like it. It has a really good quality sound. If you want a phone thats a phone with good reception and sound go with it. Forget the LX 6100 camera phone.

Nice size, I don't like tiny phones
LCD screen was large with good quality
Voice recognition seemed OK but I didn't use it long enough to get a good feel.
Signal reception was as good as my LX 4400
Vibrate ringer was pretty strong

Sound quality is horrible
Camera quality was not very good, but I didn't buy it for that
Ringer not as loud as I would like

VX6100 the worst reception ever


Dec 16, 2005 by cliff11230

I am too lazy to write the review. But this time I would like other to here this.
I researched allot before choosing this phone: great features, mostly good reviews. So I bought 2 phone for me and my wife. I am in a general good area and tried several modes Mot and Samsung. Never had a reception problem except T-mobile 3year ago. From day one I was unable to use it at home as it drops the calls and has bad reception all the time. If it has only 2-3 bars it drops the call within 1-2 minutes. If it has 3-4 bars (you have to stand and the door or the window) you or other party can hardly hear, only if it has 5+ bars it works

Here is my pros/cons

pros: well design good size buttons etc. multiple numbers per name, fairly good voice recognition. Decent camera for that type. Good sound volume. good driving mode.

Cons: VERY UNRELIABLE RECEPTION. cannot train names (some phone can record the name and then recognize it) On high volume sound is distorted. bad battery life. with no usage have to recharge in 2.5 days otherwise every night.

So I am stuck for 2 year with this junk.

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