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lg 6100


Oct 31, 2004 by 6100 user

Please see:


It's going back. Sound quality subpar even with 6 bars of service; everyone sounds choppy. i'm in day 2 of my 15 day trial and i'm not putting up with this for 2 years. Add this to the power cord issue above and it's going back for the samsung a670.

I wish there weren't these flaws (oh and the camera is horrible too) or I'd keep it.

nice features but as a phone, it sucks!


Nov 24, 2004 by jco

phone has nice features - speakerphone, TFT screen, decent camera but that's about it - basically a nice toy. in my house, i consistently get dropped calls while my previous phone didn't. i spend more time saying 'can you hear me now' than talking.. it would literally switch from Digital to Analog to sometimes No Signal even if I'm standing in 1 spot. this probably caused my battery to drain really fast. side buttons are also easily pressed by accident. speakerphone sound is just so-so. volume bug annoys the heck out of me. nice lcd external display even w/out color - has all relevant info like date, time, signal, battery, caller-id. it's pretty user friendly - navigation is simple unlike the Samsungs...

bottom line - only a nice toy !

Do not buy


Nov 7, 2004 by mika20

Do not get this phone. It absolutely sucks. I've had it for about a week now and I couldnt be more pissed off. Sure, its a nice looking phone and has some cool features but if you care about the signal strength and call quality you will not be satisfied. This phone loses calls constantly - even when standing at the same spot in which I had full service a moment ago. And even when it can maintain a signal the call quality is horrible - 90% of the time the voice on the other end is muffled, and so you'll be saying "what?" quite often. And if thats not bad enough i've been hearing an echo of my voice on at least half the calls i've made so far. My advice - stay far away from this phone.

Pro's.....um....sorry, i dont really have any. oh, wait - the ringer is pretty loud.

Con's...i think i said enough

Bottom line - i'm almost starting to miss
T-mobile, and if only you knew how difficult this is for me to admit. (i know it's not verizon's fault - its the phone, which i'll be trading in for a samsung a670...)

Good Phone


Aug 12, 2005 by Quiksilver381935

I have had this phone for about 4 months now. I broke my first one very easy i dropped it when i was talking it out of my pocket and broke the front screen about a week later my phone got all wet although it still worked i got a new one from Verizon. Now me on my secound phone i toss it around have droped it 100 times on tile or cement and still looks good. One thing i would have not done with this phone is put a lens cover it gets very hard to move up and down after a while. Now me having this phone for a while i would have not got this one, But if your looking for a simple color screen camera Phone i think this phone is great extreamly easy to us. I dont think there is a easyer phone to us on the market today. i have mixed feelings on this phone but there are more good things then bad things. But if i were to pick a phone now i would pick the LG VX8000

Good Phone


Jul 3, 2005 by soo_xo_lauren

I have had my LG VX 6100 for about 8 months now and I absolutly am in LOVE with the phone. It is probably one of the ebst phones out there (in my opinion). The only flaw is, that I went to a local mall and bought a faceplate for it and ever since then the phone's outside speaker hasn't worked. On top of that, it blocks the flash. So I reccomend this phone to anyone looking for a fast loading, colorful, and great sized phone.

*(When the speaker did work)- has an amazing, clear, and loud speaker
*You DO NOT have to buy your ringtones!! This happens to be my favorite part. All you do is record your own songs under voice memo and you can use voices or songs as your ringers.
*Driving mode is great. I don't drive yet , but I like how it works
*Backround choices are great
*You can close the phone a mila-second after you send your text message and it will still send while showing you on the outside weather the message was sent or not
*The outside LCD (caller Id/time) can be seen ANYWHERE. It's great
*Can use camera while phone is closed
*color/camera quality are extremy good
*Vibrate is very noticable

*You can hear the vibrate! If I wanted a noise I would of put my ringer on.

That's it. Overall, a phone worth buying for a zillion dollars!!

Best Flip Out There-Go for it.


May 26, 2005 by machog

Without doubt this is the best basic flip phone out there. Logical menu, good screens, easy set up, good address book, camera works very well. Easy to text and send pics.

Clear sound, very little "digital" sound.

You won't be dissappointed with this phone.

It's alright not the best


Jan 23, 2005 by XxDennis11xX

The phone is an alright phone but if was supposed to be an update to the VX-6000 the front display is kinda boring it should have been like the 6000.
Nice size screen
Camera quility
Loud Ringers
Alright battery life
Good Recption

Volume bug
Not enough ringers
Not as compact as LG-6000
A Little pricy

great phone by lg


Jan 18, 2005 by manoabugo

I work in the cell phone industry and i have had about 10 different cell phones in 4 years and i have to say that the 6100 is a really good phone. i had a vx6000 and was pretty happy with it until i dropped it in the snow, verizon sent me this phone and the difference was great. i have had no dropped calls in the 2 weeks i have had it and i got the volume bug fixed so i have only a couple of complaints.

the driving mode is to complicated to use while driving


i dont know i missed a call until i go to make a call

otherwise it is a great phone and this is a great site. keep up the good work



Nov 1, 2004 by SRD

I have had my 6100 for about a week now and I'm pretty disappointed. Its a good phone but i find the speaker phone so so and the main reason I'm not happy with it is the reception. My house is a hard area for alot of cell phones because no cell towers are aloud in my town. but i just upgraded from the vx3200 which worked great in my house and my old vx10 but the 6100 cant hold a signal and breaks up and i find that words drop off in alot of other areas my 3200 never did. it kinda reminds me of the 4400's issues. so I'm still in search of the perfect cell phone all i want is a solid phone like the 6100 with the reception of a v710 which was the best Ive ever seen in my life but the phone sucked every other way. i guess ill just have to wait/

Don't Even Think About IT!


Jan 29, 2005 by Bedlam

Where do I start. I have actually had three of these phones. LG can't get this thing right. The first phone I bought couldn't even connect a call right. Every call after 2 minutes dropped like clock work. Not to mention there is a software bug that every time you answer the phone it is extremely loud you don't have any volume control.(A fix for this I found is to turn the speaker-phone on then back off when you answer the call.) So I returned my first LG 6100. The second phone received calls much better however the bug for the incoming calls was still there. One day when I was in the verizon store looking at some of the other phones they told me there was a software fix for the volume bug. They also told me it would take an hour to run the update so to come back. When I returned they told me that my phone shorted out and all my contacts, images, and voice-notes along with everything I had downloaded was lost. They gave me yet another new 6100 which had all of the same bugs as the first one. Needless to say I bought the Samsung 670a and it beats the crap out of the LG phone. I have had Motorola's in the past and never had the issues I did with the LG. My advise is to stay away from this thing.


- Cool Camera with very nice quality. Nice Cover for the lens too, but who buys a phone for its camera quality.
- The Speaker phone was a nice touch.

Too many to list.
Here's a few...Poor call quality. Buttons too sensitive on the side. If you put the phone in your pocket throughout the day all you do is hear it beeping.

Hope this helps Good Luck!

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