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Jun 2, 2006 by JohnnyBoy99

I had this phone for about a year. When I first got i liked it, but now, I HATE IT!!
The outside screen has a whole in it and the inside screen is all black and so i have 2 go through my phone book basiclly blind. oo and my #4 button works when it wants to.

Prod(very few)
-has speaker phone(but not crisp)
-able to turn vibrate on from the side keys

-antenna pokes out
-lens cover is stupid
-i have like 20 pic of black cause it takes pics of my pocket from the side keys
-cant record long(but can make ringtones)
-get it now is slow
-battery life stinks
-no color screen on the outside
-camera is fuzzy
-sound is low when you call some1 when the phone is on vibrate or silence
-no video
-flash is weak
-signal is bad(when im in my room)

This phone is good if u want a simple phone.
Me, i want a new phone every time one comes out. I'll be waitin for my VX-8300 2 come.

easy to use


May 6, 2006 by romanov

I originally had the lg5550 and liked that phone. I had no issues with the phone and it was very dependable. I was surprised that some were having problems and I was contacted by my cellular provider to upgrade my plan early with an option to a new phone. I took advantage of this offer because I have been wanting a camera phone. I upgraded to the motorolla v232 and hated it. The sound was terrible, everyone came through muffled and the battery wouldnt stay charged for nothing. I swapped that phone to a Nokia ( cant remember model) it was a great little phone with fantastic reception and I didnt have to charge the battery for 4 days. I might add I make alot of calls and recieve so this was fantastic. It had no camera but that was overly importanat to me. What I didnt like was it wasnt easy for me to use. I would dial a # and it would ask me if I wanted to save every number or do some phone tag thing( what is that sounded dumb to me). I found myself paying less attention to driving and all over the place trying to dial a freaking call. I hated that. I brought it back with big disappointment and than the lady sold me on the LG6100. all the features my LG5550 had and more. so here it is
pros: I was used to the phone from my original one so it was easy to use for me.
lights up well so you can see all the buttons
sleak design but still easy to use
I love the easy tip calculator and the world clock
camera works great
love the speaker phone always a plus with me
a great varity of ring tones
cons: I would like it a little smaller
battery life could last longer
doesnt always have great reception like the Nokia had ( but I still get more than I had with the lg 5550)
all in all I love this phone. It took a few tries to get there but I feel like I have made it and bonded with my phone. After all isnt a cell phone a mans best friend????

Water doesnt hurt...


Mar 28, 2006 by weezgirl19

I work with Cingular XBM and when you drop a phone it obviously stops working... right? well Verizon and Cingular have different software... so I dropped my LG outta my pocket and it landed in the gutter sat in water for about 3 mins. well it worked a good 7 months.. then it started dying.. it was one of the best phones i have ever had..

speaker phone
can make own ringtones
give eac person own ringtone for each thing..vmail, text, call..
lives thru WATER

too big
button on side always got pushed
sound went in and out whenever it wanted

other than that i loved my phone :)

this phone is not the best


Mar 19, 2006 by sbw123

this phone sucks in alot of ways....

PROS~ good sound quality and ring tones, the picture is really really good, and the flash is excellent, it also has very nice customizable letters and sounds

CONS~ no blue tooth!, the speaker phone sucks b/c when u hold the speaker button down and it turns the speaker on its like everybody in the world can hear it!! it is so freaking loud!, i would recommend you to by this phone only if its cheap, don't buy it if it costs alot b/c your just wasting your money. this phone stinks. the camera is VGA don't ever buy a VGA camera they suck! always buy a 1+ megapixel camera phone. i gave this one back and switched it for the samsung sch-a950, it is the BEST phone i have ever had! last word-- don't buy this phone if it is xpensive your wasting your money b/c it sucks!!!

Not very good. . .


Mar 14, 2006 by shay13

Okay, I have had this phone for little over a year now. It has been alright for me until the past 3 months. When I would charge my phone the time to fully charge it would take a shorter and shorter amount of time. Then my phone would stay on a shorter and shorter amount of time. Now my phone has no battery left what-so-ever and it will on turn on when I have it connected to the battery charger attached into the wall. If I take it out of the wall, it is totally done. What kind of cell phone is that when you cannot take it anywhere? Also, I know for a fact I am not the only one having these problems. Some of my friends and some of their friends who also have this phone also have poor batteries. I just cannot wait to get a different one soon.

If you want a phone you can take someplace with you, I would skip this phone.

SUCH a low Battery Life


Feb 23, 2006 by shyleshno1

First of all.. i LOVE this phone..BUT the problem with this is that the BATTERY runs out like..if you make 5 calls and each call is like..20 min. (fully charged), you only get on bar left on the battery.

But i gotta say.. the Reception is AWESOME, and the camera, call quality (besides the speaker but HEY if you find ANY phone that has a great speaker.. just let us know.) everything works amazing on this.

If you are a Big talker.. this phone is probably NOT for you, (you can tell i am a big talker cuz i cant stop typing).

Oh.. the good news about the battery is.. It charges REALLY fast (i think less than half an hour or something).

well i recomend that you buy a cradle.. with a extended battery.. THEN you will be ALL set.
Anyway.. Goodluck

Great Pone


Feb 15, 2006 by tommyleec

I have had this phone for a couple months now and it is the best cell phone I have owned. I previously owned the LG VX4400, so getting use to the VX6100's layout was very easy.

-Great reception
-Great feel
-Great battery life
-Good speaker phone
-Good size
-Great tri-mode ability
-Great outside display
-Nice camera lens cover (not sure why more cell phone companies don't do this)
-Easy to get to camera menu button on the outside and inside of phone. Allows instant one button quick access
-Vibration very strong

-Camera is ok (what you would expect for under 1MP)
-Display can be hard to read outside in bright sunlight, although the brightness can be adjusted in the menu to sort of help out
-Standard ringers aren't that great, but I have a data cable and upload my own to the phone (data cable very cheap on Ebay, don't buy from Cellular Companies)

Overall I am very pleased with the phone. It has performed just as I thought it would. It is a great, inexpensive cell phone with some nice added features.

worst phone ever


Jan 21, 2006 by Kfosmire

I am in sales in boston everyday I needed a phone to perform and this just did not cut it. I Dropped calls all day long and not to mention my battery couldn't hold a charge EVER!! I have returned it twice in 6 months and I am now purchasing Motorolla only. They just make phones better with good reception. So if you are looking at this phone I suggest you just keep on looking..

Bad call quality


Jan 21, 2006 by fred717

I had this phone for two days. I thought it was a piece of garbage. My wife had an LG vx10 a few years ago, and that phone was far better.

The 6100 dropped calls in many locations. Compared to my Moto v710, the 6100 worked about 50% as well as the v710. It dropped calls in areas where the v710 never even comes close to dropping a call. The phone also fades in and out during calls that are not dropped. The ear piece has no sound feedback like most other phones. This makes it difficult to judge your own voice volume when speaking.

This Phone is Really Nice


Dec 15, 2005 by yellowdog14

I live in Montana were other phones dont get service mine does and the sound is always good I have had it for about six months, I am hoping to upgrade to a 9800 soon or but this phone has a good camera, get it now is awsome and easy to use on this phone, Verizon is truly the best. Its also a great phone for middle schoolers and highschoolers.

Great Selection of Ringtones
Nice Camera
Good Vibrate
Loud Ringer
Big screen
Get it now is wonderful
LG is always a good brand

Slide over camera is practical but anoying to slide open everytime you want to take a pic.
Speaker isnt the best.
Could look cooler
Popularity (very common phone) not that big of deal though

Overall this phone is really cool and is very realiable, I have dropped it many times and it still works great I think its a wise choice if you are looking for a phone with good signal easy text picks and a really practiacl phone this is it!

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