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Great Upgrade From An LG 4400


May 27, 2005 by jhacker

I'm using the Motorola V710 with Verizon service in Peoria,IL. I was ready to upgrade my LG VX4400 after 2 years of use. I had my mind set on the LG 8000. However, once the Verizon salesman showed me the features on the V710, I fell in love with it. In the past I've avoided Motorola phones because I have not been impressed with their line over the past several years. The V710 is a definite turnaround though. I'm intrigued by some features like mp3 player, transflash, and video/audio capture. I even bought an FM radio/hands-free ear piece for $13 from an Ebay merchant. Now my phone entertains me while I walk around the house or neighborhood, and I can answer calls too. I'm not into Bluetooth yet, but the capability is there.

The phone is plenty loud enough for me. I work in a noisy factory and I'm still able to hear just fine. I have no problems with reception either. With the 4400, reception would fade as I walked around the house. The speakerphone is OK, but I haven't used it much yet. I did find what I believe to be a bug though. While typing a text message, I clicked 'OK' in a field to change it. The phone sent the message instead. Others complain of low battery life, but I believe it be adequate for my needs.

-Analog mode for rural areas
-Excellent reception
-Sturdy design
-Bluetooth capability
-Transflash to save pics and video for off-phone use. This also allows transfer of wallpaper from a computer to the transflash to use on the phone
-MP3 player

-Camera produces grainy picture in low-light situations
-Keys too small for big fingers
-mp3 player has few tweaks and the clamshell must be open to use it
-Inability to remove background from front display
-Money-hungry Verizon disables features so you have to pay for their services (SEEM edit gets features back)
-Different numbers for a contact show as multiple entries instead of one

I would definitely recommend the V710, especially for tech geeks like myself.

Best Phone I have owned


Apr 28, 2005 by sfclassic

I have owned quite a bit of phones this phone just blows all of them away. The bluetooth even though it is limited is still great. For those of you who bought this phone for the bluetooth and then realized that it was only limited, well too bad for you. You should have done your research. This phone is the most comftroable out of all my phone.

Preveious Phones ( All Verizon)
Motorola T720
Motorola V60s
Kyocera SE47
Keocera KX1 ( about 5 days )
Motorola V710

This phone is great. The battery life could be a little better. My old Kyocera Se47 the slider phoine had great battery life. Without the extended battery it would get around 4 hours of talk time i think that it is great. The Standby time was only 100 hours but if you go away you should bring a charger. NOw back to the V710. The camera is great. I mean for a PHONE!!!! 1.2 megapixels is pretty good. (The highest I have seen is 1.3) The phone is easy to navigate and sturdy. Speaker phone is loud and clear, the party on the other end can't even realize it unless i am very far aways from the phone. As far as games go I had tertris carried over from verizon. Now it is great the screen is big. I also download Mobile IM. Thank god for motos Itap Great Phone. Would recomend it to anyone.



Jun 17, 2005 by youngzee_73

I do like this phone, the BT is pretty impressive, leaving my phone up stairs while I am down stairs makings calls for better reception is always a good thing. I can not figure out if you can change the screen on the front. If you can change the back-round of the front screen please contact me with directions.

fabulous phone


Jun 2, 2005 by JDonley

My wife and I both got the V710s free from Verizon. That is, free after $50 rebate from Verizon. Our previous phones were Motorola StarTacs, which I thought were the greatest cell phones ever. We live in Central Montana way out in the country and there are plenty of areas where it is impossible to make and receive calls. Have been using these phones for several weeks now and they are worthy successors to the StarTac.

excellent reception
volume is very good
main screen is beautiful
I like the size...some people think its too big
camera is o.k., not great
battery life is very adequate

keyboard is a little small for my large hands
bluetooth is crippled by Verizon
case is very slick...easy to drop (unlike StarTac), though I haven't dropped it yet

Overall, this is a very good phone and I have not begun to try out all the features. It does exactly what I want a cell phone to do....make and receive calls. I am a Motorola fan, as my family has been using Motorola communication products since the early 1950's. Motorola dropped the ball for awhile in the past few years, but I think they are back in the game now. The V710 is proof that they are trying to win back market share.

Very satisfied...great upgrade from an LG VX-6100.


May 31, 2005 by DHB

Have had the phone for a little over a week now. I upgraded from an LG VX-6100 which wasn't good enough to meet my needs. I have been using all of the V710's freatures including bluetooth and here are my impressions.
*I am very impressed with the accuracy of it's voice command/voice dialing.

*The speaker phone is loud and clear.

*Bluetooth interface with a Jabra 250 handsfree headset was flawless.

*Using the phone as a bluetooth modem for my iPaq hand held computer works great.

*Ability to load contacts, calendar, and inbox items to and from Outlook using either Quicklink or Mobile Action Handset Mgr software and a USB cable has been flawless.

*Ability to use the phone as a modem via the USB cable has also worked great.

*MP3 player works very well but you have to be careful to not format the MP3's with too high of a bitrate and you need to keep the file name/path fairly short or the player wont see the files.

*Transflash card works very well and allows you store a lot of images and mp3's. It also allows you to transfer them between the card and phone memory.

*Camera is very poor if lighting is not fairly bright.

*Vibrate feature is fairly weak.

Hope this helps!

Overall Very Nice Phone


May 22, 2005 by andrewhagle

I like the large screen and large front screen of the V710. The one thing that I do not like about it is the soft beep when the headset is connected. When a headset is conneceted either Bluetooth or wired, the phone makes a soft beeping in the headset and there is no way to override it. The V710 has good reception even in analog mode. I would like to see a lens cover for the . I would like to see a way to override the headset beep. Every other phone has had a normal ring or vibrate depending on what the phone is set to. Also, sometimes I tend to bump the camera button on the side of the phone when it's in my pocket. Overall, I would say that the strengths outweigh the flaws.



Apr 22, 2005 by jazzyrick

I just switched from an Audiovox 9500:


Great screen
Loud Ringers if you need them
voice memos
side buttons aren't easily pressed on accident
very configurable hot keys/menus
MP3 player(extra memory is pretty much required though)
Decent camera(remember it's a phone)
great speaker phone

vibrate mode isn't too strong

I liked the 9500...it had it's drawbacks...like battery life, and ringers were a bit quiet even at loudest setting.

Battery life will likely be a problem here to with the many features/huge screen.

Also I've seen complaints here about the actual size of this phone. if you want a huge screen the phone is going to be relatively big, but it is actually slightly shorter than my 9500, which is completely acceptable to me, because I wanted the features.

Only weak vibrate mode, and likely short-ish battery life with the standard battery keep this phone from getting a 5 from me.

Very Good Phone


Apr 3, 2005 by DeltaDart

-I've had this phone for a week now and it operates very well--got it for $49 from Amazon after $150 rebate
-I have Verizon and have not been out of the Digital coverage in the VA/DC/MD area or anywhere in Denver so I can't comment on the analog quality
-The battery seems to operate the phone as advertised: I'm getting 4 or 5 days standby, more than 2 hours talk time (analog might not do as well). I fully charged it and then fully drained it and charged it again prior to use.
-Extending the antenna does not seem to increase signal strength--molding the antenna into the case would have made it easier to carry in a pocket.
--I've dropped my Nokia 8260 a number of times with no damage--this phone (and most other clamshells I looked at) will not hold up to that amount of damage.
- Outstanding speaker phone
- Excellent call quality
- Excellent coverage
- Great color screen
- Good features
- Good build quality
- Disabled Bluetooth (Verizon)--hacks on the web
- Camera needs good light--does not seem like a mega-pixel resolution
- A little larger that I would have liked
- LCD screens appear like they will scratch easily--get a case that protects the outer screen or use LCD film
- I do not believe it will handle a lot of abuse
-Overall: I would recommend this phone.



Jun 15, 2005 by wglover

Ok I got the phone for free with the New Every two with Verizon. My other choice was the LGVx7000. Well I must say this phone is not bad at all. It is not the best phone overall, but for call reception it is excellent. I haven't dropped a call yet in places my old LG4500 would drop in a heartbeat. Although I haven't tried it yet I do like the fact that you can get a memory card for it to store songs and pictures. The battery life is not to bad when charged fully, but once it gets to that second bar it drops fast.

1.Great Call reception
2.expandable memory slot for music and pics
3.bluetooth capability
4.Good bright screen
5.Speakerphone is great

1.Once the battery gets to the second bar it drops fast.
2.the camera takes ok pic in the day but horrible at night.
3.bluetooth is limited to just headset unless you open it up through verizon.

Overall it is a good phone, it didnt really bother me about that camera phone taking the pics until i was somewhere and everyone else was using there camera phone and there pics were so much better than mine LOL. But as for excellent reception get this phone



Dec 27, 2004 by sportsnut

I am completely tired of all of the negative reviews this phone got. I held off for the longest time because of that. This phone is not a toy and not for kids. I'm in sales and on the road all day. This is a phone for business. I've had Audiovox, Sampsung, Star Tac and yes the kids toy LG. This phone has the best reception I've ever had including the Star Tac that I thought was the best. The phone book is highly sophisticated and user friendly. The speakerphone is the best I've had and the voice dialing is fantastic. You need to learn this phone. Change the default settings and customize it. And yes if you change the settings when using the camera it also works fine. Go to the 640 setting and it works good in the house. You must understand that this is a phone, not a camera. The screen is large and advanced and works great with the web. The transflash card is fantastic for getting pictures back and forth to the computer without paying Verizon. The MP3 player works great and yes you can get different ringtones if that's what you want. I've heard people complaing about this phone locking up but if you scroll a little slower this won't happen. It has to catch up. It's almost like a computer. I've heard that the screen scratches, well just get a leather case like I did. I've heard over and over about the battery. Just get the extra capacity one and it will be fine. I've heard a lot of really stupid reviews about this phone and it's because they don't want to take the time to learn it or they just want a camera and some music. This phone is not for kids or morons. If you're a professional and want a phone that is going to give you GREAT RECEPTION with a tremendous amount of extras then this is the one for you. But learn it and READ THE MANUAL AND WATCH THE CD. Thank you Motorola for finally coming back with a GREAT phone. It's been a long time.

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