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V710 powers over LG, Samsung, Audiovox....


Apr 4, 2005 by natureskid

This is by far the first phone I've owned that receives signal within my large building at the N.I.H. in Bethesda,Md. The pros , include large inside screen, relative light weight and ease of use. The bluetooth works flawlessly with HS810 headset. I use a 256mb Transflash card, which holds enough mp3's to satisfy most any user and it can read 16kbps which allows full length old time radio shows to be heard.
I am not real happy with the camera, but then that's why I have a 5 mp digital camera, but
for documentation and quick reference shots, the V710 is just adequate.
For under $300 , this phone delivers the goods. Both ringtones and graphics can be uploaded to the phone via the Transflash card, so one doesn’t need to invest in a cable unless you need to use the phone as a modem. Since the Transflash cards come with an SD adapter , it is easy to upload mp3’s and jpegs to the phone for use with customizing Contacts. I agree with the other reviewers that point out that the front display cannot really be customized, other than a change of color. But there is enough features here to make this one darn good all around phone.

#1 phone in my book


Apr 1, 2005 by wff31

I have own several phones Kyocera and Motorola and Lg this by far is the best phone I have ever owned. I was waiting to buy this phone due to the price, but I am glad I got it. The reception is better than my kyocera slider which was the best. I have not been anywhere that the phone has not worked. As far as the camera that is about the only downfall I see. The picture quality is not the best. I have Alltel and the blue tooth works great and the voice dial is the bomb. You don't have to pre record your voice it works with any voice. The big screen is the best too, you can actually see what is going on. I am very glad the I got this phone even if it was the most expensive phone I have ever owned.

The V710 true report


Jun 3, 2005 by tqcell

I have been in the wireless industry long enough to state a good opinion on a phone. The V710 has a very impressive speaker phone, im big on that and its works really well. The bluetooth headset I own works very well with it as the compatability is very nice. For having a 1+ megapixel as a camera, I wasnt impressed as much as I thought I was gonna be. But it does the job.

Of course, just like any other motorola, the charging port is rediculous. How motorola doesnt change this blows my mind. The battery life is less then impressive, but with all that technology in the phone, you cant blame it. The extended battery is a must if you are a heavy user or is on the road such as myself. Overall I gave a rating of 4 because it is a good solid phone and I would recommend it if someone is looking for those kind of features.

Good deal


Jun 2, 2005 by Menolos

I purchased mine when they first came out and was surprised on how good the reception was. It has an awesome speaker phone and the blue tooth makes driving easy. The memory card is an added bonus. The only problem I had with the whole package is the battery life. But what can you expect with a phone with 2 large color screens?

V710, a great phone


Apr 29, 2005 by Tquick

I've owned a couple of different pohones over the course of the last five years or so. The Motorola V710 is by far the best of them. I read a lot of negative reviews, and was a bit nervous about getting the phone, which is why I am taking the time to write this positive review.

The camera is decent (It IS a PHONE, not a camera), although it doesn't do as well in low light as my wifes Samsung, but pictures taken in bright indoor light, or outside are fine.

The MP3 player works perfectly fine (again, this is a phone, not an MP3 player) if you don't expect more of it than it should be capable of.

Phone reception is about the best I've had in any of my phones so far, and a HUGE improvement over the LG VX4500 that Insurion stuck me with when my Audiovox died on me.

The battery life seems perfectly fine to me considering all the features on the phone. The included 10 MB of memory seems to be plenty enough to store pictures, and MP3's for individual caller ID's.

As for the Trans Flash transfers being disabled, well we all know that if you look around on the net a bit it is easy enough to find out how to re-enable that feature.


Great Phone Reception
Good Camera
MP3 Player
Expandable Memory
Awesome Big Bright Screen


Vibrate mode is a bit weak, not a big problem, but it could be better.

Transferring MP3's from the trans-flash card is disabled, but there is a work around, and it isn't terribly hard to implement, so this is a minor thing too.

All in all, this is an awesome phone, and deserves serious consideration, and especially now that Verizon is basically giving it away with a two year contract. Don't be scared away by the negative reviews. The phone isn't as huge as some claim, nor is the battery life horrible, unless you are on the phone non stop. This is a great phone!

Great Phone - Nice Features


Apr 15, 2005 by ridavid81

Overall this is a great phone with a LOT of features. Who cares if the bluetooth is limited. You want to transfer photos then I hear Sony has some great digital cameras so stop trying to make your cell phone a primary camera to use in life cause it aint gonna happen.

Blue tooth works excellent for the headset which is all a business professional needs. They dont need toys, camera's, and games on a cell phone.

The phone is clear, great screens, solid built like many motorola models and has a decent battery life. I use this phone with Verizon and get signal everywhere I go in the US.

I cant complain about the price of this phone since I got it free through amazon.com.

I would recommend this phone to new Verizon Subscribers who are looking for a professional no nonsense phone. This phone does what it needs to do and you should pick motorola over samsung anyday.


Motorola v710 is Superior!


Apr 2, 2005 by VZWHottie

The V710 is one of the BEST Phones on the marker today...hands down!

1. Hudge, bright beautiful screen...one of the best of any cell phones.
2. Bluetooth technology is limited...but the trans flash memory card can take care of that...just transfer through the memory card for mp3's.
3. The camera and video are built well for a camera phone, come on now!
4. You can customize just about everything you want on this phone....much more so than ANY LG, Samsung or Audiovox...you just need to read the manual and learn how to use your phone...it's not going to do it for you!
5. The reception is outstanding....I have never dropped a call to date, and I always have bars...even in weak coverage area's.
6. MP3 player can be used while phone is closed!
7. Bluetooth is awsome, I have the 850 from moto and it is wonderful...you can leave your phone charging and still talk on the phone;)
8. Speaker phone works well too!


1. Camera could be a bit brighter....but whatever!
2. Bluetooth could have the OBEX file but whatever....how much music can you have on your phone...get an MP3 player!
3. Front LCD could be more customizable...but whatever!

This is a high quality phone...the industry just wasn't ready for this phone...it does soooooooooooooooo much more than any other Verizon Wirless phone does...people just don't know how to handle it....It is an amazing phone with almost every option under the sun, Way to go Moto and Verizon!

Motorola is Amazing


Mar 29, 2005 by okchico

This phone is amazing. It is built to do many things. Bluetooth wireless, megapixel imaging and video. Handsfree speakerphone, product information management, PC sync so you can connect your phone to a computer and synchronise information, and it works reasonably as a modem (115Kbps). Oh yeah, by the way it is a phone too.
The battery life could be better I guess.
The only complaint I have is that Verizon is my carrier and they hi-jacked this phone and keep limiting its capabilities by locking out applications. The applications Verizon locks out can be accessed of course by paying verizon more money... go figure.

I love my V710!!!


Mar 29, 2005 by Vanessa0807

I love my phone, I agree with some reviews that this phone is not a toy...and you do got to learn how to use it. It has so many extras and if you don't learn them, then the phone is actually useless for you.
memory card slot for mp3's pics etc etc
camera is very good
video capture is very good
speaker phone is very good
could customize the phone how u like it
soft keys on side make it easy to access speaker,camera,and change ringer settings

can't customize front display to any pic
key pad light little weak otherwise EXCELLENT PHONE!!!



Nov 19, 2005 by Sypder

I have had this phone for a year. The other day I was working outside in the middle of winter, snow on the ground and everything. My sump pump froze and I had to clear it out because my basement sits right above the water line. Long story short my phone fell out of my side pocket on my pants and I didn't notice. After I cleared the ice out of the outlet to my sump I ran the excess water that was building up out. Little did I know that the phone was laying right where the water was coming out and was soaked, not once but twice. I went to bed and when I awoke I couldn't find my phone. I went to the last place I have been and found it under the outlet and frozen. The water seeped inside and frost was on the outside of the phone. I took it to work and then took it apart. Dried all the parts and left it air dry all day. I put the phone back together and on the first try it came back up and works just like it did before which was excellent. Hopefully when I trade in next year Motorola has something comparable to this great phone.

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