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Excellent Phone!!


Mar 26, 2005 by dragon1825

This review is in to response to what one consumer said about the mp3 feature not working when the phones is closed. The mp3 player does work when the phone is closed. I don't know if motorola had released newer versions on the v710 to verizon or what, but the phone i have does play mp3 songs while the phone is closed. simply go the menu options, go to media gallery, select sounds, select your song, play it, then press the soft key below the word hide, then press clear button to go back to the main screen, close your phone and there you are. mp3 while your phone is closed. overall i think the phone is great! many great features!

This Phone Has it all


Mar 19, 2005 by racerchick37

This phone has it all!!!! It will impress all of your friends. It also has the latest easyedge stuff and blue tooth is way cool. The camera is very good too. Also the phone connects very quickly and has a slot for a memory card

Quite simply a great phone!


Mar 2, 2005 by winnisailor

So many bad reviews of the V710, on this forum, compelled me to write. I've owned various cell phones for over a decade (I've had my same mobile phone number since '93). Having owned a bag phone, a Qualcomm brick, a pre-StarTac Moto "flip" phone, a StarTac (which I loved), a Moto T730, and a trial of a Moto V265 (which is a phone that deserves a bad review) - I can honestly say that the Moto V710 is the best cell phone I've ever owned. As for the Bluetooth, Verizon never advertised that the Bluetooth on this phone is "fully functional," so stop complaining. It works with a Bluetooth headset and/or car kit, and works perfectly with the intended accessories.

Buy a V710without hesitation. But, as several reviewers have said, "Learn to use it." It's a great phone for business.


- Great reception
- Powerful, easy-to-navigate phone book (disable the "photo ID" feature)
- Flexible set up - you can fully customize the home screen (I've included icons for calendar and bluetooth)
- Bright, clear TFT display
- ObeyMoto is the best voice dialing software on the market
- Bluetooth accessories work perfectly
- Acceptable battery life. I get 2-3 days standby, including reasonable talk time [When you're not using Bluetooth, turn it off - this will greatly increase battery life.]


- There is NO way to delete Moto's pre-loaded Media Gallery "Picture" images
- As with any "camera" phone, if you want a digital camera, buy a digital camera. However, the V710 takes acceptable snap shots.

NOTE...Be sure to buy a post-recall version of this phone. There were problems with earlier releases, biggest of which was a tilted camera image.

Good Solid Phone


Feb 26, 2005 by evilbstrd666

This is a phone you either love or love to hate.

Those who like this phone, understand that technology generally isn't 100% perfect. This phone isn't perfect either. It is good, has LOTS of features, but has some drawbacks.

Those who hate it do not understand that having all this in a phone requires more power than any standard phone, meaning reduced battery life.

I also recommend that if you are looking for a 1.2 megapixel camera to buy an actual digital camera - this camera is ok, but it is no replacement for a regular digital camera. It is too dim in some situations, causing frustration.

The MP3 player is clear and crisp, even over the speakerphone. And with a 128MB TransFlash card, you have a reasonable amount of storage for music.

The one feature that pushes this phone over the top is Bluetooth. I own a HS820 headset (retail $79) and it simply works awesome! When at home, leave the phone on the charger and talk on the headset. When in the car, there is no headset wire to get caught up on. And, the mic in the headset cancels noise better than the one in the phone.

So, if you can live with the glitches, this is a nice phone. Make sure the software is up to date.

-Only Verizon phone to currently have on-board bluetooth

-Memory card slot allows you to transfer MP3s, pictures and movies on and off the phone without using extra carrier service

-1.2 megapixel camera for stills and video

-Good reception

-Good speaker-phone

-Bluetooth is limited to headsets only (Verizon software limits this. Extremely difficult if not impossible to bypass this)

-Camera is rather dark, and flash does nothing to resolve this.

-Early quality control issues. Seems to be resolved in later models

-Only can get stereo MP3 sound out of Motorola wired headset. No MP3 sound from Bluetooth headset.

-Battery life is disappointing to those who constantly play with their phones.

Great phone with a couple of problems


Apr 6, 2005 by vipers1999

This is a great phone minus a few shortcomings ....


- Good looking phone
- Great Speaker Phone
- Great Reception
- Lots of features
- Memory expansion
- Decent battery life
- Excellent camera in perfect lighting
- Voice Reconizition
- Mp3 Player


- Horrible camera indoors
- Bugs such as voice logs randomly erased
- Crippled Bluetooth
- Annoying battery beep noise when its low

Excellent Reception and Features


May 18, 2005 by SilverIS

I got two Motorola V710 phones for free from Verizon Wireless (via the New Every Two deal). I initially went with the LG6100 but I didn't like the side buttons - they were big and not stiff enough so every time I answered a call I was pressing them. Also, the reception was only average. So I swapped it for the V710s - good move on my part!

The most important feature for us was the quality of the reception and this phone delivers. Good design and good components. Often reviews say this phone has great reception but we do not know whether it is relative to other service providers or other phones. In our case, we compared it to our previous LG 4400 and 6100 phones, all using Verizon Wireless service. We noticed that it can dial/receive calls in areas that the LG phones could not.

Let me share two experiences. 1) At the Ohio State's 12th Avenue Garage, with the LG 6100. we would get dropouts during conversations made at the bottom two floors on the garage. With the Motorola V710, we did not experience this. 2) In the hallway connecting OSU's Rhodes Hall to the new heart hospital (south of the Means Hall corridor), I could not get service with my LG 4400. However, I was able to make calls with my V710.

For those of you in Columbus Ohio, please feel free to attempt to duplicate my tests to either support or refute my experiences. Because of changing conditions, your results may not match but hopefully a trend will emerge. Every scientist knows that reproducible results are key in proving a claim.

Excellent reception
Side buttons not easily pressed (like on LG phones)
Long retractable antenna (many phones do not have this or they are short - not good especially in the 850 (cellular) band)
Lots of features

Funky key layout
Every address book entry has to be assigned a speed dial number (from 1-500)

BTW, I work for a telecom equipment company (but not Motorola) so I have some knowledge in Wireless and RF.

Cellman on V710


Apr 17, 2005 by NDCellman

I have been selling wireless service and have a retail store for 7 years. I have personally used almost every phone that comes out. I usually change every 4-6 mos. The V710 is the best phone I have ever used. Great call quality, great features, and I personally like the size. I am on my second one, as I have not found another one that compares for my use. The bluetooth headset is great. Since I am not a one who needs the rest of the bluetooth features, it doesn't matter that the rest of the features are disabled. Using the VZW Mobile Office Kit allows you to seamlessly connect to the internet if you want too, and also has a great phone book manager. I recommend and sell a lot of this phone, and have not had an unhappy customer yet.

US Cellular and V710 Awesome combo


May 31, 2005 by jffranco5777

If you got this phone thru US Cellular than your really going to enjoy it. Unlike Verizon, USC didn't cripple the phones BT capabilities. I live in the Chicago land area and reception with my 710 is great! Utilizing Mobile Phone Tools 2.0 you can add ringtones, wallpapers, and videos to your phone. With the optional transflash card from sandisk you have more memory than you`ll probably ever need. The voice recognition software works near flawlessly, and using my jabra bt250 earpiece is excellent for when I`m driving, especially with cellphone laws going into effect in the Chicago area. The camera cape is avg. but decent, videos are great, and you CAN use the mp3 player with the cover closed. All in all a great phone and with US Cellular a great network!

Great Features


May 14, 2005 by oyamat

The reason I decided with the V710 is because of its features. Verizon has other phones that have some of these features but the V710 has them all. The V710 features are:

- Bluetooth capable (haven’t tried it yet)
- Speaker Phone (loud enough)
- 1.2 Megapixel camera (it’s OK, but what do you expect it’s a phone)
- Camera flash (Not bright enough, can be used as a flashlight)
- Upgradeable memory (transflash card) (to me this is a BIG plus)
- MP3 player (again another BIG plus, but the phone has to be open to play)
- Video player (only plays AVI movies)
- External volume buttons
- You can take a picture with the phone closed
- Changeable faceplates
- Bright internal screen

Great phone with few cons:

- No IR port
- “OK” button is very sensitive
- Numbers not bright enough
- External screen not very good (but at least it’s in color)
- I think can’t of anything else that I don’t like

Overall great phone but I wish Verizon phones would come with IR ports. That way you could beam pictures to your PC. Just another way Verizon tries to make money off of you by having you buy a data cable.

Great phone even better if you hack it


Apr 28, 2005 by jonohana

I've done a lot of research and chose this phone about 2 weeks ago when the price dropped by $150. With my "new every two" it was free.

This phone would get a higher rating if Verizon did not disable so many functions. (This can be fixed by doing a simple SEEM edit. Go to www.inetron.com and check the V710 forum for instructions). After making this change I would rate the phone 4.5. As is without the change a 3.5 so my average rating is 4.0.

Previously I had an LG VX4400. I live in an area with poor reception and most times my LG would not get a signal at home. The V710 does get a signal, usually 1-2 bars but it's good enough that it works! A big plus.

Now with the SEEM change I can use the Bluetooth to connect to my laptop and PDA. I can transfer files from my transflash card to the phone to use as ringtones. With a small change to Motorola Phone Tools (change modem driver from V710 to V710m) I can use the multimedia studio to import/export photos, videos, and ringtones.


Beautiful display
Excellent reception
Best voice dialing I've ever had
Loud and clear speakerphone
MP3 player is good (get the Motorola stereo headphones)
Trimode phone so receives analog in fringe areas
Transflash card can hold 256MB (prices have come down to $33 for this card...see Amazon.com)


Verizon disables many functions as received (get a data cable and do the SEEM change, it's easy!)
Camera is only OK for resolution
Battery life is just OK...much better with extended battery

I am very happy with this phone after making the SEEM change so I can do all the things this phone was intended to do. I am not happy with Verizon because of their constant quest to find ways to wring more money out of us poor subscribers.

It's ridiculous that the phone requires you to use Verizons PIX service to get your photos off of the phone or that you can't import your own ringtones if you leave the phone the way Verizon supplies it to you.

Get the phone and do the SEEM edit! ;)

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