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Awsome Phone


Jul 14, 2006 by pushpinder

This is the best phone I have ever seen and had! I love this phone, it has great connection, great color, and is the best!

-great color
-great connection
-nice big LCD screen
-nice camera
-a-hell-alot of features(ex.with telus you can get T.V)
-an awsome phone with good price

there is only one thing wrong and it is that the phones light is not the helpful, but except for that the phone is great!


Best Moto Phone Offered!


May 20, 2006 by Beemer13

I had bought this phone about 4 months ago and have loved it since. Battery lasts long enough. Great overall phone, highly recommended.

*Sleek, stylish
*Large external display
*Large internal display
*Keys are nicely arranged and big enough
*Camera is nice center position on phone

*Kind of a thick phone, not very slim (as razor)
*The end/power off key is right by the clear key, so when text messaging you may hit that accidentally instead of clear and have to type it all again
*The external display has many small scratches across a strip above the camera. Its just in that area. Any phone can scratch though and depends on how you handle it.


*Great call clarity, best I've had. I am in the Midwest region.
*Seems to eliminate the other person's background noises so all you hear is them

Cons: None that I can think of


Phone Features
*Video Capture
*Nice layed out menu categories
*Alot of customizing options (colors: moto, silver, midnight, jade, tangy, solar)
*Alot of backgrounds to choose from and screen savers
*Great security. You can lock any feature, categories, or subcategories on your phone so only you can get into it and not anyone else (security code protection)
*iTap for text messaging is easier and faster than T9. It lists many different word s and predicts what you are going to say, allowing you to scroll through choices also if you don't want to continue spelling.
*Ring styles are good (loud, soft, vibrate, vibe and ring, silent)
*You can have extra space by putting a memory card into your phone, nice thing i have one
*MP3 player, put all the songs you want (or can hold)
*Bluetooth capable
*Has a data cable for data transfers to your computer

*It has reminders so if you have a missed call/new text message and you haven't checked it yet, it will beep and/or vibrate in about 2 minute intervals until you check it. This is very annoying in most situations. Not sure how or even if you can turn it off or not.

best phone ever!


Apr 17, 2006 by motoman92

i just upgraded to the v710 from the v262, this is by far the best phone ive ever owned the reception is GREAT along with everything else about it.



Feb 23, 2006 by bsballdude27

I got this phone to replace my LG VX6100 and I by far like this phone better!!!! It has video which my LG didn't have. And a outer color screen which the LG didnt have. And a bigger inner screen and the color is very crisp. Very Loud Speaker. Over all I love my new phone!!!!!!!!

Pros: Nice Ringers
Huge Screen
Huge Color Outer Screen
Great Service
A antanna for better service
Long lasting battery
Powerful speaker

Cons: Some times charger is a little tuchy.........

Unbelieveable PCS, If you want a phone that has it all, pick this up now!


Jan 21, 2006 by Dan32bit

I just bought this phone yesterday from a Telus Mobility outlet in a mall, I had been looking at it for a while and decided that I liked it. It shocked me with the amount of features this thing has!


1.3 MP camera with light (4x digital zoom)

Video Recording up to 3 minutes

Unbelievable speaker quality

Flawless Reception

Acceptable Battery life (Standby - 150 hours)

64 tone Polyphonic ring-tones

10 MB built in shared Flash memory

Expandable mircoSD memory slot, can be used as an MP3 Player

Huge TFT LCD display with 250k colors

Blue-tooth technology


Video recording isn't the best, but it keeps the file size small and at least it is there.

That's about it, not too much wrong with this phone, it is an unbelievable device. For a phone with all the "Bells and Whistles" this is definently a first choice.

If you can find one for cheap, go for it!


Dec 25, 2005 by jskrenes

I managed to snag this one as a free upgrade--it's being phased out as RadioShack moves to Sprint and Cingular. I'd have gone for the E815 but I need tri-mode where I live, and the new Nokia equivalent wasn't available yet.

It's an awesome phone for free, though I couldn't imagine paying the hundreds that some shelled out for this when it was brand new. A lot of people have been complaining about the limitations of its bluetooth, but having moved to this from a T720 (no MP3, bluetooth, speakerphone, or camera), I can do tons more than with any other phone.

Pros: MP3 playability, tri mode for rural areas, memory card slot, bluetooth, awesome reception.

Cons: pitiful battery life, buttons tend to scratch the screen, clunky mp3 player (difficult to play more than one song at a time), mediocre camera.

Must-haves with the phone: transflash card for MP3 playback and file transfer (you can use this to create your own ringtones), stereo headphones, bluetooth headset, and of course, a spare battery.

Love My Moto V710


Dec 3, 2005 by blthomas43

I have owned the v710 for about a year and i think this has to be the one of the best phones on the market. I have had motos for the past 6 years all have worked great on verizon wireless service. My first phone was the Startak then the V60i and know my latest moto the v710. This phone does everything great, except the camera. the reception is fantastic I have never lost a call while using this phone. Cu dos to verizion. The Motorola Hs850 bluetooth head set works great also. I have used the phones Mp3 feature with songs downloaded to the transflash card and they sound great even over the phones external speaker. I am thinking of purchasing the new Moto Razer V3c that verizon is about to release but I am very disappointed to see it wil be outfited with the same lousy inept user interface that all there EVDO phones are using. The Motorola UI is far superior and totally customizable. Because of this option on the new razor. and any future Motorola phones on the veizon network I my change to a different carrier, one that has the same phone with motorolas better UI. (Are you Listening Verizion) If any body knows of a way to change the UI back to Motorola's and still use the New phones on the verizon network let me know.

1 Great Reception
2 Large bright Screen
3 Fantastic User Interface
4 Totally Customizable
5 Great Speaker phone
6 Bluetooh works great
7 MP3 player
8 Totally Reliable

1 Camera weak (buy a real digital camera)
2 Battery life (buy the extended one great)
3 Can't delete preloaded photos

My advice go buy one or the E815 witch sill uses the Motorola UI (are you listening verizion wireless)

well, shoot...i like it!


Sep 21, 2005 by midnightmuse

bought this as a new customer with alltel. used to be a sprint customer (grrr...) but decided to switch and give someone else a try. this phone was one of not very many phones that alltel had on display but it cost the most so i assumed that the most expensive one they had was the best and newest. i hadnt done any research on this phone, i chose it because of that reason only. that being said...

sooo glad i did get it. i dont need the camera or the mp3 player or even the video mode (however that camera did come in handy in august when i had a car accident and the guy swore he didnt do it. he will be seeing me and my picfone pictures in court...)i just wanted a phone that didnt drop a call whenever i breathed too hard. so basically IF YOU WANT A GOOD PHONE WITH GREAT RECEPTION, THIS IS IT!!

i have dropped 7 calls in the past 6 months.
and if i remember correctly, most of those were during a storm or because my battery was dying. i drove thru the Chesapeake Bay tunnel. i had a full conversation on the phone the entire time. the last phone i had lasted about 30 feet into the tunnel.

all the other stuff, fun. i get good ringers, albeit expensive, alltel charges $2.99 per ringer. at least with other carriers you can find websites that give free ringers...but thats another gripe.

i dont use this phone for anything other than talking and texting. it does both of those beautifully. so to finish

PROS-big screen, clamshell design, nice speakerphone, voice dial in 2 languages (its tons of fun to play with that in spanish too), excellent reception, loud volume, at times too loud.

CONS- battery is ok at best, but i keep a car charger, camera is mediocre, but like i said, will do in a pinch. the accessories are expensive but thats not just motorolas fault, sooo...

all in all, i do love it. the best phone ive ever bought.



Jul 1, 2005 by otto1223

Pros: 1. The features on this phone are outstanding.

2. the camera, BT, email, reception, and overall design of the are exceptional.

3. The mp3 are loud and the quality is very good.
4. The voice activated dialing work very well especially when driving.

Cons: 1. the screen is some what hard to see in bright light.
2. Some of the numbers are unevenly lit.
3. The volume on the ear peice is some times a bit too soft.

This phone is great for some one how is on the move, loves features but isn't quite in the market for a pda. I have this phone through US Cellular. I love the Blue tooth and the camera works great. Would definitely recommend this phone to any one. Plus the reception for this particular region is fantastic. Good choose.

Motorola V710 Reception Unbelievable


Apr 2, 2005 by trusgar

I have read every review with regard to the V710. Having come from Nextel and then to Verizon was a move in the right direction. My first phone was the LG 7000. This was a good phone however the reception does not compare to the V710. I have been in the same locations with both phones and the V710 has never failed to have excellent reception. You must take the time to review the manual as to what this phone can and cannot achieve. If you are looking to play games don't buy a phone. Get a PS2. Some of the bad reviews are related to what the this phone or no other phone is capable of doing.If the MP3 is not favorable, get an Ipod. As far as I am concerned this phone is top of the line. Excellent reception, ease of use, bluetooth (works great), menus, etc. Someone had mention the light on the keypad.If you want it on all the time, leave the battery save feature "Off". With the save battery feature "On" a photo sensor will activate the light as it gets darker. The darker, the more the brightness of the keypad. Get this phone, you cannot go wrong.

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