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by far the worst ever


Jul 22, 2006 by rbrice

i have never owned a phone that i wanted to literally smash to pieces more than this junk. i was very disappointed with the phone in many aspect. it was my first flip-style phone.

+volume sufficient
+voice recognition excellent
+display good

-horrible reception
-awful battery life
-blue-tooth kills the battery
-internal mechanisms (microchips) failed with US Cellular and phone replaced 3 times.
-voice dial sometimes restarted (annoying!)
-camera is trash

i didn't know a phone could be so bad. i was very disappointed in this phone and wouldn't even sell it for parts. In fact, when I replace it, i am going to hit it many times with a hammer (i will wear safety goggles)

don't trust motorola!


Jul 18, 2006 by i_luv_mi_cellphone

well i had 2 LG phones that i loved but then i got this motorola v10...worst decision ever made! it's a cute phone and everything, but poor quality, just like all motorola phones. this is the second one ive had in the past 2 months, so i'm going back to my last LG phone

-cute phone
-video(15 secs only)
-big screens

-picture and video quality is bad
-it doesn't always ring and when it does it isn't always the right ringer
-only holds 5 downloaded ringers(2 come on the phone, so really only 3)
-you can't set voice records as ringtones
-hard to type texts
-cuts off for no reason
-battery life is sooo bad, charges all night yet goes dead in 5 hrs
-oh and it very often quits anything i'm doing and says "no signal" when i have full signal, then a few seconds later it returns to full signal
-doesn't let me send texts alot
-doesn't let me call out alot
-light on phone for camera is completely useless
-can't use the light for videos
-the antenna doesn't stay down,the headphone and memory card covers don't stay down
-battery cover is a PAIN to take off
-gets scratches from opening it

so as you can see, this is not a good phone at all, and i wouldn't recommend anything from motorola, if your service has the option, definately check out LG, they are the best.

Great Phone, But Has Issues


Jun 27, 2006 by kasapearson

Great call quality, no dropped calls, bluetooth headset and PC interface works great. So all the positive things people have said in other reviews, I would concur.

However, this is the 2nd v710 I have had, due to quality issues. The first issue was a dysfunctional #6 on the keypad. It would either not work or it would multi-tap. I sent it in for repair (what a hassle) and when it came back it still had the exact same problem. My assumption is that the technician turned it on, tried it, observed no problem, and sent it back. I told US Cellular I was going to cancel my contract if they didn't replace the phone.

They replaced it with a brand new, out of the box v710! Now my problem is that the main screen freezes after the phone has been on for a few minutes. To get it to work, I have to turn it off and then back on. Then I will be able to use the phone for one call before it freezes again. Once again, US Cellular sent it in for repair (what a hassle). Three weeks later, I got my phone back. It worked great for about a week, and then the problem started recurring again.

I've had it. I travel too much to be bothered with the hassle of returning my phone every month. This is why I bought a Motorola. I had assumed it would be a reliable product. As soon as I can get out of my contract, I'm done with Motorola and US Cellular.

Buyer Beware!


Jun 16, 2006 by just want my phone 2 work

After the first three weeks, I found no redeeming qualities to the phone. Amazingly enough Verizon has a 15 day return policy..The phone does not hold a charge. The picture Quality is AWEFUL!, reception can be challenging as well.

My Company has a contract with Verizon Wireless and I purchased my phone through our corporate contact...BIG Mistake!
I have had to buy two new home charges and one new car charger for my phone. Oddly enough my old charges works just fine on my friends Motorola phones just not my V710 June of '05.
In addition, I have purchased two (not so inexpensive) batteries.

There is nothing I can do to keep my phone charged and in working order!

Verizon and Motorola's Customer Service are useless. When I call or write about my problems I get the run around (put on hold, transferred to different departments). I received no help, even from my Corporate Contact. I can only imagine how bad the Customer Service is when working entirely with a Verizon Wireless Store!!

If I can give any consumer advice...Save yourself your money, time and the aggravation, Do not purchase this phone!!!

Motorola V710


Apr 3, 2006 by Urczar

With the exception below, the is a really nice full featured phone


good ring tones
good speaker phone function
good external and internal screen resolution
good reception


charging port! I am on my 3rd V710 b/c the charging ports fail to make connection. This is not unqiue to the 710, but to all the Motorola phones and that makes no senses! This has happened on every model of Motorola phone I have had. I understand they are going to a USB charging port, but not sure if it is out yet

Very Low Quality,


Mar 2, 2006 by mckinlsm

Phone has very nice features and sounds good untill you use it a little bit. I mean I'm rough on my phones but never had soo much trouble with a phone. Within 4months I had broken the antenna off from just having it in my pocket. Not very sturdy case and cheap plastic. I went back to LG and bought the vx8100 with the same options and I know I can trust them.



Dec 28, 2005 by notk4100

I liked this phone when I bought it, back in May of 2005 ,Liked the Speakerphone,Camera, MP3Player, TRANS-FLASH memory. but now the phone is Crashing,Freezing,says the memory card is full when it isn't, I'm using the FIRST version, there is a new version that disables custom MP3 ring-tones longer that -30sec and bigger that 300k. I'm upgrading my phones software tomorrow, hope fully that will fix it all.

Camera Phone W/Removable Memory
Basic MP3 Player
(for now) SHORT custom MP3 Ring-tones
GREAT signal quality
Speaker Phone

CLITCHES (with first version software)
Keypad in center row too small
Won't VIB&RING at same time
(this may seem stupid to some)but,
COLOR screen, would rather have B&W screen so I wouldn't have to press button to see time.
NEW software disables Custom MP3 ring-tones longer that 30-40sec and file size no bigger than 300k.

But I guess in the long run it's better than nothing. just ,make a new version like the Motorola V360 just for CDMA instead.


Not worth the price


Dec 14, 2005 by ryche316

I left Nextel to come to verizon,what a mistake. You can't hear me now should be Verizon's jingle. I've had more dropped calls with them. The Motorola phones Verizon offers as compared to Nextel, are cheap to say the least. In the first 3 months I had to replace my V710- 3 times.The phone wouldn't save pics.Then the replacement would not charge.My girlfriend had to replace her V710 after 3 weeks.The outside LCD went blank.
Pro's....Memory card
Speaker phone
bluetooth headset
Con's....Phone software freezes alot.Battery life is terriable. They need to take lessons from Nokia. Camera takes bad pics when the flash is used or dim light conditions.Calls can not be made or answered with the flip closed.( Nextel Perk ).The recieved and dialed call list shows each call seperate even if it's the same person that was called several times.The phone clip included with the phone is very soft.Verizon disables too many phone features.When scrolling through pics, sometimes the pic comes up blank and the phone has to be rebooted. I'm having problems with weak signals. When I reboot the phone the signal becomes better.Phone freezes all the time when rebooting at the Verizon welcome screen.Why does Motorola insist to keep the 2 prong charger? I constantly have to play with the contacts to get the phone to charge.Motorola's i730 with Nextel has a much easier and reliable charger configuration.With todays technology why can't Motorola come out with a sleeker phone with some decent battery life?Thanks to Verizon, I can not switch to a differnt phone until my contract comes to an end, or pay the full price of another phone.I would keep away from this phone and Verizon. When my contract is over,they won't be able to hear me now because I'm leaving them.I personally feel that Verizon is over rated and could afford to offer better handsets.

Brought back this phone after a day


Feb 24, 2005 by guitar_guy

This phone is horrible. Brought this back after a day's use and got the 8000. Bluetooth is not fully supported and I did not want to go through all the aggrivation like everyone. Now, I am happy.

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