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Close to perfect, BUTTTTTTTTTTTT


Aug 23, 2004 by pterok

I really was stoked about getting this phone. The inner screen is AMAZING! I wanted to get this phone due to my old phone(A610) is being sold for a ridiculous price now($50)! I paid $225 for it not 6 mos ago and now anyone can get it dirt cheap! I am going to return the 710 for a couple reasons. 1st and foremost the BATTERY life is HORRIBLE! If you are a casual user, it might be fine. But I like to play with my phone alot and talk alot. The problem is there is NOT an extended battery that you can buy for it yet. 2nd, you cannot customize the outside display.(pretty stupid). 3rd The pictures SUCK SUCK SUCK!!! If I am gonna spend $425 Retail for a phone, shouldn't the camera work better than all NON Megapixel cameras? You would think so. I know it is not supposed to be bought for the pictures, but I am 1500 miles away from my family for the next 2 mos and was really looking forward to better pictures. Lastly, I cannot access alot of the sites I can with my A610(Yahoo Mail especially). Overall, a nice phone and if you can get it on the 2 yr contract price, not a bad deal. I am gonna wait for the Samsung A770.


Excellent inner display
Loud ringtones
Compact size
Moves swiftly thru the menu items(unlike the A610)


Battery life
Inability to access certain WAP sites
DOesn't display current time when on a call

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Solid phone, with a few kinks


Aug 20, 2004 by Dado

I have had this phone for a week now and am very happy with it. I upgraded from a V60. The sound quality is great (referring to the sound quality of calls not MP3s), and the reception is better than any other phone I've had. These two are the most important things to evaluate on a PHONE.

Sound quality.
The phonebook is an improvement.
Voice dialing is great.
Battery life is good even with the BT on all day.
Shortcuts are good.

Bluetooth only supports Handsfree and DUN profiles (Can you say update?)
When paired with a BT headset, the phone only rings in the headset.
The ringer profiles are confusing. I'm still not sure how that is supposed to work.
Doesn't have the cool colored "Situation" lights from the V600.
Can't change the outside display to a blank screen for easy reading.
The manual only gives the briefest description of a function. It give detailed descriptions of how to make a call but only the button titles for complicated things like bluetooth setups and ringer profiles.
Can't expand the size of the phonebook by expanding the memory.

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Aug 2, 2004 by Newv710User

What a shame, This is a great phone but they can't seem to get low light pictures right, I was hoping for so much more from this phone as a camera 1.2 mp and not right yet. Don't get me wrong in direct sunlight they are nice. Even printable. But they put a "flash" on this phone and dos not help low light pictures. Hopefully a Firm/software upgrade will make picture part better. Is is a "pre release from RS" so that might have something to do with it too?????? Might have to return and wait Till Verizon get's it out of "storage" and in the stores.

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Tristin's Wrong


Aug 30, 2004 by a.k.a. Ia

I have had this phone for two days. I got the Bluetooth headset with the phone. That's the main reason I chose this phone.

Anyway, I first have to correct Tristin. The categories can be edited. I've added plenty to the ones Motorola already provided. I admit that it's a tad difficult to figure out, but it is doable.

My main concern with this phone was the keypad. The sample at my local Verizon Wireless shop was pretty badly beat up, so the keypad was a mess. Luckily, mine's just fine. Especially with the speakerphone option and Bluetooth capability, I rarely have to use it.

Speaking of the Bluetooth feature (indirectly), the phone seriously needs to learn some English if it wants me to use the voice recognition. It's very bad.

Other than that, I love the phone. My friend sees me playing with the various features all the time. My only concerns are with the voice recognition and price. But I guess you get what you pay for, huh?

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Average Joe


Aug 16, 2004 by MEBloise

I live in San Jose, Ca. in a Mobile Home. The phone I'm replacing is a two year old Samsug. I have read all the reviews I could find and the features that the V700 phone had and I was impressed. I received the phones on Friday and they looked great. After about two and a half hours we finally got them activated. I had to go out side to get a signal so we could activate both of the phones. In the house there was no signal. Now under stand with both of the two year old Samsungs I got activated in the hose, two years ago and when I reactivated them after I returned the V700s. I'm Impressed with all the features of the phones but if I couldn't not get a signal in the house there is no reason to keep the phone. I will wait for the LG VX800.

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not worth buying


Oct 7, 2004 by bluecivicsi1

I've tested this phone for awhile. This phone has a slow reaction when you press the menu button or the list of names! The only great thing is the camera since its megapixel but thats about it. It has a wierd feeling when you flip the phone, like the feeling its about to break. battery doesnt seem to last that long. Also compare to the LG VX-7000 that phone gets better reception than this crap because when I compared it with a friend of mine this phone has like 1 or 2 blocks lower than the LG. From now on i prefer to buy an LG phone next time because I know "Motorola" can't be trusted any more. The only thing it's good for is nextel which is the walkietalkie speakerphone thing...

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Decent but not worth the money


Jan 2, 2005 by SchiezeKopf

I bought this phone at the end of August and loved it in the beginning but problems soon started. About a month after I got it the metal around the camera came off. Not too long after the charger started to only charge sometimes and constantly needed to be jiggled into place. Now it almost never charges when I want it to. The battery dies ridiculously fast when talking. Standby time is decent but that is pointless. Who needs a phone that they don’t talk on? I always have more signal than any of my friends with verizon and always have far less signal than any friends with Cingular. Even when I have full signal, however, my phone will often not connect. The extensive list of features is impressive but seems to be making the phone freeze up on occasion forcing me to take out the battery for it to work and sometimes it will even turn itself off. Every once in a while I will get a missed call without the phone ringing when I have full signal and sometimes it will just never get the missed call at all.
The phone has a great list of features and I love my Bluetooth headset and the voice activated dialing but overall, the price is way too high for a phone with so many problems.

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Love it


Nov 8, 2004 by michael5221

I love my new V-710 phone the only problem I have is the top of the phone is getting scracthed due to opening and closing the phone it seems to be hitting the the back of the phone. I have returned my first one and now ready to return my second one due to the scratches. It make the phone look bad. I have herd other people complain. Does anyone have any solution to my problem.

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Great Phone


Aug 1, 2004 by ceric20

Great Phone I love it Best Verizon Phone out there. Only bad thing i dont like is The battery life is bad. Make sure you get a spair cause mine is going dead alot!

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Aug 22, 2004 by FPTMARION

I HAD MY phone FOR 5 Days this phone is not worth the money to many problems also the lg 6000 is a much better phone,
i'm wait now for the release of the Lg 8000

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