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Feb 23, 2005 by budman

The V710 was overpriced for the quality it doesn't deliver. The keys are too easy to inadvertently hit and this causes lots of frustrating do-overs. I don't use the camera and wouldn't want to-- the photos are very dark and fuzzy even in a well lit room. The phone scratches easily and the sound quality is lame. The volume has to be turned down low or you hear a buzzing distortion noise.The phone has a rattling sound like some pieces are loose inside. I wish i kept my 3 year old V60!

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Drop outs were driving me crazy - Hello? You there?


Oct 12, 2004 by joliett

I loved this phone - it made all other phones into toys....EXCEPT I had two V710 and both kept dropping calls like crazy! I switched to an AUDIOVOX 9900 and I thought that phone was great until I missed returning two calls because the 9900 has no audible alert for missed calls if the caller doesnt leave a message! Oh well - all these new phones really suck - so I am back to my old STARTAC. I dropped it down a staircase and (of course) it landed on every single step - and the phone kept on working. Tri-mode and alerts for missed calls - and no dropouts like the new V710.

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Dreadful Quality


Jan 10, 2005 by ralph0722

I tested the V710 and im a Motorola fan....and im so ashamed of this product. Fist of all as soon u touch it and hold it u feel like ure holding a toy. The plastics are among the worst available. The keypad feels like falling apart. The flip needs assist to open/close. The camera is a disaster. UI is usual Motorola. The RF is excellent. I returned it and i got the V265 which is cheaper and has a smaller screen....but is far superior in construction and quality. The V265 feels strurdy and its been reliable so far. And CHEAPER!!! Forget the V710. Go with the V265. Its a better choice.

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Jul 6, 2008 by cdnavy

My contract is almost over, HOORAY!!!!

This phone was a major problem from day one. It was bought so it could be used when travelling in the States and for emergency reasons back home in Canada. I am not a big cell phone user.

From the start it never worked in the States, had to be taken in for repairs within the first month. The other problem was the battery it just never held a charge. I'm lucky if the battery holds a charge for 3 days, and this is with basically no use. I am on my 5th battery (3 yr period) and this phone has been taken in for repairs over and over again, even with purchasing extended warranty they would not exchange the phone or offer a different model.

I really could go on and on, but I'll leave it at this for now. Please save your self the headache and stay away from this phone

Also, if you live in British Columbia. STAY away from CellCity Communications in Metrotown Mall in Burnaby BC, 604-656-2322. The service is so incredibly bad (that it requires a review of its own).

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over hyped


Jan 29, 2007 by thedeadknight

If you are getting this phone because of the camera you have been misled. The camera needs to be shot in bright light..the flash is a joke. The mp3 player is decent but definetly could use some button functionality once the phone is closed.

Pros: Pretty durable phone..its no sanyo but its durable..I once got out of my phone at wally world and my phone clipped my door and was send skidding across the parking lot 20 or so feet..I picked it up to only find a barely noticeable scratch.
It does have an mp3 player...
the external display is actually very sharp and you can change it a wapping four ways(this used to be cool)

Cons:Starts sucking battery life just after a few months
it often hits either a memory leak or just decides to crap out and it restarts.
If you have qwest you can't use any of its media or web functions.
If you have a bluetooth headset a glitch becomes apparently called eats your battery within the hour.
get a pda..not this phone

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Nov 29, 2006 by brianc141

Dropped calls
poor camera
turns off when you open
replacement battery is too fat thats right! the replacement battery is thicker then the original and there is nothing you can do about it!
I hate this phone
well I dont know if it has any!

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The Worst Phone EVER!


Nov 27, 2006 by stroxfa

To the point:

Good size screen
Great reception
Never drops calls

Battery life = !
screen life = non existing
camera= bad,bad pictures. And now, non existent
navigation=..extremly slow
pictures=...also awfull,(that is unless you're in broad daylight).
lighting=...horrible. Doesn't help a bit!
power=..won't even hold a charge unless rigged up somehow
connection (not to be confused with reception)= shotty

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I hate Motorola


Sep 13, 2006 by Okus

This phone has been nothing but problems!!!

I have replaced it 6 times in 9 months.. with normal use.

I will never buy A Motorola ever again!!!

All my problems are the exact same as the other users!!! Theres no need to explain or even waste your time telling you them.

This is the worst Phone on the market!!!

Run far far away from this phone!!!!

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Do not buy this phone


Sep 4, 2006 by Kelly

I do not like this phone. I have had it for about one year now and I already had to replace the battery. My calls are dropped frequently. I know it is the phone and not the network because my wife has the Samsung A890 and her calls never drop. The speakerphone voice quality is poor and the camera picture quality is even worse.

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Worst phone in 15 years


Aug 14, 2006 by kinggabey

When I previously had my LG which broke down and was replaced on me so many times that I forced Verizon to allow me to change my phone, I thought that my expectations for a phone were lowered, reduced down to a phone that didn't break.
Well I was wrong. This phone hasn't straight up broken on me, but I have experienced missed calls (over full bars, in a stationary position) that never register even as missed, missed/ delayed/ lost text messages (to and from), crash/ reboots (when doing things like opening the clamshell and hitting the "messages" button), got the phone because it had camera and bluetooth.
well the camera sucks, and gets activated all the time in your pocket so you have a ton of black pictures in your gallery. the bluetooth is enabled but crippled. the menu is bad, if you set a custom ring then that ring will ring even if you set the phone to vibrate (i mean come on, really) or if you add two numbers for the same person it ends up showing as two people with the same name. the interface is full of stupid things like this. now i'm reduced to searching for a phone that has good reception and won't break. when that happens i am running over this piece of junk with my car.
it hasn't died on me
signal better than Cingular phones
crash / reboots
interface is awful
bluetooth crippled
camera is useless outside of perfect lighting
missed calls
delayed / lost text messages
customized ringtones are made useless
notification that a call has been missed continues and this feature cant be turned off. ANNOYING AT 4AM AND YOU MISSED A CALL WHEN SLEEPING. HATE THIS "FEATURE"
battery life is the worst. can't go a day without charging overnight. this without using any features but a few text messages and 5-10 minutes of talktime. junk
camera button on outside makes useless pictures

I picked motorola because I was so disgusted with my LG, and I'd had good experiences with motorola previously. This is enough to make me swear off motorola. NEVER AGAIN

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