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Jan 23, 2006 by rattlesnakevy2j

ok first of all the guy below me was commenting on a 815 not 710 cuz 710 dun hav no 1.3mp camera...

I got really sick of this fone bugging out so i called Customer Service and complained until they offerd me a 815 cuz the 710 is discontinued... i got what i want n now im happy


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Motorola never fails to amaize me.


Dec 11, 2005 by Ryoh12

Motorola never fails to amaize me.This phone is so bad I had to make an account so people would know it suck. Upon my purchase of the v710 the phone delayed itself but i should of known after my wonderful experiences with the v66 and t725 this would have happened. I also got tetnis after the front of the phone pealed back and stabbed me every time i put in my pocket. GOD BLESS MOTOROLA.

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Moto you blew this one!!


Apr 5, 2005 by estoyer

Hello, I've had 2 Moto V710s over the past 4 months. The first phone ran good for about 2.5 months then the battery started requiring charging on a dailey basis with minimum use, 2 or 3 calls @ about 4 minutes a call with 4 bars. The trouble started when I took the phone into Verizon and the tech stated the problem was with the software... Boy what a mistake....... Nothing but problems after that. My second phone lasted less than a week. The manager replaced the last V710 with this VX8000. Other than less memory this phone beats the Moto by a long shot. Not only is the key board and the font easier to operate and read but, the phone is built better. The keys don't have that sort floating feel and the hinge on the flip part of the phone is twice the quality of Moto. The chargeing port on the bottom of the phone is also made much better than Motos funny fitting port that eventually losens up over time. This is no doubt the best Verizon Phone I've had yet!!


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Missed Calls


Mar 22, 2005 by TT1

I liked the phone, but my LG4400 would receive calls where the Motorola would not. I am disappointed in this phone especially for the price. I returned the phone and had the 4400 re-activated. I'm considering the 8000.

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Get the Insurance from Verizon...


Mar 1, 2005 by mtncell

I bought my V710 when they first came out to utilize the Bluetooth feature in my car. That worked perfectly. That is my only positive with this phone for me. Let me start by saying that I don't care about taking pictures or video with my phone, I use it, oddly enough ONLY for making phone calls for work. I am on my phone between 2K and 3K minutes per month. My first V710 lasted 2 months until it had to be replaced due to major reception and locking up problems. I just went to the Verizon store yesterday as the phone (fully charged) started to turn off during calls! That is great for business... anyways the nice lady at Verizon told me that for some strange reason the phone could no longer recognize the battery, so she tried several other charged batteries with the same result.
So now I am on my 3rd V710 in 6 months. I tried to get a different phone but #1 there is not another Verizon phone with bluetooth and #2 I was told I would have to pay full retail for any other phone besides this one. Hopefully the third time is a charm.
Just for the record my previous phone was an LG that lasted 2 years with no problems so I am by no means hard on my cell phones. From the sounds of the other reviews it seems I have just been unlucky with this phone.

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Average phone at best


Jan 9, 2005 by JoeB1

I was excited about this phone but have been very very dissapointed. It's lack of bluetooth functionality is annoying but there are many more reasons not to get this phone.

Bright screen
Logical Phonebook layout

Large size
Battery life is the worst I have ever experienced
Volume with the handset is poor...just not loud enough
Bluetooth is limited

Especially with a price tag of $300, no one should own this phone.

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Terrible Phone for Telus users


Jan 3, 2005 by ashman

I got this phone because of the bluetooth, I was excited about being able to pair it with my conputer and transfer rigntones and photos, I was never informed by Telus that, like Verizon in the US, the blutetooth on this phone is crippled. After I returned the phone I heard of a supposed 'hack' that can be downloaded but I really doubt its supported by Telus nor would they support it if it screwed up your phone. I'm done with CDMA, again, back to something that works and a network that works, GSM all the way. BTW the battery life is awful, not even two fully days standby with hardly any talking, and the camera is worse then VGA cameras I've seen on other phones. Don't waste your time or your money on this phone, its a bust.

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I love this phone


Aug 20, 2004 by mnm101

The only phone I have considered this reliable in the past is the Motorola Startac and then the Moto v60.
Most people I tell & showoff it's features to are in awe and shock.
pros: -Bluetooth is excellent,
-Speaker-phone works great,
-Voice recognition is outstanding,
-MP3 playback,
-Picture and video playback,
-The inner display is really awesome,
-Reception is @ full blast no matter
where I go,
-The expandable memory
Cons: -The outer display is not customizable
-The MP3 could be a little louder
-Flash is a bit cheezy
-Camera quality is poor indoors
-That's it
This phone is definitely worth the bucks!

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Too bad Verizon


Feb 8, 2005 by orgwizard

It's pretty sad what Verizon did with this phone. I've been watching this review area since the phone was released and apparently, despite a pending lawsuit, Verizon hasn't come to their senses and fixed the Bluetooth. The lack of a decent phone with Bluetooth was the only thing keeping me from switching to Verizon, given that I depend on my cell phone for much more than just making phone calls. I thought this V710 would be that phone. Despite the other negative comments, I was more than willing to take my chances given that there are quite a few positive reviews as well. But I won't give my business to a company that will sacrifice convenience for greed.

For anyone looking for a good alternative, you should look into the Audiovox SMT5600, which is the phone I ended up getting. I got it unlocked and working with T-Mobile and the phone has pretty much everything I was looking for. Because of Verizon's greed, T-Mobile will get my business for the next few years at least. I hope they loose the lawsuit over the Bluetooth functionality, if for no other reason then to set a precedent that will prevent the other cell phone companies from trying something similar in the future.

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Sep 20, 2005 by SiDeKiCk 2

The motorola v710 is a really bad phone. I has a bad screen and the vibration of the phone sucks bad. My friend just bought the v710 from u.s cellular and the screen got messed up it just had big black spot right in the middle of the main LCD screen. In the front LCD display the lights would'nt turn on. I used it it for a couple of days and when i put it on vibrate you could'nt even tell. Besides the v710 is big for and bulky. The camera graphic is good and the keypad doesn't even light up half of the keys and the flashlight iights up a little to bright. If it's a motorola phone it alway has problems with it, but atleast the motorola company tries to fix a problem.

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