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Motorola V710


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Motorola v710


Aug 24, 2014 by whyrobin1031   updated Apr 11, 2015

Love this phone have had it for 5 years. Only changed the battery once great talking, texting.now I have been told that the v710 is no good, but I am not taking their word for it have had the lgl70 that's a great phone, and have had the lg f60 and that sucks big time, out of the two I would pick my motorolad any day.

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Motorola V710 is a cool flip flop phone


Jan 14, 2014 by Cool phone Motorola V710   updated Jan 14, 2014

Carrier: Verizon

I used to have this phone Motorola V710 back in 2005. It was my first phone. Problem with it is only the battery life is a little short , the camera is not very clear but some what I don't mind it because I don't talk much on the cell phone any way and uses it for emergency need or important phone calls only.It is a good phone then 2 years after I betrayed it because I wanted to try some thing new so I gave it away to a co worker and move to T-mobile with the Shadow phone for 4 years and then back to Verizon with the cool touch screen phone the Droidx.

My Droidx was cool alright but some what did not last too long and it messes up with the screen scrolling some time it froze and hold there for a while and I believed my Droidx been hacked with the music going on with out me controlling it. Then I thought about my first cell phone which is the Motorola V710 verizon and I misses having that phone around. It was a great phone and can last much longer than my Droidx if I kept it. It has a loud signal and good reception. So I searched it up on Ebay and bought one with a clean ESN and ready for activation.

I feel so much happy now to have my old style cell phone back. I misses every thing about it from the flip flop to the regular ring tones it has on ...one of my favorite ring tone from it is the "High Impact " they don't have that ring tone in my smart phones Motorola Droidx though. Motorola V710 is a cool old skool phone is what I think of it. Good to have it around as they will not be around much longer because of all the new smart phones business productions taking over. I'm not saying this phone will replace my smart phone but I think it is still cool to have around along side of the new smart phones! OLD SKOOL ARE COOL TOO ! :)

One of the best!


Mar 11, 2008 by timbre

I still have this phone after two years and
it is still going strong with no problems.
Got the extended battery so no charging
several times a day (only charge once
every couple days). Great ring and alert
tones. Only bad thing is bad charging port
although only sometimes not always. If I
could get this or the E815 in aluminum I
would buy it all over again! Always get
5 bars reception when others have 1 or 2.
Dropped many times and keeps ticking!

Great phone! A little outdated now, though.


Jan 18, 2008 by trackrunna146

At it's time, this phone was the best that was offered! Although now, there are slimmer phones with interior antennas. I loved this phone, though.
Here are the pros:
-Great, HUGE screen!
-Exterior screen is color.
-Large battery that will last a long time.
-GREAT reception!
-Reliable, NEVER dropped a call on it! In the two years I had it!
-Has mp3 function. not really the simplest, because it doesn't allow for viewing of artists and all that. However, back in it's day it was the best to all the other mp3 phones.
-Great rimgtones! I actually enjoyed listening to them.
-Although there isn't a full QWERTY keyboard, it's got a great iTap texting feature.
-Keys were very large, and easy to hit.(except for the middle three. The keypad tone got very annoying after awhile, though -The mp3 sounds option allowed you to listen to music while the phone was closed through the "hide" feature! I enjoyed that!
-The entire phone is highly customizable.
-Great flash! It was able to serve as a flashlight!
-The speaker on the phone was very loud and clear. It was nice how you would use it before placing a call. It worked anytime.

Now, for the cons.
-Very bulky. It fit in my pocket, though.
-The exterior screen doesn't allow you to set a picture or a banner. It just sets six pre-loaded ones for the color themes. You can't change them unless you change the color. The E815 allows you to do that, however.
-The Exterior antenna was annoying, it broke off twice.
-My screen had dust that somehow made it's way under the surface of the screen.
-The camera, honestly, SUCKED. It was only good outdoors or in strong light, usually it was grainy.
-The video quality wasn't good either.
-The internet browser wasn't very great either, but it's from two years ago.

Overall, I love this phone, I wouldn't get it now, though since it's outdated and barely lasted two years. However, if you are getting a new one, I recommend it!!

its not that bad!!


Jun 13, 2007 by xokristalox

I was the second owner of this phone because my original verizon v3 razr broke in half, so i saw the v710 and i thought it would be a good phone. I looked at the reviews after i had already bought the phone and i began to think i mad a mistake with my purchase.It is a tad bulky and unless you are in bright light the camera is very dark. It also scratches easily, but surprisingly it is very sturdy.The speakerphone is great. Overall this phone isn't that bad.



May 10, 2007 by RodThabod

This phone is the best I have ever owned. I drive for UPS so I am out in the country a lot and this phone is remarkable! It may not have the most up to date gizmos but as far as signal strength , it is awesome!

Good phone...Overall


May 4, 2007 by kydude70

I've owned this phone for about 3½ wks now, so far so goood. The first thing i did was replace the battery with an extended one....the phone has very good reception and sound quality. Nice large color screen, happy that the phone has a card slot...not really worried bout using the bluetooth since it has a card slot, anything i want to put on the phone i can by using a micro SD card...the camera pictures are not the best but i can live with it, plus i like that it does have an MP3 player. Didn't care to much for the ringtones that came with the phone but that wasn't a problem..i just downloaded a few from the internet and transferred them to the SD card and now i have what i want. the only thing i don't like about the V710 is that it's alittle to big & bulky...but other than that i really like this phone alot!!

pros: Good Reception
Good Battery Life
with the extended battery

Card Slot
MP3 player
Color of the Phone
Ease of Use

cons: Size & Weight

I want to keep it for ever!!!


Jan 17, 2007 by Turbomagnani

I have owned many phones that had the bells and whistles, but nothing compares to owning this very simple reliable phone. I am the second owner of this phone since I took over the contract from my mother I receive it mint condition. I must have drop this phone probably 6-700 times hitting ceramic, wood,and asphalt from a 3ft fall and hasn’t broke yet. Compare to more expensive phones. Perfect reception 99.9% of time words can’t truly explain how much I love this phone. Planning on buying another online since dropping this phone has been taking it toll.

Nice size screen
Key pad good size

Wish the camera was a bit better

i love this phone


Oct 30, 2006 by VALOISAGOD

ok the people say they don't like this phone its a good phone i love every thing it can do it has mp3 and blue tooth and its good every where and i like it because all that it dose so people if you don't like this phone don't get it or just learn to use it... and its good for business and by the first of next year you need a blue tooth in Californian or you get a ticket so this phone is all hooked up with this blue tooth stuff so get it i love it..

I'm lovin' it


Aug 16, 2006 by cactus20100

I juste purchased my V710 phone and it's great, I really love it!

Signal and sound quality is very very good and the phone have a lot of features!

Great phone!!!!!!!

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