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Great Phone But Not Customizable enough


May 24, 2005 by shadowassasin47

This phone is frikin awesome and i love it ............. but there are a few things i would like to point out. The phone has tons of features which have mostly been disabled by Verizon who is constantly trying to suck the mooney out of you. Neways, the some of the cool things about the phone are

1.Loud Spker phone
2.HUGE screen(External scroand Regular)
3.Good games available through Get It Now
4.Great Reception(Verizon Wireless, San Antonio Texas)
5.Awesome looking.
6.1.2 Megapixel Camera(Not good in low light Great outside or in heavily lighted room.)

1.Not very customizable(cant put any pic u want on front LCD only the GAY default backgrounds)
2.Menu doesnt look cool.
3.Battery life so so.
4.kinda bulky.
5.Round Scroll button too small.
6.Sometimes the phone lags.

Great Phone!


May 18, 2005 by tphipps

I have used several different phones over the last 6 months or so. I used to have an LG 6100...I was very disappointed with it, and was very interested in the V710 because of its Bluetooth capabilities. Using the phone with a Motorola Bluetooth headset, I am getting almost 5 hours of talk-time before the phone needs to be recharged! I was amazed when I realized after a 2 1/2 hour conference call that the phone was still indicating a battery.

I love the ear-piece clarity, and the reception. I love the capability to customize the main screen with shortcuts to make navigating easier. The MP3 player is nice, and the ability to transfer data with the removable memory card is really nice.

Startac's Replacement? Could be!


Apr 27, 2005 by x325

I have used phonescoop.com as a guide for buying phones for quite some time. I took the best advice that many of you have said, and bought the Motorola V710.

I am in agreement with many posts referencing this phone as the best phone since the Startac made its appearance on the Verizon/Airtouch network. Several things add to this phone's appeal; excellent sound quality, a functional bluetooth, and an easy to use interface. I believe a phone should focus on being an excellent phone first, the little "toys" like the camera, games, ringtones, are all for LG fans who are primarily focused on impressing their fellow teenage friends.

If you are looking for a phone that meets your business needs, look no further than the V710.

Excellent Reception
Bluetooth capability
Screen is as good as RAZR V3
Quality build
Great Battery life (Extended Battery only)

If you are planning on playing games, taking pictures, downloading ringtones etc; this isn't your phone. I would recommend an LG for those purposes.

Bought v710 and Jabra 250 , phone was 99 after rebate


Apr 17, 2005 by johnnj2003

Today I got my 710 and jabra 250 headset.
I have been playing with it all day.
The Jabra 250 headset audio
quality is mint baby!
I paid $150 for the phone, and I send in a rebate and the phone is 99$.
The metal around the camera lens is dented. and the metal framing between the 4way circle button and the 123 keys, is slightly popping up above the 3 key. Despite the dent the camera is fine. I also set my pic rez to high.
And set the bluetooth radio to "always on"
I like this phone and I like the price, I have 14 days to decide if I want to keep it or not. Something tells me I will be keeping it. No EVDO, but thats ok, why the heck pay 10$ to watch video clips anyway. The bluetooth works, and the camera is nice. I'm warm and fuzzy all over thanks to this phone.

1. Audio quality on the phone and through
jabra 250 headset. Both good
2. Lots a cool features
3. Speakerphone
4. Camera quality is nice for a phone.
set to 1280x1024

1. Dent in the metal frame around the
camera lens.(camera works fine though)
2. Metal strip between END/power button
and the 3 key is slightly raised,
but I pushed it back on withfinger,
and it hasnt popped up since.

Good Phone


Apr 6, 2005 by mdclass2007

My sis has this phone, and i use it a couple of times and here is my review:

Big Screen
Video(30 second)
Great Speaker Phone
Voice command(when the phone is close(use earpiece)
loud ringtone
color screen
good features
take picture when phone close


Bad photo/video need a lot of light
sometimes disconnect when on phone
aim works sometimes
The anntenna likes bad
battery doesn't last long



Mar 24, 2005 by snooper402

Its a good phone the bluetooth is very helpful

great phone- despite Verizon


Mar 16, 2005 by tmp

First, the cons:

The camera isn't what I was expecting. I didn't expect Ansel Adams quality, but it's not what I get from my old 1 mp camera, either. But it's useful for taking snapshots.

The video is pretty useless as well.

The fact that Verizon forces you to pay to send these crappy videos and photos makes sure that you'll never use the camera (see more below)

A bit spotty for Mac OSX users

Verizon's software update further cripples phones usability (greedy bastages)


Great sound (although you have to remember to keep the speaker over your ear). Truly great speakerphone- I've had friends have no idea that I was on a cell, much less a speakerphone. I think that between the speakerphone and the bluetooth headset, Moto actually almost meant for you NOT to use the handset in the conventional way

MP3's as ringtones are fun, but you have to work around Verizon to do it. (copy them to the optional transflash card from your computer, then to the phone)

Seems to have great signal strength, at least here in LA. I have very few drop-outs in areas that my old V8160 was really reaching for a signal.

Color screen is gorgeous inside, very nice outside.

Bluetooth headsets are a godsend! I can dial, talk, and hang up merely by touching my right ear.

General: Even with Verizon trying to wrestle the last quarter out of your pocket, it's a great phone. If you get one with the earlier software, you can get around Verizon by using the translash card and a card reader to transfer images and MP3's to and from your computer. I've heard that the later software removes some of that functionality. Which is why I am not flashing my phone.

Good phone needs work


Mar 14, 2005 by Jefe12

This is a good phone very sleek good size, though any larger and it would be too big. Lets got to business.

Camera: not a good camera for point and shoot. If you want good pictures it is a little time consuming to set up. This camera because it has a side button to take pictures I seem to take a lot of my pocket. Need to be able to shut off the side keys.

Keyboard: difficult to play games on, the keys blend together.

MP3 player: nice feature but the phone has to be left open to work. Verrrrry poor design on that. You do have to buy a stereo head set to get good sound. The song lists also do not play all they way through most of the time. Very annoying.

The memory card is great. The memory manufacturers need to make larger capacities though.

The sound is fantastic, speaker phone works great, the phone features work the best of any phone I have ever had, over all good phone.
I see that the A840 is coming out hopefully Verizon will pick it up.

MP3 player MUST work with phone closed. Needs fixed.

Great phone when you aren't a Verizon customer.


Feb 28, 2005 by djdramatikk

This is an excellent phone, by far probably the best one offered by Alltel, which I'm glad I was able to get this through Alltel, since the Bluetooth is not crippled like the Verizon version, it actually works with Motorola's bluetooth adapter for the computer.(Was quite a pain to set up and does work, not perfectly, but I'm able to work with it.) Also have a new Jabra BT800 handsfree (with the built in Caller-ID) which works beautifully with the phone also.

Pro's: HUGE awesome display, 1.2 megapixel camera, MP3 ringtones, and an expansion card slot.

Con's: Battery life is a little on the poor side, but CDMA phones really arent known for their battery life anyways. Motorola's menu system is still a confusing mess, and no included games, and poor selection of included ringtones. Pricey.

If you have a choice between Verizon and Alltel when it comes to wanting this phone, Alltel is the way to go.

Great Phone, Great Features


Feb 25, 2005 by kbreslaw

Everyone is trashing the phone for what it doesn't have, but look at everything it does have. How many other phones out there for Verizon have Bluetooth? Like another reviewer said, "Take time to learn about the phone". Once you do, how can you not like it. I was in a Samsung a670, which was a solid phone with great reception, but I was looking for a phone with Bluetooth to syn with my car's handsfree system. It works great. The limited features make you jump through a few hoops to make it work, but over all it is worth it.

If you are looking for a camera phone, keep your current phone and spend a couple hundred on a decent digital camera because I have yet to see a phone that the is the perfect marriage of communication and photography. It's just not out there so deal with it. If you bought this phone for the phone, you need to get your priorities straight. It's so much more than a camera phone.

All in all it's a wonderful phone, great reception and very easy to use. My only complaints are the size, it's a little bigger than I am used to, and the battery life. When I use it with my bluetooth headset and the bluetooth in my car it tends to shorten the life of the battery, but that's what the car charger is for.

If you are worried about the negative reviews, all I can say is, "try it and you'll like it", if not return it. What have you got to lose?

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