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Feb 9, 2005 by angelboy

I just bought a v710 (about a month ago) and absolutely love it. I really do like the overall appearance of the phone.


Camera (when outdoors)

battery life (which is why I recommend get the extended battery) which lasts me 3 days as compared to reg battery which lasted me 1 day (if that) Buy the extended battery and you should be fine.!!
On my phone when there is no service it doesn't display the analog indicator.

Everybody who hates this phone has one thing in common VERIZON SERVICE!! I'm with US Cellular and I've had no problems with bluetooth. If you're considering this phone with verizon service DON'T. Switch to either US Cellular or Alltel if you really want this phone!!

V710 - As good as Verizon gets


Oct 26, 2004 by den

I've had this phone for about a month now. The phone itself is very cool. Everyone I show it to thinks it is fantastic! Verizon has made a couple of things difficult to impossible, but you cannot fault the basic reception or service. I have to admit I love this phone! A transflash card makes all the difference in ease of use for uploading and downloading mp3s, pics, videos, ringtones, etc.

The best display I've seen.
mp3 ringtones sound great.
You can show almost any video and they look really good! (I use Nokia's video converter)
Daytime camera pics are very good.
Camera zoom.
Picture caller ID on outside color display.
Great reception.
Voice recognition software works without training.
Much better battery life than my LG-510 or Motorola T720.
Voice digit calling.
Plays stereo mp3s.
Bluetooth wireless headset.
Surf the Web.

Kinda big.
Outside display not fully customizable.
Indoor and night photos not very good.
Camera flash must be turned on manually and only works for about 3 feet. (Makes a good flashlight, though)
Has trouble browsing through picture list (but not browsing while viewing pics) (Software version is 8700_01.30.8F).
No bluetooth file transfers.

This phone requires some time and work to set up properly, but it is a blast to own and use. It does almost everything you could ask a phone to do and lots more. Just make sure you get a transflash card if you want to customize the V710 and make it your own.


solid, yet a couple weak points


Dec 6, 2004 by chriscc

The motorola V710 is the best product motorola has ever made (at this point) and now the price has dropped, making it even more affordable. There are some pros and cons with the motorola V710 that ive found throughout the 4 months that ive had it.

* Good, solid, intuitive design (can survive falls) and it looks classy too
* Nice screen, (color is next to perfect)
* Simple voice (w/o training) recognition
* Bluetooth! (only voice and modem capabilities)
* TransFlash SD slot (great for file exchange)
* Plays movies and mp3s!!! (I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 on my phone, it was awesome)
* Wap 2.0 (HTML) browser, great for internet browsing
* Speakerphone (great for the car)
* Lots of phone customizations and widgets
* Signal strength is better than most phones
* Multitasking! (you can listen to an MP3 while browsing through photos, check email, the web or chatting on AIM)

Almost Apathy
* The phone has a camera, but i wouldn't buy it for it, it is really grainy in low light conditions. Flash is pretty weak.
* 1-2 day battery life average
* No headphone jack, (means mono MP3s)
* Speakerphone is good for voice, but is a bit tinny for music
* Bluetooth headsets are too expensive to become practical
* Bluetooth range and features could be better

* LCD scratches very easily
* Camera isn't very good in low light conditions
* Phone somtimes (yet rarely) locks up

If you have this phone already here is what you need
(all prices from froogle www.froogle.com)
SD Transflash 128mb card (~$40)
Motorola Bluetooth USB + Mobile Phone tools ( ~$50)
USB SD Reader (I use PNY) (~$20)

the V 710 PICTURE DEBATES..........


Dec 27, 2004 by T RAYGO

Ist of all, this phone is sending and receiving calls in areas here that most of my co-workers either loose or get bad reception.
I haven't had a problem with it yet..
12 cell phones and this one gets the best reception of all of them.

As we all know, the v 710's 1.2 mgp is not as good as a real camera's but, it takes very good pixs in daylight and I have found out the if you go into the picture setup when u have your subject focused, [most users don't] .
just push the menu button.
you can use different settings before you click daylight/cloudy/indoor home/ indoor office/ auto. etc.. also adjust brightness and contrast all before you click your photo.

can just here some users saying,[ :OH WOW.. U CAN DO THAT"?]
Indoor pixs come out MUCH MUCH better if you drop the pixel setting back to medium which is 640 x whatever..
Now I use 5 megapixel canon and don't for 1 minute compare the v710 to a real camera but jesus guys!!! some of u are probably complaining it doesn't come with a joystick too..
Won't get into the bluetooth part because that's a never ending win some/lose some saga...

As far as a my cell phone[ not my toy goes]
I'm very very pleased with the reception and most features that a CELL phone should have.
And if my cell phone could fly me to the west coast, I know I could come here and read
many posts whinning about how it flys too slow..
keep searchin guys, you'll surely find the perfect 'can do all' phone and I'm sure you'll love it for a whole couple months till the next toy comes out..
as John Stosel says, "Gimme a Break."

I'm Back Motorola


Feb 15, 2005 by MRMOTO

Well to start things off, WOW. I am really suprised at all the bad reviews of this phone.
The biggest common denominator is Verizon Wireless.

Well I have had this phone a few days now and I am more than satisfied. Out of the box I got 3 hours of talk time and quite a bit of messing around time. From there I took the little guy on a road trip for work. I covered Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconson. I hit one spot of Non-Digital Coverage and 2 times I was with out service 2 times, as well my co-pilot who also is Alltel was with out service also.

My last Motorola phone I had was the Talk-About and it was the best phone ever. Other than not being color it was awsome, but that was the last phone I liked of Moto's till now!

There is a few things a person could tweek a bit on this phone to make it "the phone". However, have you ever heard of a flawless phone?

I have the same general pros and cons about this phone as the next.

Then again, I have found a few highlights I would really like to touch on.

-Color display--AWSOME-the biggest, brightest and clearest screen to date.

-The keypad layout--Great thought process was put into this sucker, they did however make 2 buttons for the camera.

-Size and Balance--perfect

-Speaker phone--As good or better than the Talk-About

-Blue Tooth-Get the headset, woth every penny ($74.00 thru Alltel) HS820 Motorola

-Antenna is not fixed, so you can pull it up.

-Voice dial technology is very good, I would say on name tages, it over 90% accurate, digit dial is good, but still need to practice a bit

-Customizing features-very user friendly

-Menu lay out is great, for a phone with 101 functions the menu is very easy to navigate.

-Able to make a shortcut for just about anything.

-Battery so far has been great, but only charged twice.


I paid $250+2yr cont no rebates

For Alltel and loving it!!!


Feb 14, 2005 by ccanady

I have to say I have been with sprint, nextel and alltel and I had the slider phone and was very dissatisfied with it. I really hated that phone and it lead me to believe that alltel's coverage was not so great. Well when I forked out the $400 dollars to get this phone, I was very pleased with it. I love playing mp3's on it and the sound quality is awesome. The reception has improved with this phone as well. The blue tooth technology is awesome and I use the motorola head set which works great with this phone. I did not get this phone for the camera because to me, it sucks. But as a phone and the other funtions it does, its awesome. I say if you are going to get a phone for alltel, save yourself the head ache with other phones and get this.



Feb 5, 2005 by bolthead

Three words reception, reception, reception!!!

Great sound, great display, great battery, easy to use, voice dial is awesome, did I mention great reception, btw bluetooth, I am not using it for the camera I have a Kodak 6.1 megapixel real camera for that task I am however using this to make calls EVERYWHERE. People who hate this phone have one thing in common, Verizon service, I am on Alltel and the Bluetooth is not restricted. Best phone since the Startac!!!

Very Good Phone!


Jan 24, 2005 by GadgetGar

Excellent phone for the money, people blasting this phone to death you almost have to wonder if they even know how to power up a computer, let alone use a simple phone. Bottom line this phone is very easy to use, I have had LG phones/Nokia/and many other brands, it is nice to see Motorola making a comeback in the Cellular industry, they had some of the best Analog phones on the market and where lagging behind for some time in the digital world, but that has changed.

Positive aspects of this phone.
Excellent reception, bar none the best phone to date that I have had.
Great colored screen
Voice recognition is very good and simple to use.
On screen display is very good, date book is great and easy to read.
Sound is excellent and ring tones are good.
Easy to use
The best thing this phone has to offer is the blue-tooth headset which is flipping awesome when your on the road
you can set it up to auto answer on etc and it has between a 30-50 feet radius.

Battery life could be a tad better.
Camera, could be better, but if you want good pictures buy a flipping good camera.
Mostly the unrealistic negative reviews on here.

Carriers also can affect the blue tooth capabilities of this phone.

Overall not a bad phone at all.
Hands free is the only way to go!

solid phone


Jan 19, 2005 by e775

I just wanted a solid phone with good sound and reception. v710 delivers. I could care less about all the blue tooth bitching that goes around. Yes your provider doesn't want to lose it's profits, but are you really surprised by it? Wellcome to the real world. If only everyone was bitching as much about health insurance and war spendings...
In Chicago, on USCellular the reception is stellar. Even in the basement of Cook County Hospital your calls will go through. Even my v810 couldn't do it. It feels like a solid phone, great display and keyboard.
Camera looks like a Paris Hilton movie in the low light conditions, decent during the day. At least you get a good screen to see the pictures compared to the other phones.
Good audio, nice speakerphone, loud ringtones, good looks. What else do you really expect from the phone? I bet everyone here has a stand-alone camera and an mp3 player. For $200 with media kit included - I can't complain.



Jan 12, 2005 by mtlsixshooter

Let's look at the facts Jack !

Best Reception I ever had !

That's all I have too say

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