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Welcome back Moto!


Mar 15, 2005 by eastcoasttacoma

After months of research and deciding, I finally broke down and bought the V710. I'm currently using it on the Alltel network. The phone was nothing more than I had expected. I had jumped around from phone to phone over the past year and had been waiting for something like the V710. When I did upgrade a couple of weeks ago, I started out with the V265. At that time I did not want to pay the difference between the base-line and the "Cadillac." The V265 was awesome, but the screen size taught me to hate it. So I returned it and got the "Cadillac." The V710 has done nothing but impress me. The oversize screen, bluetooth, incrediable speakerphone, and the reception is like no other. I could go on and on. The reason I gave it a 4.5 and not a 5.0 is because of the price. I feel that the asking price was a bit much, but then again, sometimes you have to pay for the best.



Mar 12, 2005 by dougsmitty

WAKE UP!! This is a PHONE and not a camera.

The Phone works great feels great. Speakerphone is loud and clear.


The BluTOOTH is a nice feature also! You can here this phone RING when a call comes in. I had a Samsung a530 and always missed calls cause I couldnt here the darn ringer!! Large screen is bright and clear.

Accepts transflash card for transfering images/mp3's

Superior Phone


Mar 10, 2005 by Dream Theatre

After owning the LG 8000 I returned that one and decided to go for the V710. This is one KickA$$ phone. I think the Voice dial system is one of the best. It has great battery life too. I get around 4:45 min of talk time from the extended battery. The only downfall is the battery indicator is a bit inacurate I don't lose a battery bar until after 3 hours of talking then it goes to 2 than one and the phone dies. But I go by the call timer and see how much time I have used. Get this phone......

Great phone


Mar 10, 2005 by smatolcs

This phone is one of the best that Verizon has released.
Not sure what all the negative feedback is for.
I have had no problems with the phone.
The Blue-tooth is great.

Don't be afraid to buy this phone.

i dnt knw y u dont like it it is the boomb


Mar 8, 2005 by motoforever

OMG i cant beleve all you people say you dont like it i have been reading all these bad reviews and that is not true all you say is the opposite. first this phones camera rocks evrything is so clear and the video is too.my sister has a sanyo with sprint and her camera is not nearly as good as mine.and the speaker phone is awsome and also this phones reception is great and there is no problem with the hinges on the flip.and you could just buy the extended battery life for it.and dont say you dont have money if u bought this phone you have money! so buy it and moto you did great with this phone!!!!

Not as bad as it sounds


Feb 17, 2005 by azdealer

The only thing that I am dissatisfied with about my v710 is the complaint that I always have from Motorola: The phone will not ring and vibrate at the same time. The Bluetooth works fine. The independant voice recognition is awesome. Want to transfer pics? GET THE TRANSFLASH CARD AND DON'T USE PICTURE MESSAGING!!!! It's as simple as that. The phone sounds great and pulls signal as well as pretty much any phone on Verizon's network, which is far superior to any other service provider, including the severely overrated Cingular. As far as a phone is concerned, bluetooth for a headset is about the only need. All this "crippling" that people are whining about is nonsense. If you want that much capability from a bluetooth device, get a bluetooth PDA or computer. Phone is great, that's about it.

Excelent for any Task!!!


Feb 12, 2005 by dancautella

I buy this mobile, and i not have any words to say about, how this mobile phone is so great! I belivery that not have a better Motorola Mobile CDMA phone for this on Brazil! So great!

moto v 710 / uscc


Jan 29, 2005 by jerry 12

i had this phone for about five weeks now with uscc. it is a very good phone & i have had no trouble with it. the battery is good & easyedge is all so ok.the camera is not the best in the world but it is a cell phone not a camera.as a phone it is good with a lot of features.i would rate it as one of the best phones that i have had.i have had cell phones for ten years & a lot of phones because i get new ones about every year or so.my service is with uscc.


Bad Comments


Jan 26, 2005 by kayos

I too have heard enough bad comments about this phone. I actually let the comments on this website stop me from buying this phone for quite some time. Verizon had nothing better to offer me when it was time to trade, so I bought the phone anyway. What I come to find out is that a lot of people leaving these bad comments are just idiots. Most of the things that people complain about can be easily fixed if you just read the manual! I.E.. phone only showing three contacts at a time. The phone is set to factory settings..., believe it or not they may not know exactly how you want your phone set up. The only complaint I can agree with is that the camera is not as good as it can be. And even that can be adjusted to take better pictures than in the defualt settings. However the features on this phone heavily out weigh the minor camera problem. Bluetooth headset works great with the phone. Verizon may have crippled full bluetooth capabilites, but everthing I need the phone to do works for me. Thanks to whoever left the tip about the Walmart.com trick..., I have plenty of unique mp3 ringtones. And if it's that important to get files on your phone, just buy the transflash card and reader, so that you can transfer files from your computer to your phone. This phone is just like anything else in the world. You will have some people who like it, and those who don't. I doubt anyone will ever make any one thing in this world that everyone will agree on!

Great reception
Speaker phone is excellent
Voice Reconiton
Bluetooh Headset
Screen Size
Mp3 capabilites

Price.., yeah I said it..after the $100dollar upgrade and the $50 dollar mail in rebate...that leaves the price under $150 dollars.....Worth a whole lot more in my opinion

Scratches easily
Camera....But hey its a phone..., buy a digital camera it its that important!

An Excellent Phone!


Jan 12, 2005 by BlueonBlue

If you're looking for a phone that has BLUETOOTH, gets EXCELLENT RECEPTION, has OUTSTANDING INDEPENDENT VOICE RECOGNITION, and a TERRIFIC SPEAKER PHONE -- look no further! If you're looking for a digital/video camera -- buy one! Enough said...

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