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good phone!


Jan 10, 2005 by SS

ok what is up with all the negative reviews. this is a good phone, if u know how to use it. read the manuel! i heard the salesmen dont tell u offers, what do expect be prepared and look it up. salesmen r not ur friends.and camera is not the best but still its a phone. o the bluetooth thing, yeah its cause of verizon, but people say join cingular. dont connection sucks!
easy to use when u get used to it
survives falls
can custimize
voice record
easy to download things

ok camera
need to buy a lot of accesorys
battery life
bluetoth, shame on u verizon
sometimes, freezes
lcd scratches easily, unless u take care of it



Nov 22, 2004 by VZMoney

Did Verizon cripple the full potential of this phone? Yes.

Did Verizon realize (even though it was after they released it) that they did this? Yes.

Did Verizon send back their complete stock back to Motorola to get the camera and bluetooth issues fixed? Yes.

Is the new software update that is supposed to be released any day now going to fix many of the bugs that initially plagued this phone? More than likely.

Point is Verizon goofed, realized it and then fixed it. I compared a brand new re-released v710 to one from when they were first originally released and there are many improvements but Motorola kept the same software version installed. The new updates should fix it. Even so, this phone has given me better reception EVEN in my basement then the LG vx6000, vx6100, Samsung a670 or Audiovox 8900. I love the re-released version of this phone (which by the way has a BLUE sticker on the box). I gave this phone 4.5 because there is one thing that REALLY bothers me about this phone and that is the interface. LG has Motorola schooled on that. Motorola should take lessons from them regarding functionality, while Motorola should teach LG a thing or two about reception strength.

Excellent Phone!


Aug 17, 2004 by wmguy

I've had this phone almost a week now. I have owned a analog startac, digital startac, v60 and LG4400. This is superior to any phone I have had. The reception excellent, The voice dial is excellent (especially with the bluetooth headset). On previous phones with voice dial, you could only select a certain amount of numbers and you had to train them. This phone's voice dial is amazing.I can't say enough good things about this phone.

Works well for me


Oct 7, 2004 by creanium

With everyone griping about the Bluetooth being "crippled" and other things, I think it's fair to point out that this phone is stellar in performing the jobs I need it to. As a phone, it works great.

The reception is better than any other phone I have owned, so making and receiving calls is rarely a problem with the v710.

The camera is just a novelty, it's not meant to replace my personal point-and-shoot digital camera, and quite frankly I wouldn't want it to. It takes pictures well enough for me. Yes it could be better, but I don't have high expectations for a camera that's in a PHONE.

The size of the phone? Well what do you expect from a phone that has all these features, and a screen that size? I don't need or want a small phone like the Samsung A530, so the 710 suits me just fine. Add to the fact the features that are included in the phone and it's amazing it is as small is it is.

The "crippled" Bluetooth works well for me. All I was looking to do with the phone was use a wireless headset, and get online from my iPAQ and laptop. I can do both flawlessly with this phone. Any other Bluetooth functionality would just be "neat" and not a necessity.

The TFlash card works well too, I just move MP3s, pics, and vids to and from the phone at will. It's nice when I can watch TV shows on my phone while I'm in waiting rooms.

* Excellent RF performance
* Beautiful internal screen
* Bluetooth
* Sleek, professional design
* MP3 player and ringtones
* Great speakerphone
* Voice commands work very well
* It's loud and clear for me
* Camera is good enough
* T-Flash card does its job
* Calendar and alarms function as desired
* Phone is highly customizable
* Phone feels solid, but ...

* ... some build quality issues. The plastics sometimes feel loose.
* Can't use custom wallpaper on external screen
* External picture caller ID needs to be bigger
* Battery life could be much better
* Uneven keypad backlight

Moto V710


Mar 4, 2005 by gandalf1

Returned my "buggy" LG 8000 and got the Motorola V710. Best move I ever made ( cell-phone wise ). No dropped calls in 10 days, and that's with alot of travelling. Wonderful screens.

V710 Is among the best Just Got 2 Know How Work It


Dec 23, 2004 by lilraskal05

Let start off by saying Verizon took a wonderful and destroyed it. Great Idea Horrible Company. The V710 is an amazing phone if you know how to make it work for you. The phone is completely useless without a memory card (so if you looking to owning this phone think about purchasing some memory cards and memory card reader more than one trust me). No MP3 will work without a memory card trust me I tried. Download these two programs or similar programs WavePad to edit your MP3 and MPEGable which change your file to 3gp files so your phone can play movies and videos. This is the cool part I'll download the dave chappelle show or music video and watch it on my phone like watching TV (give this a 10 in my book). So if you looking a phone with verizon wireless that you can watch your videos with this is your phone...

V710 is better and useful for me


Dec 21, 2004 by Narcel

Hi i've had many older phones and i would rank this v710 higher in many ways because it's the first phone i ever had with so much capabilities and it sure beats my older phones. i've have this for 3 days and i've not completely mastered it, but it sure is better than my girlfriend's phone. she has a LG V3200. she wanted a camera phone so now i have the bragging rights. about the reviews i just read before i put my review, the address book is a snap, if your having trouble finding a number, THEN WHY don't you put it in catergories, or create one. make it like friends, family, business it's that easy. if you have this phone and hate it, find a way to make it easier to use, read your manual again. so here's what i think of the phone.

-nice sleek structure and design of the phone.
-front display tells me who's calling w/o opening the phone,time, date battery life, and the signal, what else could be customized on there
-speakerphone is great, good for playing MP3 ringtones, listening to calls
-LCD display is bigger and colorful with the GUI easy to understand.
-keypad is nice and easy to use once you get the hang of it.
-memory card and bluetooth capabilities
-bluetooth could be expanded more, i have a wireless home network, which would be great to use
-camera is nice in outdoor areas, but not good in LOW light areas, but after a little tweaking it's exceptionally good.
-voice dailing is great, i don't have to train, like my girlfriend's phone
-reception is great, haven't had any areas where it drops low or don't have a signal.
-address book is easy to use, especially with categories

well there's not much else to say about this phone, but for using it for 3 days i'm impressed, my gf is impressed and everyone i show it to likes it. if you plan on buying this phone. BUY IT!!!! but not if you just want a camera phone. the phone is worth your money and all the expandable tools is great, i'm planning on buying the memory stick, headset, and PC sync tools soon.

Best reception of any phone used by me


Dec 2, 2004 by michellemay

I have used many different models from Verizon I grew very used to LG phones because I used my phone more as a palm pilot it they are easy to customize and use but I could never use my phone at my home because of poor reception. Now my v710 works everywhere! I have not had a dropped call I can not only use it in my home, but I can use it in my basement. You want a cell phone to talk on so what if camera is not crystal clear The camera could stop working and I would still use it instead of the LG7000, LG6000, LG4400, V730. Read the manual for 1. Yes I know customizing isn't easy but the phone works!

-BEST RECEPTION of any phone I have used.
-Speaker phone and volume are louder then any phone I have ever used.
-OBEYMOTO the voice commands are always accurate.
-Clip it onto your car's visor flip it open and use voice commands and speaker phone to talk. Work around the bluetooth issue at least the phone calls aren't disconnecting

Have not figured out yet how to record your own ringtones. EMAIL me please if you have.
Battery only lasts about 2 days.

It's sexy, it's big and it's always working when you need it...most guys would kill for this!


Oct 12, 2004 by skyjet15

So here's the deal. The phone is big. Most guys pride themselves about that sort of thing. It's an attractive phone, we all agree on this. However, a big attribute people have been missing about this phone is its ability to function under dire circumstances.
Alright, the camera isn't great (unless it's sunny and all is clear). The bluetooth can only function as a modem, which is irritating (but, it works well when Internet access costs ten dollars a day in a hotel room). And loading mp3's onto this little piece of hardware has been a time consuming task, and quite frankly, I'd rather be cleaning portable toilets. That said, I can't tell you how many times this phone has actually saved my life.
Yes, i know it can't make sure I lock my doors. Yes, I can't bandage wounds with my mobile phone. However, whenever I need service, I have it. I can talk for a good hour and half with my dad 3000 miles away, in the basement of my dorm room in the middle of New Jersey. This alone has allowed me the access of the global community whenever I needed it. To be more precise, whenever I needed a last minute change (be it with airlines, or doctors) my phone has always come through. The only place it hasn't worked so far, has been on the New York Subway system. But then again, whose does work there?
The voice dialing and digit dialing features have prevented numerous accidents, not to mention remain a constant convenience when my hands are busy with um...other things. And by other things i mean making diner
However, in all honesty we really just need a phone that looks good, has an impressive range of service and is extremely dependable. The voice recording feature is quite necessary to the continuity of my cluttered life) Overall, my baby is bright, clear, dependable and i wouldn't dare trade it for a little, cutesy, feminine phone in demand by so much of the modern public. This phone really is a great piece of technology and I applaud its inventors.

Great Phone from Heavy User


Oct 6, 2004 by arenathirteen

I promise the following review will be as objective as possible being that I have been reading reviews on this phone since it was launched in Sept 04.

To give you an idea of how much calling I do, I did 8000 minutes this past August.

With the exception of the battery life which is average, this phone gets the job done!

The blue-tooth is amazing, the speaker is amazing, the phone is a good phone.

Previously I owned the LG Vx 6000 which was a solid phone and before that the T720. I was nervous to go back to Moto after the poor T720. Plus, LG makes a great phone, hands down. The 6000 has to be one of the best phones pound for pound on the market.

But this V710 offers you many features and benefits that the others don't. If you are in sales like myself, the blue-tooth will be the deciding factor. It was for me and has not let me down. I own the Jabra headset and I recommend you do the same.

I have read the comments on this phone for some time b/c I am a cell phone freak. Some of the comments are correct. But the camera is not as bad as the other users say. It is also not the best though so go buy a camera if you really want a great picture. In my opinion, the camera is no different than the LG vx6000.

Before living in America, I lived in Asia and Europe where the phones are more innovative and sexier to have. This phone hands down can compete with the gsm phones.

So, if you were like me a few weeks ago, take a chance. After all, if you don't like it you have 15 days to return the phone and go back to your old phone.


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