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the worst phone on the globe


Sep 24, 2006 by camichick

this is definatly not a phone to go with. i've had 4 of the same kind. they seem to work well when you first get it. around 6 months later, it will start to "loose service" in places that you normally get perfect service. then it will say you have "no network coverage". i found a solution to make it work by, believe it or not, by taking everything off and out of it, banging it on a hard surface, and then putting it back together. i would never recommend this phone to anyone who is looking for a cell phone to make or recieve calls.



Aug 27, 2006 by etc

Terrible volume. It's poor in headset mode and totally inadequate in speaker mode. Needs to be much louder.

Everything else is great.

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Great Pone


Aug 10, 2006 by worship4ever

I was given a 3100b when my Motorola V400 died. I really liked the V400, especially the camera, but I was forced to resort to this to avoid $200 on some cheap little sanyo.

This is a good functioning phone; wouldn't say it has the best features, but it has awesome reception. I prefer it largely over my LG C1300.

If you want features, stay away, but if you are interested in reliablity and service, this phone is the way to go!

Good, solid, dependable


Aug 8, 2006 by Talks2much

I love this phone. Out of the 4 phones that I have owned, this is the most dependable one. Has a lot of stuff for the price. I have dropped it so many times I have lost count, and it hasn't seemed to phase the performance. (although I had to take the sim card out and put it back in, which is understandable) I have taken the face plate off because I'm curious, but have never changed it, although you can. It is definitely not all plastic, which really made a good first impression. Really great phone for those who want a dependable, stylish phone. Not for teenagers, gadget geeks, people who like to play more than talk, (like me) etc. I'm getting a new phone with camera, mp3 and a lot of other stuff that this phone doesn't have, but I will keep this one for security in case the new one isn't reliable.




Easy menus

Lots of memory

Keyguard lock

Alarm clock

Calendar with alarm

Internet, multimedia, text, etc.

Voice recorder. (can make some really neat ringers with it)

Games, applications capable.
and on and on........


Not a flip

No camera

Only polyphonic, no voice or singing tones (I have converted some sound clips to use on my phone, but they sounded atrocious, and I got rid of them)

Can't assign a different ringer for each caller. Have to use caller groups, and phone only has capacity for 5.

It's Aight.....


Apr 20, 2006 by rafster

Here's the thing with this phone.

For a basic phone it's pretty good. It doesn't have BT or MP3 Ringtone capability, but it does have a speaker phone and it's small as hell.

My only real problem that I had with this phone (3100 - From Movistar Spain Unlocked for use in the US) is that the RF was spotty.

What I'm saying is that on one day, I would have it in my room and have full reception, and the next day, I would be lucky to get 1 bar...

I think that might be a firmware issue... I had the 900/1800/1900 version, and I use Cingular. I have had other Nokias (6230, 6620, 3390, 3595, etc...) they all have excellent RF and Battery life... I guess I could have looked into a new firmware update for this phone and that would have fixed the issue.

All in all, it's an excellent basic phone!

a true nokia for someone who just wants a phone


Apr 4, 2006 by forkthroat

i have been through many phones as i have a terrible tendency to leave them places and then never find them again. i bought into the gimmicky cameras and mp3 ringtones the first couple times that i lost my phone and i was dissapointed amost everytime. i liked the nokia 6210 (the clamshell with the external screen) however, but unfortunately i promptly lost that one and could not afford to buy another one. i bought a motorola v220 which was a horrible waste of money and when i lost that one a few days ago i breathed a sigh of relief. so i decided on no more gimmicky phones with features i didn't use. i had the first nokia GSM color phone which i loved (and which still works after 3 years except the battery croaked out, other than that still in fine condition after many falls from 4th floor balconies, onto pavement, and into large bodies of water).i decided on this one, and so far i have been very happy.

as compared to the far inferior mototola i owned,
things i like:
-good clear ring which i can hear no matter where i am in my apartment.
-great reception (i use SunCom in the Charleston, SC area, which in itself is a crap network so i have to be careful about what phone i use or i won't be making or receiving any calls)

-the buttons are a little small but not unmanageable. i don't like the fact that they make noise when you press them but that's only bc i like to text during class and i get caught with this phone bc of the noise.

take it from someone who has bought into all those bells and whistles that they offer with other phones. if you want a phone that sends and recieves texts, rings when someone calls you, and has great reception this is the one for you. i may not look like a rock star yakking on this simple phone but it's a nokia and i know it won't crap out on me. if i don't lose it it'll last for years. after all the cameras and singing and dancing phones i have had i find myslef right back with the simple reliable nokia design.

Reliable, easy-to-use


Mar 28, 2006 by Retropia

I purchased my 3120b as a refurb model through Cingular, which was inexpensive. A clear vinyl cover and data cable from eBay vendors were also cheap. This phone is so small, it fits easily in my pocket. The vinyl cover keeps my car keys from scratching the phone. I use the keylock feature to avoid accidentally activating it while the phone is in my pocket. You can still answer incoming calls even while the keypad is locked, which is a nice feature.

The reception, sound quality, and battery life are all superb. The typical Nokia user interface and menus make it easy to use. PC Sync software is available free from Nokia, and with the data cable make it easy to download your contacts and calendar into the phone from Outlook. If you have a lot of contacts, you know how miserable it is to have to input each one by hand into your phone. With PC Sync, it's all automatic.

I can't think of many negatives from the two months I've used this phone. The lights on the screen shut off after about 10 seconds to help conserve power. The screen then switches to a monochrome setting with poor contrast, making it hard to read. But the screen light comes on instantly when you press any button, and it also lights up when a call is incoming, so this is a minor consideration.

I've read where the only way to adjust call volume is when you are in the middle of a call. The default volume setting has been fine for me, so I've never had to make an adjustment. I have text messaging turned off through my carrier, so I can't comment on using that feature.

As others have mentioned, the buttons are tiny. My fingers aren't particularly fat, but I find it works best to use the edge of my fingernail to press the buttons. In particular, I think the power button would be difficult to press without a decent fingernail.

There is no infrared or bluetooth, which isn't a problem for me.

It's a handsome phone, and I anticipate several years of good service from it.

I have this fone and it sux.


Jan 25, 2006 by ford_gt

this fone sux the you cant assign a ringtone to many people and that is what i need.
small and fits in back pocket w/ comfort
can record your own ringtones
long battery life

service dies for no reason
gets messed up easy i have had 3 alredy and have had it for almost 9 months.
recording ringtones is very difficult
when using recorded rintones the volume of them gets turned down even if on high it sound either low or ditorted
poor gaming
back light doesn't last long enough

all in all this fone is good if u just need to get one for a bugging kid or for just calling someone.

Good Normal phone


Jan 22, 2006 by nokguy

I really like the phone over all. The Nokia 3120 is about the most practical phone I have ever had however, it's my first GSM phone.
Pros 1. Fantastic menu configuration
( It's set up to easily navigate and
the shortcuts are easy to set up.)
2. The SPEAKER is phenomenal!! :)
3. I really like the browser because it
combines all media in one.
4. The alarm is awesome!!! I love the
snooze feature and the ability to
assign custom tones for the alarm.
Cons Only one, the very few seconds that
you get with the back light.
The phone works great on the Cingular network and of course the coverage is great.

Great Brand!!!!


Jan 6, 2006 by poopsey

This my second cellphone from Nokia. I love to nokia.

My cell accidentally drop in the water and it was soke good, the inside and out was wet. the same thing happened to my previous nokia. And I let all the water dry inside of my cell and wait about 4 hours and when I put the sim card back in my cell it wasn't working because isn't completely dry the inside of the cell. And the miracles comes again its working perfectly good just like new when everything is completely dried.

I'm completely satisfied of my Nokia 3100. Hope so my next new Nokia 6102 will have some miracles if I accidentally drop in the water.

Highly recommended Nokia.

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