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great phone if you just want a phone


Jan 17, 2005 by cborders3

I do like my new 3120. This is my 3rd Nokia phone and the best of the three.

What I like:
-Simple and covenient menus (especially if you are used to Nokia phones)
-Great phone book
-Speakerphone is a new feature for me
-Battery life is plenty long
-Very small size and light weight are a plus (hardly notice it while it's in my pocket)
-Easy to download ringtones and graphics from the internet
-Inexpensive (i guess that's relative)

What I don't like:
-Keypad is loud
-Phone feels fragile
-Only can get polyphonic ring tones
-Only came with one game (full version)
-Shortcut feature does not provide many options to shortcut
-Comes with aweful wallpaper graphics

It's a near perfect phone for the sole purpose of being a phone.

Small and feature packed


Dec 8, 2003 by JoelMikel

I expected the phone to be much bigger when I ordered it so I was disappointed with the size when I received it.
Most people like the size thus I will not list the size as a negative.
If you have seen the Sony T616 it's actually smaller than that.
So slight the size you can actually put the phone in your pocket and forget it's there.... probably a good thing for the person on the go.

Features abound with this phone. You can customize most every aspect of the phone.

The display is a little too pixilated for what you would expect out of a mid to high-end phone.
The speaker phone is terrible. On the highest setting you have to strain to hear it making it useless in virtually all cars and open venues.
The games are cool, the ring tones are fine.

The ear piece sound is slightly lacking but I suspect this is due to the phone's size.

I found the 8-way keypad moderately unresponsive. Pushing it in any direction feels spongy and you have to push it all the way down in the direction your pushing for it to respond... makes the "gaming" experience on the phone rather difficult.

Optional data cable makes syncing a viable option and very useful for a work-related phone, expensive though it may ).

For the money and the features I was really expecting a lot more usable function out of this phone which I did not get.

Rating this phone slightly above average for it's customizing functionality and it's solid feel for a small phone.

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A decent simple phone with no frills


Aug 31, 2005 by jdbunda

Great phone if all you care about are the basics.

Pros: Nice small package, good call signal quality, good battery life.

Cons: primitive feature set, unimpressive audio quality, crummy PC interface, very basic graphics and ringtones.

I got this to replace my Siemens S56, which thankfully finally broke. The Siemens had more features, but the sound volume is so low as to be unusable in even slightly noisy environments and the battery life was awful.

The 3120 has good sound volume, though occasionally clarity is an issue. The very basic ring tones and games are not a problem for me, I just want a small decently functional phone with good battery life, and so far, it's been that. But only that.

The PC software is terrible, I can't figure out how to simply back up my phonebook with it. Instead, I synchronized with my email address book, which was a mistake - no, a disaster. This totally messes up the phone phonebook if you have multiple numbers per name. So if you have three numbers for one entry - John Doe home work & mobile, after you synchronize, you suddenly have three entries John Doe, John Doe1, John Doe2 each with a single number, and the number type is lost. Plus, it added names from my Outlook Express address book for which I had no phone number, just an email address (which it doesn't even import)... Bah!

The OEM earbud is just ok, sound is a little muffled (my old analog 8260 had such a nice one!).

Summary - very basic phone, small package, good battery performance, great price. The feature set is thin, but that's fine with me.

Great Phone!


Jan 8, 2005 by me n ms

I recently signed up with Cingular (I'm in Mississippi). I chose the Nokia 3120 after having to return the Motorola V220 camera phone I had gotten as a free offer. My 3 main complaints with the V220 were extremely poor reception, low ringtone and receiver volume, and a very annoying buzz when using the speakerphone. Having no idea what phone to try next, I just decided to try another brand with a low-price offer.
I am so glad I chose the Nokia 3120! The reception and signal strength with this phone is much stronger than with the other. This was a huge deciding factor for me, because had I not achieved better reception, I would have had to cancel my service. The difference is amazing! Also, ringtones are super loud and clear. And I am thrilled with the speakerphone: It's loud and crystal clear--no annoying buzzing.
It's just a great little phone. Nice compact size, shiny, neat, & the keypad and screen flash in rhythm with the ringtones.
I have no CONS for this phone.

Real Review


Apr 25, 2004 by bassdog

I can give you an actual unbiased review of this phone as I work reselling these for Cingular. I hear customer feedback every day, as well as having used one myself. I switch phones constantly as I have easy access to them, and I switched from my trusty 7250i to this phone. The back was a little akward to snap on at first, but it does not vibrate, the soft keys make noise, but they do not squeak and I have not had this complaint from any customers. Menus, ringtones, all excellent. The light up keypad is very popular. Cute design, the speakerphone, I disagree with previous posts, is very loud. I impress my friends with the speakerphone as everyone is used to the mediocre 7250i speakerphone volume. Working in a mall store I can still demonstrate its volume. This phone is one of Nokia's best so far, price is great considering you can get it for around the same price as people pay for a 3595, which is archaic in comparison. If you don't want the features like camera and radio, this is the phone to get, hands down.



Jan 10, 2005 by stevefo

My Wife and I used to have the Motorola V551 and I hated the poor battery and poor reception. After several returns of the same problem I went back to the Cingular store. I was the last customer of the day so the salesperson was free to tell me that he only uses Nokia. He was given a free Motorola V551 and he sold it and kept his Nokia. He suggested the Nokia 3120. I bought two. This little phone gets double the reception and five times the battery life of the junk Motorola. I realize I don't have camera and bluetooth. I just want a phone that does what it's supposed to.

Pros: Awesome reception, Awesome battery, tiny phone, great speakerphone, good build

Cons: none

This Nokia is Choice!


Apr 16, 2004 by Sir Text Alot

What can i say aobut Nokia that hasn't already been said?

They did it again with there release of the 3100.
This phone is Amazing.

Every feature works great and with new features on the phone like the backlite key pad is great along with the differnt color changable covers.

The 3100 is a really big saler too!
Also the speaker phone is a great add on to this phone! that's one of the best features on Most new Nokia's!


Amazing Phone


Feb 21, 2004 by PCoutCellDealer

I just love this phone. Its one of the smallest things I could find and it has so much packed into it. I is a little squeeky but I'd expect it from such a well made thing. To me its a 3200 brother phone. Both of them are great.

Wonderful cell phone


May 14, 2004 by twanky36

this is he best phone i have ever owned. the features are excellent and its unique size and style really set the phone off. one
PROS: you can record music and set as your ring tone
great ring tones and crystal clear sound
easy to use menu
speakerphone is great nice and loud
back light lights up with ring tone
CONS: case is not very durable

this is a must have phone for any one plus its from nokia:)

dis is a great phone


Oct 9, 2004 by jazztr_500

This phone is a great phone very small and sleek i would recommend you to buy it but on the other half it hasn't got a camera or radio built in.it also don't have infra red so you have to buy a dku-5 cable also it doesnt have a voice reorder which makes it not possible to put real ringtones on your phone from a playing device.

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