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Nokia 3120 Rocks!


Nov 23, 2006 by callie

This phone is great! I own a Motorola V190 and this phone. Here is a list of pros and cons about it.


-small (I like small things, so this is a plus)
-easy to use
-holds a charge for a longer period of time.
-sturdy (considering how many times I have dropped it on hard surfaces).
The list goes on and on. :)


-no camera
-polyphonic ringtones only
-only triband. It should be quad band.

Amazingly Practical


Aug 27, 2006 by witesamurai

This is a very nice phone with a lot of neat features.

Color Display
Polyphonic Ring Tones
Very Sleek look (3120 only in my opinion)
Mobile Aim
Web Browsing
Very Customizable
Recorder (no more buying real music ring tones, just record them yourself)
Small size
Loud and clear Speaker phone
Very easy to navigate and use

no camera

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Nokia 3120


Dec 23, 2005 by needtotalk

I just upgraded from the Nokia 3595 to the Nokia 3120. Both are superb phones.

Pros - great sound quality and reception. I never drop calls and never have any "garbled" voices. Small size, easy functionality. I don't need a lot of features but adding and deleting contacts, etc. is very simple. The battery seems to be even better than the 3595 and I only charged that one about once every 3-4 days. The photo on this website does not do this phone justice, it is actually quite small. This overall phone is very sturdy. I dropped it a number of times and never had a problem with it.

Cons- basic phone, not a lot of features, not a clam-shell so is a little more bulky than some of the other phones on the market but is still small. This is not a problem for me.

Best phone I've ever owned


Nov 27, 2005 by erockerboy

Just picked up a Nokia 3120 and I can say this is definitely the best phone I've owned to date (I've purchased 4 different phones within the last 2 years). I got this phone to replace my Motorola V551, which even though it was a more expensive and feature-rich unit, had some maddening quirks: poorly designed UI, sluggish response to user keypresses, poor audio quality and dropped calls.

Just from the standpoint of the user interface, this Nokia is a breath of fresh air compared to the Motorola. The Nokia is MUCH faster and easier to navigate, and is quick and responsive (compared to the Moto, which would often "hang" for 2-3 seconds before responding to user input). The menus are also laid out much more intuitively on the Nokia than the Motorola.

Audio quality is also better - I've definitely experienced fewer dropped calls with this phone vs. the Motorola.

Battery life is a big improvement as well - this thing can apparently run in standby mode for up to 5 days before recharging. The Moto would only last a day or so, by contrast.

To top it off, this thing is built like a tank compared to the Moto which always felt fragile and flimsy. The Nokia one-piece "brick" seems more solid than the Moto's flip phone design. And, the 3120's small size is a real selling point - it is much more "pocket friendly" than the bulkier and thicker Motorola.

Of course the Nokia has a more basic feature set - no camera/video capture, no Bluetooth, no EDGE data transfer - but unless those features are "must haves", the Nokia is a real winner and I would choose it in a heartbeat over the more expensive and feature-laden V551.

To sum up:

-Great UI, very snappy and responsive
-Great audio quality
-Long battery life
-Small size/solid construction

-No camera or Bluetooth

Overall this is a great phone and is easily my favorite of all the phones I've owned. 5 stars.

Nokia 3100. Awesome no frills regular phone


Nov 24, 2005 by NevadaTJ

I've had this phone for almost two years. It replaced my older Nokia 6285 (That Nokia never died) from ATT Wireless. Ok back to the review.

Great reception through ATT Wireless (now Cingular). This phone has great clarity and the battery life is good for a free phone. Head to head with my roommates Motorola through the same carrier. My phone has reception throughout my house compared to her's which disconnects. This phone has sustained many falls and slides on pavement and it still has not let me down.

For the cons about this phone. Sometimes depending on who calls me and through which carrier, full volume isn't loud enough and the vibrate doesn't vibrate as hard as some other phones.

Overall this phone is a great deal for someone who doesn't want all those fancy gadgets that you have to pay extra to use. The phone fits in my little right jean pocket. None of the flip phones out there can fit in my little right jean pocket and people still comment on how small it is. I have yet to find a suitable replacement for this phone. A phone that can fit into my little right jean pocket.

Great basic phone


Jul 6, 2005 by Spartan 104

This is a great basic phone. It leaves a lot to be desired when compared to many feature-rich phones, but overall it makes a great basic phone and a worthy back up phone as well.

*Great RF performance
*Speaker phone
*Small and lightweight
*Decent batery life
*Always been a fan of Nokia's UI
*Like the synchronized lighting/vibrating for incoming calls

*4k STN screen
*CAll quality - voices tend to sound "tinny"
*Not many features (reflected in price)
*Buttons are small and spaced too close together
*Not a big fan of the 10 sec. back light

One of the Best Phones out there...


Dec 5, 2004 by Cellphoneuser1

Let me start by saying this, I work in the Wireless industry, as well, as have used many phones, SE t226, Moto T720, Nokia 3595, LG TM 250, Nokia 3390 and finally, the 3120. I have read the reviews for many phones on the market, as well, as i am aware of many of the current fads ie, Flip, Camera, Bluetooth, Built in Keyboards etc. This phone has None of these things so if your looking for that buy a PDA and a 6820.

Now, to the Review. I got this phone Refurbished. Yes that is Taboo. But i have had no problems whatsoever. The Reception is incredible, and i have tested it everywhere from, The middle of nowhere to an underground parking lot. This phone works on 3 bands, 850, 1800 and 1900 MHZ, Now that might not mean much to most, but the 850 MHZ Frequency is the lowest meaning it has alot more range. It can Penetrate most buildings, so it will work in an elevator or in your basement. Its also got the 1800 band meaning you can travel to Europe. Nokia has always had better RF capabilities then most Manufacturers out there. Feature and Styling: This phone is SMALL the pictures do it no justice, its very economical and the menus are very easy to get a hang of. (not like Moto). It is a very beautifull phone. Its great for those fasion freaks who need something to go something with their underware, and those who need it for buidness. This phone has a speakerphone, which is very practical and you can adjust the volume for driving.
Durability: One word, Indestructable. Nokia makes a great product. Their phones are durable, you can throw it and itll make calls after. They last and last. I would recomend this phone to ANYONE. This phone is all Pros.

Wonderful phone!


Sep 4, 2004 by Cell1Barb

I work in the wireless industry. I have had access to use numerous phones. This is by far my favorite. I have experienced no problems with the faceplate or back of my phone. If someone else has, I suggest they have it checked. I have also not had any squeaky keys. I purchased the active faceplate from the Nokia website. It helps me sell this little phone. Everyone loves it. I've taken it to business meetings & have been surprised at how many people think I have a new model. I noticed that several people gave this phone a lower rating because of features that it doesn't have. I personally don't think that is fair. If you are looking for those features, don't buy this phone. This phone is certainly standing up to my expectations.

Excellent phone


Feb 28, 2006 by wcarlson1973

This phone is compact, sturdy, and very dependable. I had an accident where my phone was exposed to severe force. It damaged the screen. I went ahead and bought an Ericsson that costs 3 times as much. I couldn't stand it. I went on e-bay and picked up a Nokia 3100 again for 20 bucks! I love it and the beauty is in its simplicity and reliability.

Fast, efficient text messaging
Solid reception and sound
Holds a charge for a very long time

None I can think of



Oct 14, 2006 by chunkysoup

when i owned this phone it was still fairly new and i have to tell you that this phone is indistructible. Service was great and the phone was so small that I didn't mind it in my pocket. The battery life was 3 days strong even when i used it alot. The 3120 is a great phone.

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