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all of your basic necessities, plus a bit more


Dec 19, 2005 by xara

At first glance I fell in love with the phone - the small design, the chrome plated front, all my friends just love it, thinking its another high-priced, fancy phone from nokia/cingular, when surprisingly it was very affordable, but I must admit - it IS fancy, yet extremely "phone newbie" friendly.

It has everything you want and need plus more. It has text messaging, multimedia messaging, polyphonic ringtones, MEDIA NET, to download many more ringtones, games, applications, ANYTHING else you may want or need for your nokia 3120, can be found on media net. It's the internet on your phone, letting you download practically anything you may want, including java apps. If youre at work, the movies, or dont feel like calling anyone, you can go ahead and use your instant message feature, by logging onto AIM or YAHOO to chat with your buddies. There are many more features to this phone - like any screensaver you could want, you can even record your own voice or music to use as a ringtone.

Popular? 300 contacts/Calendar with 500 entries.
Cant get up in the morning? Alarm clock.
Timing something? Stopwatch/countdown.
Bilingual? English, French, Spanish, Portuguese languages supported.

You can talk for 6 hours if you like on this phone, or you can go ahead and leave it on your desk for over 16 DAYS, yes DAYS, and still be able to talk. Total standby time is 17 days.

The call quality is great, except if you put the the phone too close to a stereo or your speakers, it makes the speakers beep, which is the only downside, but is totally negligable.

I'd give this phone 4/5 stars, because of all the features you can have on a phone that's 4.01 inches long x 1.68 inches wide x 0.76 inch thick, and weighs just about 3 ounces.

No complaints


Dec 11, 2005 by Dreams24

Pros: Great reception with cingular wireless Eastern Kentucky area, great battery life talk for hours on this phone and have to charge just about twice a week, easy to understand phone menu, cool color schemes for display settings.

Cons: Cannot download music tones only polyphonic, phone is tiny makes keypad navigation a little challenging for stubby fingered people (like myself)

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What sound quality?


Nov 20, 2005 by rob4734

Sorry, but Nokia bombs on this phone. If you want clear communication, this phone isn't it. Using the headset is like talking in a tunnel thru a kazoo.

decent battery life
screen is clear

-Sound quality is garbage
-headset makes things worse. Jack on headset is not standard.
-speakerphone button is also the clear button, so if during your call you have to hit any keys(ie - for a menu system), you can't switch back to the normal phone until you have cleared the keys you hit.

Nokia 3120


Sep 18, 2005 by iloveMOTOV300

This phone was cute:

Nice lil screen, fun menu, and you could record music to use as a ringtone! I used this phone unlocked on T-Mobile. The reception was bad, mainly due to the carrier. Overall I loved this phone. It is available by Cingular. It is small and easy to carry with you. It doesn't buldge out your pockets unlike my moto phone! I give this phone a 5 outta 5.

Nokia 3100


Aug 24, 2005 by santosj6284

I have had this phone for a year and a half and the only complaint I had was the speaker function. Also couldn't locate any accessories for this model.
A little hard to maneuver at first between the small keypad and not used to the shortcuts. But once I configured my personal shortcuts and used it for a couple of days it was simple.
No camera but when this phone was first introduced the technology wasn't even at 1 mega-pixel and anything less than that is a waste of time for me.
The voice recorder feature was useful for those times when I was in the car and couldn't find a pen to write a memo.
I used the alarm feature every day and with the calendar, set up reminders for myself. Not only was I happy with the features this phone was also incredibly durable. I was constantly dropping this poor phone and it never skipped a beat. It was completely submerged in a glass of water (don't try this at home. We immediatly got it out of the water and took the whole phone apart, air-drying each piece individualy), thrown 50ft were it landed on cement and still kept going. The phone worked great until my boyfriend got mad, decided it looked like a baseball and hurled it as hard as he could against the wall. It shattered into about 8 pieces, rendering the battery, and screen useless. Unfortunately, my provider no longer carries this model. To replace it I am going with the Nokia 6670 which I hope shares some of the same characteristics of my previous phone.
Nokia 3100

It works...can't say the same for Cingular!!!


Jun 21, 2005 by x325

I have had the privilege of owning several phones (Nokia 6100 series, Nokia 3120, Motorola V710, Motorola RAZR V3, Motorla Startac, Motorola T720, and the Motorola V60.) The Nokia 3120 for the Cingular Network is not a bad phone. I loved the RAZR (size, looks, features) but the honest truth was that in terms of reliability, this phone is one of the best. Cingular's network is nowhere near as good as Verizon's, but this phone seems to mitigate some of the problems, whereas the RAZR highlighted them. I had horrible reception with the RAZR, several dropped calls per conversation (Cingular denies it if you try and complain, but it is obvious based on other reviews and fellow Cingular members), and problems with the functionality of the phone.

The 3120 is consistent and makes calls with perfect reception, hardly any dropped calls, and fairly good battery time to top that. If you are looking for a phone that works and is reliable, look no further. If you want looks and the latest-greatest to show off to your friends, buy a RAZR.

Excellent Reception!
Solid and Durable
Many features not found in starter phones (Speakerphone, Color Screen, High Speed data access-no EDGE though)
Extremely easy to use (making a call is much quicker than any Motorola I have had.)

No Bluetooth
Difficult to find a head set that fits the phone-don't know why Nokia didn't use the standard connection found in many phones.
Battery is not the best, but not the worst.
Nothing to show off- no camera or video, screen is nothing to brag about, and the looks are not the most appealing.
Love voice activated dialing-not on this phone.

Overall, I would recommend this phone to someone who needs a phone, not a PDA Smartphone or Camera and all the fancy technology like Bluetooth. *Be very cautious of Cingular-if you decide to choose them, select this phone! Don't leave Verizon if you have a choice!!!

Adequate Phone - Should be Free


Mar 12, 2005 by bassdude

I tested the Nokia 3120 for 25 days before trading it in for LG L1400.

The 3120, a basic phone, has adequate reception, and sound, and the speaker phone is loud and clear - equal to all those I tested in Cingular's store, except the LG L1400, and perhaps the Moto v551. Callers reported they received clear reception from me, whether I was using the speaker phone, or not.

Quite a few dropped calls in both metro and rural interstate areas, and signal strength was inferior to the LG L1400, which is superior in all respects, except no speaker phone.

I noted background "white noise," in both my 3120, as well as the demo in the Cingular store, which was not present in any of the several other phones I tested there.

The 3120 has a clear screen, which is best when not using any background wallpaper - but, way inferior to the quality of the LG L1400, or the Moto v551.

The Nokia and LG menus are both very logical and easy to use, compared to the Moto's and Sony's.

The 3120 is too small, and the keys are too small and not easy to navigate - which is hazardous when driving. The size and placement of the keys of the LG L1400 and Moto v551 are way superior. And the 3120 doesn't have voice dialing, which both the LG and Moto do.

And of course the 3120 doesn't have a camera feature - as if that matters in a phone.

Battery life is about average - usually got about 3 to 4 days of combined talk / standby time.

1. Sound volume of both the phone and speaker phone.
2. Clarity and reception by callers who I was talking to.
3. Logical menus.
4. Bright clear screen when not using wallpaper.
5. Ring tones were loud enough.

1. Small size & small keys.
2. No voice dialing feature.
3. Background "white noise" (in both 3120's tested).
4. Only average battery life.
5. Only average signal strength / dropped calls.
6. Funky two-tone color.
7. Volume controls not on side - hard to adjust.
8. No camera - but, who cares.

3120 is ok


Mar 10, 2005 by lefteyeiu2002

I had the 3120 for a little while and it was a nice phone. I like the ringtones, and the features it had on it, but the signal strength was a lot weaker than my current phone the nokia 6200. The 3120 is a small phone, but if you like small then it is the right phone for you.

Pros: nice color screen, cool features, you can record music or sounds to use as your ringtone, buttons are cool and fun to click, stylistically a modern day cell phone.

Cons: terrible signal strength. When my 6200 had three to four bars out of 7, my 3120 had No signal at all!

Overall it is a nice little phone.

3120 phone review


Mar 10, 2005 by hunny bee

- Lightweight
- Sleek design
- Speakerphone is nice
- Vibrate and ring function simultaneously or either or.
- User profiles for certain ringtones/volumes available.

- Hard to view the screen when in direct sunlight or under bright lights.
- Not a good selection of ringtones/wallpapers/screensavers
- Game choices limited. Usually games come with free trials and you have to buy them to continue playing them.
- Ringers are not very loud. Some are louder than others when used with the same volume level.

Middle of the road:
- Have to buy a separate attachment to use a ear piece
- The phone is 2 toned (dark blue-ish grey and a pale white). The pale white cannot be taken off. Rather than removing the entire cover only the top cover and back battery cover is removable. The only way to get a solid color on your phone is to buy a pale white cover which is not offered by the company. (Maybe e-bay)
- Screensaver with clock won't turn off.
- Polyphonic ringtones only.

Wish it was larger


Feb 21, 2005 by canddmeyer

Other than the phone being too small for my fat hands, and the volume too low with the headset, it's been a fine phone. I wish the same features were packaged in a body the size of my 6010 so the keypad would be larger.

Battery life
Ringtone availability
Alarm Clock
RF Signal
Plantronic headset availability w/noise cancellation ability
Phone book options
2-1/2 hr. empty to full battery charge times
1800 band

Those listed at beginning &...
Picks up too much background noise
Non-standardized headset jack

My only regret: I wish I'd waited for the 6230 which they were out of when I made my purchase. I've seen some killer pic's the 6230's take.

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