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disappointing reception


Feb 18, 2005 by primmy

I like the size of this phone, and I'm not interested in a lot of bells and whistles. But I have been disappointed in the quality of the reception I get. My other nokia was much better. Also, the battery doesn't last very long at all. My speakerphone is fine though, plenty loud, and I like that feature. But it's hard to get around its frequent low signal and cutting out in the middle of a conversation.

Nice little phone


Dec 14, 2004 by fonefreak39

My husband bought me this phone for my birthday a month ago. I have had the Motorola V300, Nokia 3595 and the Samsung X426. This is the best one yet. I would give it a 5 rating but the wallpaper and screen savers are terrible!!!

Small size
nice colour screen
easy to use menu
excellent sound and reception (Rogers/Fido network in Canada)
speaker phone is also very nice

needs better ring tones (nokia tune is ok)
wallpaper aren't very nice to look at
battery could be better (but no big deal to charge it every other day)

Nokia is definitely the way to go , they always make good phones.

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Nice entry-level phone


Jul 5, 2004 by superdiz73

I bought this phone from a Houston ATT Wireless store a month ago. I immediately took the phone to San Francisco on a business trip and had absolutely no problem with it. The Nokia 3100 has a pleasant design, easy-to-dial rubbery keys, well-lit keys and backlight, easy to navigate menus, and a decent battery life. Overall I like this phone a lot compared to the others I've had in the past. It takes less than two hours to fully charge the phone and I can go three days on a full charge with moderate use. The phone is small but nicely designed. Normally a phone this small would be difficult to use because the buttons are tiny. This is not the case with the 3100. I think the rubber keys help a lot with usability. I can drive and dial the phone without being too distracted. The voice recorder feature is pretty neat. I can record phone conversations or little memos about what to get at the grocery store. Little things like that is so convenient in life. I have several minor complaint about this phone, however. I wish they would put volume control keys on the side of the phone, conveniently located where the thumb would be. The reception is not as strong as the Samsungs we have in our family plan, and not as strong as the Nokia 6200 that I bought and returned immediately before getting this one. Yesterday, the phone began to ring really lowly. I tried to increase the volume but was to no avail. I had to remove the battery to reset the phone before it would resume its normal function. Likewise, a software error caused the phone to freeze, which required me to remove the battery for the phone to reset itself.
Overall, I would recommend my friends to get this phone. You get a lot of nice features for your money (I got mine for free).

Great Phone... Great Price


Apr 23, 2004 by dat1girl

I've had this phone for about a month now and I have had no problems. The phone is really small, which I prefer. The ringtones are great. I did download some new ones though. The graphics that came with the phone were not my style so I deleted all of them and downloaded new ones. I just love Nokia phones. The menu is really user friendly. I love the fact that you can set a timer for automatic key lock just in case you forget to lock it. I am pretty happy with what I paid for. Basically nothing with a mail-in-rebate. Too bad it wasn't a camera phone. Although I did buy the fun camera which really sucked because the pictures were always dark and not centered because you couldn't preview it on your phone before taking the picture. So if you are wanting to purchase the Nokia Fun Camera for this phone... DON'T! Basically, I think the NOKIA 3100 is one of the best NOKIA phones on the market right now if you do not want to spend a fortune on a phone. I like to get new phones every year or two. So this phone is a keeper for awhile.

good phone


Apr 1, 2004 by vixy

This phone is definately a nice phone...not exactly what you would expect from Nokia but its great for someone who wants to step it up a bit from the old TDMA without going too much into all the bells and whistles of some of the newer phones. Personally didnt experience the rattleing that others have. Keypad is slightly "squeaky" although its the material used with the phone and not the way it was built. Signal is excellent although that depends on the network coverage in your area (GSM is still new so it might not be in all rural areas that TDMA is, hang in there its growing). Sound is very clear and the speaker phone is strong and of quality.

over all a good buy

pros= great for someone who isnt TOO tech savy and just wants a cute phone to use and play with.

cons= pics on phone arent as clear as you would expect although it is a phone after all and not a HD plasma tv!!

feel free to write back if you have ?'s



Jul 19, 2005 by cellgeek

This phone is very nice. It is small and has a metallic faceplate.

Bright Color Screen
Changeable Faceplates
Camera attachment
Can Record Voice or Music and use as ringtone.
Can attach picture to a specific contact.
Nice looking
Great battery life.

No built in Camera.
Screen saver only last for a few seconds

If this phone had a built in camera and supported video capture, I would probably never want another phone, but overall I like the phone.

What is Nokia thinking?


Jan 2, 2004 by Franklyn

What a crappy phone. I am true to the Nokia brand, I have had many 6260's and then 8260's and have loved them all. Only replacing them when they would go for a swim, but I finally decided to move up to GSM (att in Los Angeles). So far the service sucks. But the phone is also weak. The speaker phone is so low that inside my quite Mercedes it is still hard to hear. The menu's are not as user friendly as the old Nokia's and the ear piece fades in and out even though I have full bars. I do love the size and it seems easy to use the keyboard even though I have big clunky fingers. The ringers are great and the key board lights up, but these are hardly worth it. GIVE ME BACK TDMA!

i hate this phone!


Sep 13, 2005 by dizzygirl86

this phone is by far the wprst piece of crap i have ever owned. it has a mind of it's own, meaning it turns on and off by itself. the light sometimes doesn't turn off at night. it has the worst reception known to man. when i'm on the phone with anyone, it will lose signal, no matter where i'm at. if you're looking to buy this phone, think again. you'll be wishing you never heard of it.

Stable Phone


May 1, 2005 by Depaul23

This phone isn't the best phone, but it is a very good phone in stability, I am the type of person whom drops the phone alot and it was never damaged. This phone is VERY small in design which is a great feature. The signal with Cingular was Excellent, but we have paid to get out of contract with cingular because there customer service SUCKS.

Color Display
Stable Phone
Receives Great Signal (Tri-Band)
Keys are easy
Loud Ringtones
Can use Voice Recorded things as ringtones

Speakerphone not that loud
Color Screen Small
Color Screen Not Very Bright at all, nor vivid

Overall more of a buisness type phone

Nice but not better than..


Dec 31, 2004 by gsuchick

Nokia 3100 compared to other owned Nokia phones. This one sucks with reception and signal. I never have signal inside my house, and sometimes have to walk around outside for a few minutes before I get a notch or two. (And I live in city limits)

I do love the speakerphone feature, the voice volume and quality is clear to both sides.

Buttons attract foundation makeup (being female) that can only be removed with makeup remover, not water. Although, the buttons are easy to press and the menus and such are good also.

I previously owned the Nokia 3390 and loved everything about it. The alarm clock broke and Cingular could neither fix or replace it. That was the only reason I got a new one.

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