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Nokia 3100


Mar 11, 2004 by timslo

This phone initially reminded me of my old Nokia 8260, which I really enjoyed. The 3100 carries a lot of the same qualities. It's small, compact, and like every Nokia, easy to use. The casing is lacking in durability. When you hold the phone, it feels like you might crush it. The back doesn't completely shut either and rattles when it vibrates. Overall I like it and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for cool phone without a lot technical features like IR or Bluetooth.

The best "little" phone to own.


Jul 1, 2004 by McNary06

I give this phone a perfect review, just because of the simple fact the it is the best. I just switched from the Seimens a56 from att. The service is great and the features are awsome. The vibration does not rattle when the phone rings. The ringtones are great but i downloaded new ones. I like the glow in the dark faceplate, and the color is great. It is a great small phone that is practically free with rebates. A great choice to have that is within your budget.

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Not bad, but had to return


Feb 13, 2005 by Allstartx

For the most part, this phone was a fairly good phone. This was going to be a temporary phone for me until I found a phone in the States (Cingular) that I actually felt was worth my money. Very poor selections at the moment.

Pros of this phone
Lighted buttons that flash upon receiving calls/IM/MMS/etc.
Simple Menu
Long battery life
Decent reception/call quality
Small phone
Easy Key lock/unlock
Grid selection of menu

Cons of this phone
* The biggest gripe I have about this phone is the back-light. It only has a 10 second light while not pressing any buttons. When it does go dark, you can't see ANYTHING, so when you try and hit a button to bring the light back, the button moves your screen or adds the button you selected - very irritating. Called Nokia, and they said they had no way of changing this and I would have to live with it.
* Speaker was mediocre at best
* Screen Saver selections were poor, and with the back-light turning off after 10 seconds, don't even know why Nokia wasted their time adding a screen saver function.
* Small display screen (but I guess this is common for Nokia - if you are OK with that, not a minus)
* Same "experience" as the models I had 10 years ago... was looking for some changes to their layout.

All in all, this phone is a good phone for battery life, reception, and call quality. If that is all you are looking for, get this phone. If you are looking for something that will keep you interested for the duration of your 2 year contract, look elsewhere.

Because of the back-light feature, I had to return this phone. Have since ordered the Siemens S66 for a whirl. Not in the same class (Siemens S66 - mid/high end), but hoping to get what I need out of the phone.

I miss this phone


Nov 15, 2010 by narn3049

When I owned this phone a nokia 3100 it was about 2003 and I didn't need that Many features but this had a lot of features compared to what I'd wanted with a phone.

I love my iPhone better but I'd still miss this phone if I still was with nokia mobile phones.



Dec 4, 2009 by pedroe13

Overally the phone is a great for any starter or for kids. The phone is small, thin and does not need internet to operate. This phone for me was a good starter since I really just needed the phone for what it was invented for- make calls.



I still have this phone and it now operates as a last resort phone- just in case all my backup phones die then this will be used other than that descent phone for its size but again, I recommend getting a free phone over this one.

not a bad little phone


Nov 20, 2007 by chicagvi

had one a couple years ago and my mom still has hers.

pros- small (not awkward)
- got good reception
- easy to use

cons - no camera
- no mp3 usage
- volume a little soft when listening to someone talk

not a bad phone if you need a phone to call and text. mine was durable, dropped it countless times and basically just scuffed the sides. then one day it was my pocket and someone how i shatered the screen.

don't get it (and then whine about it) if you want a trendy phone with a lot of gadgets on it.

First Phone; Works Well


Jun 15, 2007 by RSL

I can't compare this to any other phone, but it's worked pretty well for me. I use an unlocked Cingular version with T-Mobile service, so there are some features I can't access.

+great battery life
+small size
+easy to learn and use
+pretty good call quality

- it sometimes turns itself off for no reason
- call volume is low: mine's always set to max and I still can't hear in noisy places
- speakerphone is unusable because it's so quiet
- lately I've noticed that I don't get reception in places that other T-mobile users do

Because of the cons, I'm finally ready to upgrade, but this has been a great beginner phone and I'll definitely keep it as a back-up.

OK Phone


Mar 5, 2007 by pinkpuffyshoes


-Alarm Clock
-Voice Recorder
-Many ringtones to choose from
-Rayman bowling is great
-Great Size-small easy to hold!

-No faceplates avaliable!!
-Takes strange faceplate port
-No camera
-To have number specific ringtones you must place a number in 1 of 5 groups and have a group specific ringtone

Simply the BEST


Dec 20, 2006 by mghorayeb

I love it! I've had it for 2 years and it is the best phone I've ever had. You can never go wrong with Nokia. This device is so reliable.

simply perfect


Nov 28, 2006 by hag1418

This phone is nothing less than perfect. I previously owned an LG L1400 and was very displeased with it. Eventually with its poor programming and quality, i bought this phone for $30. The quality of its calls is crystal clear with cingular's service where i live. i wish it had more advanced features such as Bluetooth or even higher pixel and color, but it is great as it is.


- extremely small and lightweight
- great service
- gamers would like the games
- battery life (i went 12 days without
charging one time)
- easy to use
- cheap and affordable
- you can record your own ringtones
- speakerphone


- the only con is no Bluetooth

Overall excellent phone choice for users who just want basic features.

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