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Durable, if nothing else


Sep 12, 2005 by c.coyle

This isn't a traditional review, but I think this is worth passing on.

My son is in the Peace Corps in Bangladesh. The Peace Corps issued him a 3100 or 3120, he's not sure which. He had just finished using a "squat toilet", which is noting more than a hole in the floor. As he stood up, the phone fell out of his shirt pocket and into the hole. After 4 to 5 minutes of total immersion in, well, use your imagination, he found a plastic bag, put it on his hand, and pulled the phone out. The screen only showed gibberish characters, but it was still working! He then got a bucket of soap and water, scrubbed it off, and set it in the sun to dry. A day later, it was working perfectly, and he still has it. On top of that, it sounds great, cell-to-cell, from Bangladesh to Pennsylvania. I have ordered one for myself.

Buy this phone


Sep 6, 2005 by nealjamie

This Phone is simple and easy to use and gets great signal. I use to have a motorola and I will never get anything but a nokia again. I get better reception than ever

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Cute but badly built


Dec 19, 2003 by pgmmpk

Had couple of this phones for a week. Its a feature-packed, small, and elegant phone. The biggest problem is that cover does not snap tightly. The battery cover rattles when phone vibrates, and it squeaks when pressing the keys. This gives a feel of a cheap toy. Not a solid-feeling phone.

Reception is good. I had a chance to compare it to SE T616 and Siemens S56. It in the same rank as those guys (I have a very poor gsm signal at my place that makes RF performance very easy to test). I would place S56 as the best performer, with N 3100 and T616 closely behind.

Keypad is small, but convenient, and its hard to miss a key. This is a big improvement as compared to weird key layouts of 3650 and 3200 models.

Ring tones and images are very disappointing. This is probably not a problem at all, because this stuff can be easily downloaded.

One thing that is missing is that ability to configure preferred roaming list. Its also not possible to "force" a particular carrier while in "automatic" network selection mode.

No bluetooth, no infrared. You have to buy a DKU-5 usb cable to connect it to PC.

User manual (as shipped by AT+T WS) is a truncated version of what is on nokia's website.
The hardcopy omits about 20 pages, in particular the explanation of what display icons mean. This makes the manual worthless - you'll have to download and print the on-line one. This is probably not a problem for those who used other nokia phones...

Earpiece and speaker are loud, sond is clear - no problem here.

PROS: small, good reception, stylish design, convenient keypad, loudspeaker.

CONTRAS: badly engineered or manufactured front/back plates, lousy ringtones/images, no ir, no bluetooth.

An excellent entry-phone


Nov 13, 2004 by nicojafelle

I love this phone. It has a beautiful classic design and excellent size, it is comfortable. I can hear very well the voice and it has speakerphone that is louder.

The resolution of the phone comparing with its rival, his screen of 128x128 its excellent.

Its wap is fantastic I can download almost all.

It has more than 1 MB the 3100b.

It has a lot of application and game you can download.

The battery is excellent.

Well I think doesn't have CONS for an entry level phone because it has all the basic functions and more. Maybe it would be better if it has IRDA but.... I think its OK.

Great phone for basic functionality


Oct 23, 2004 by teddw2ds

I've had this phone for about three weeks now, and I love it. The most important thing to me is great signal strength and long battery life, and this phone is a champ in both regards. It doesn't have a lot of fancy extras like a camera or FM radio, but that's not what I'm looking for in a phone anyway. It does have some great extras, though, like a speakerphone, go to menu, and the ability to attach photos to each contact. It's also very small and lightweight.

The only downside I've encountered so far is that the screen saver kicks in way to quickly, and the calendar does not have a meeting option. It only has Reminder, Call or Birthday. Other than those minor gripes, it is a great phone that I've really enjoyed owning so far.

Great Little Phone


Oct 13, 2004 by cjg

The 3100 is a nice little phone for the money. No, it doesn't have bluetooth or a camera, but it's in the less expensive price range also, can't deduct points for that. I feel I need to rate it for what it is and not compare it to higher-end phones. So here's my 2 cents:

Pros: The battery life is amazing, the reception is very good, and the ringtones are pretty nice. Generally it has the great reliability and dependability that Nokia is known for.

Cons: Very few. I'm not wild about the extreme smallness, but some might like that. Bit of a cheap feel to it, but this doesn't take away from the performance.

All in all, a good buy for anyone who doesn't need or want a camera and gadgets.

Nokia 3120 phone is great!


Oct 14, 2005 by coloradogirl

I am now the owner of a Nokia 3120, and am loving it!!! I used to own a Motorola V180, which was unlocked, and noticed that it didn't have as good of a signal strength as this Nokia 3120 does. It gets coverage in places that the Motorola V180 did not, like the main hallway at the college I attend.

PROS: nice little screen, big enough text for me to read, like the voice record feature, since I am not able to have mp3 ringtones on this phone, very few dropped calls, option to attach a digital camera, nice vibrate alert, small, and compact to fit in my tiny hands, durable (especially in its carrying case), keys can be locked, so that I don't make any calls without my knowledge.

CONS: no mp3 ringtone capability

no complaints


May 30, 2005 by bluepolo

I got this phone because I was waiting to get a razr and needed a phone that didn't suck. Sadly, I ended up dropping this phone on the ground and cracking the display :( I had always thought of Nokias as the indestructable phones that you could spill beer on and drop on the ground and they'd be ok, but with this phone, I have been proven wrong.

- easy to use menus, etc
- speakerphone is fairly decent
- phone locking is easy
- dont have to be AS careful with this phone as with other brands

- turning the phone to silent could be a little easier (like just having to hold the # key on samsungs)
- the phone doesnt feel as sturdy as old nokias

I didn't really have any major issues with this phone as far as a phone with not too many features on it. It's not complicated and has all you really NEED in a phone, but if you're looking for some cool gadgets, don't go with a nokia... try a moto or something

Excellent phone


Nov 21, 2004 by ArtVandelay

PROs: It has a lot of features for it's price: Big and nice screen, Java, speakerphone sounds great, very good signal and sound quality, triband, and a lot of cool features.

CONs: Some things feel a little "cheap", like the battery cover, and it's easy to get the screen scratched (like on almost all bar phones), but I don't care because it's a great phone...



Apr 29, 2004 by jammy

I got this phone for my mom so she could upgrade to a more tech phone. This is a great phone. My mom likes it for the small compact phone that it is. I like this phone my self. I love the features on it. The speaker phone, i have the allure, which the speaker phone sucks on it, but this is cool great feature also the ringtones are great. great reception also. The only thing i dislike about this phone is the wallpaper the wallpaper is too dark to be able to see what the phone is reading on the alpha tag. also the color schemes don't go with any of the wallpaper so you cant put one on there and expect to see your battery and your signal strength. Nokia should just put as an option for color scheme black. but it is a great little phone. I may go and get me one for myself because it is such a cute phone. Also the vibration is great too does not rattle or make any funky noise like some phones do.

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