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LG enV Touch VX-11000


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LG enV Touch Great texting Phone


Jun 13, 2010 by SoGaRdWarior

I purchased this phone partially because Consumer Reports gave it a top rating for a Verizon phone.
Pros: Good sized QWERTY keyboard, very good virtual keyboard, responsive touch screen, good call connection, excellent camera function.

Cons: Average to below average battery life, ringer set to highest level still not loud enough.

EnV Touch is Great!


May 20, 2010 by jessica_wireless

This phone is by far the best phone I have ever had! I would keep it forever! I am in love with this phone! It is absolutely wonderful! I loved that it was both touch screen and has a qwerty keyboard which until recently Verizon didn't offer much of. I even dropped my phone on the touch screen and completely destroyed the outer screen adn it still worked for about 3 months but even the the external screen stopped working the internal screen worked fine as well as the qwerty keyboard. If you are thinking about getting this phone just do it! You wont regret it!

Frustrating 10 months


May 7, 2010 by AccioVeritaserum

I've had this phone for 10 months and it breaks my heart. I wish i could be these other people, but it's so hard for me to fathom that this is a good phone. I've had two so far, eh, three kinda, one was wiped and redone. Anyway, my first one shorted out and turned off randomly. Then I got it "fixed". Didn't work, so I replaced the phone. It started turning off, and when i turned it back on, it would go back to the factory settings. Then I got the software upgrade. (I was SIX behind because i was never informed of new updates) and then it didn't return to factory settings anymore! It only just turned off randomly. When i was in the middle of a call, replying to a text, or just sitting on my desk not being touched. Today I was replying to my friend and in the middle of the reply it turned off. Took me THREE times to get the text out fast enough before it turned off for a fourth.

There's no way I could honestly tell someone to get this phone. My friends that have it all have similar problems. Maybe this phone just doesn't like my state.

Eh. Mediocre


Apr 19, 2010 by darknessinday

I personally am on my third EnV Touch. The first, had issues with the front screen while closed. I would receive a text message or a call, but the screen would not light up. The buttons would, but not the screen. I would have to open the phone, answer the call, close the phone to get it to light up. The second replacement had an issue with the touch screen itself. Even after resetting the replacement to factory settings, and redoing the calibration 4 times, it was not registering where I was pressing. With this third phone, I am having a few of the same issues, but not as common.

SO if you have a phone without any issues, AWESOME phone. But honestly with so many issues that I've had... I'm done with it.

Screen peeling.


Apr 9, 2010 by Emjay221

Most of the reviews I have read are from people who have had the phone for a few days. I have had it for three months now, and I am very disappointed in the screen. It is peeling off at the corner. The Voyager I had was the same scenario, and they said that problem had been fixed. Now, I have a phone that I am stuck with for two years, and hope the screen can last. It looks like a screen protector that is peeling, but it's the actual screen. I got the insurance, but why should I have to pay $50 for a refurb that will have the same issue?

I love the keyboard, the touch screen, the phone book, photo ID, etc.

Screen peels, screen protectors don't cover full screen. Batter can't handle texting much.

Decent upgrade


Mar 12, 2010 by Naturalherb

All in all, a bit lackluster imho as an upgrade to the voyager. i absolutely hate the lock button on this phone VS the sliding latch on the voyager. I'm constantly taking my phone out to find it either in my contacts or some random menu (sometimes the screen is locked but still showing that random menu ??) or its simply isn't locked. as far as the call quality, its typical verizon quality, so very good. the music player is a true upgrade over the voyager in every respect. still occasionally locks up for freezes just like the voyager did (bout once a week). the Internet browser is awesome, especially the ability to tab between up to 3 different web pages. I'd rate it 5 out of 5 if not for the screen lock and the side lock button.

No More...please


Feb 6, 2010 by darkantoinette

So, I got this phone after seeing it on a commercial and deciding I wanted it after having the enV 2 (nothing wrong with that one). It may be just me, but it seemed like it worked at first, but after a few months I started having some issues with it. The first one, it was shutting off by itself. It'd be in my pocket, on. And then when I'd take it out, it'd be off. A phone isn't supposed to do that, right?

So that was fine, and I got a second one free of charge. It worked....for a couple of days. The screen started fading to both black AND white, and it shut off at least two times. I gave it a bit longer so that I wouldn't have to go back again, but when it froze twice in less than 5 minutes when I was just trying to write a text message, I had to go back again. So I did, and I got another one.

This one came in the mail, and it took a couple days to get to activating it because I had to transfer everything over from one phone to the other. So, I moved over half of it and had the nice people at Verizon activate it for me and all that. A day later, no less, the touch screen was being horribly wonky and wouldn't work right no matter how many calibrations I did. So after work that day, I went back and they gave me a choice of getting yet another enV Touch, or the Samsung Rogue.

I'm going with the Rogue, and I'm looking forward to getting it in the mail.

Overall good phone


Jan 18, 2010 by SugaR-E

Well I have had this phone for a few months now and it seems to be working fine. The drafts issue was fixed so this made me like the phone a lot more now. It's kind of funny because my fiancee plays with it non stop, he'll go through my messages and play with the settings, and even though he will not admit it, he loves the phone, and that is a huge thing considering that he hates Verizon phones due to an incident with our previous phones.

Large screen
Responsive touch screen
Internal keyboard perfect for big fingers
Stores a lot of text messages
Camera is ok, if you are outside
Internet is fast
Media player is awesome
Charger is helpful
You can edit your pictures
Battery life is good

I'm guessing it is the network but I cannot send pictures to AT&T customers, I have successfully sent at least 2, at most? I can receive pics from them but cannot send out to them. Verizon is aware of this issue as we speak. I made sure of it.

Good phone


Dec 27, 2009 by mist668

Short and simple, good phone, ease of use, no problems. Good call quality signal could be a bit better but is decent. Speakers are clear and powerful, touch screen is good. I'm a big guy and have little problems with big fingers/small keyboard.

Battery life is very short... half a day to full day depending on use.

Came from AT&T bold to this, switched carriers and it would be nice to have a bit more 3rd party app capability, but I understood there would probably be a bit more restrictions due to downsizing.

Overall I would recommend. Probably buying an extended life battery to fix the problem.

Worth Upgrade from the Env2 to the Env Touch - Yes!


Nov 24, 2009 by tschor

I have had this phone one week and all I can say is there are tons more pros than cons. There has been no oddly phone turning off or dropped calls. The only true con I have is that you can't just drop and syn ring tones or pictures on the phone like you can with music. Typical of Verizon to try to force you to use/buy their apps. I do suggest this phone. Love choosing between touch screen and keyboard.

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