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LG enV Touch VX-11000


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Great multimedia phone


Oct 16, 2009 by defbee

This phone is far better than the Dare or the voyager. First the touch screen is very responsive and accurate, 3" display rich colors, built in Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, twitter, Photobucket, takes beautiful pictures, drawing pad, text is a breeze. the layout of this phone is attractive and easy to use with lots of features. After checking the reviews online I decided to buy it, glad I did, the only bad thing about this phone is the battery life. If you use the phone for data connections beside the calls, it drops down to half after fully charged in one day.

Amazing Phone from LG / VZW


Aug 15, 2009 by lennydude

There have been tons of reviews written about this phone. I have owned many phones over the years and must admit this is by far the best yet (for me at least).
When i went to the VZW store, i hated the ring tone volume and the themes. The more i played with the phone the less i liked it.
Then my NE2 came up and i said the heck with it and got the phone. I have now owned it for 2 weeks and can not be happier :)
This thing is the best. I have owned the Voyager, Env, Dare, iPhone, and many others. Is this a iPhone killer.........NO. It does however perform way better than the iPhone FOR ME and what i like in iphone. And i don't have to deal with AT&T lol.
So i am going to give it the rating it deserves.........a 5 ! And instaed of re-writing a complete list of pros and cons, i am going to copy and paste what "ilovetotext" wrote (hope they do not mind) because i agree 100% with that list :)

-full keyboard
-touch-screen on front of phone
-EXCELLENT 3.2 m.p. camera
-excellent sound quality
-decent battery life for the amount of texting/talking/internet i do
-user friendly/non-confusing menu
-a headphone jack that fits ipod headphones
-a mirco SD slot for memory card
-sleek look
-large, bright, colorful, clear screen
-photoshop/editing on the phone itself
-flash for camera
-fast and easy to use internet
-auto lock (so there's no butt dialing) :-D
-very fun drawing pad on touch-screen
-shortcuts to internet sites (like myspace, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.)
-free instant messenger (A.I.M, yahoo, etc.)
-the phone fits in your hand and pocket perfectly

i could go on and on about the PROs :)

-very short battery charging cord

If after reading all of this, you see it fits your style, go buy it. You will not regret it :)



Jul 22, 2009 by verizonlady

I work for Verizon and get to try out any phone that is released and this phone tops them all! LG combined the best features of the Voyager, the Dare, and the Versa in this phone. I have owned this phone for a little overr a month now and I still love it as much as I did the 1st day. When I 1st bought the phone, I didn't like the battery life, but as I quit playing with it as much, it is much better. I have a connect plan and am browsing the web, texting, talking, everything all day long and I don't have a problem with the battery life. I charge it every night, but I'm ok with that considering what I all use this phone for. I use the mps player too. Overall, it is a great phone!



Jul 15, 2009 by Gregoogle

I purchased this phone just a few days ago. It is very well designed. VERY well designed. The screen is responsive and accurate to the touch. I also noticed how large the screens are. And good job LG, the screens (inside and out) are both very large, vivid, and bright. I love looking at this phone. The ONLY thing i would change on this phone is when the phone is closed and being used for texting, there is the keys used for actually texting, and then a jumble of random option keys just to the right of them, therefore clogging the screen a bit. But other than this, two thumbs up and 5 stars LG.

Nice but call volume needs to be louder


Jul 12, 2009 by MHG60

Very nice phone. Touchscreen is pretty nifty and menus are logical. Contrary to some other reviews, the battery life seems to be fine. I got a fairly new one since the S/W version was up to date. Try updating your software if battery life is subpar.

QWERTY keyboard is a snap for texting
Battery life seems to be fine

My only complaint is that the call volume is too low even on the highest setting.

People envy my enV Touch


Jun 27, 2009 by Ryk007

OK, so I was totally impressed by two of my sons' LG phones: the LG Voyager Titanium and the LG enV2. I was learning how to text, but I wasn't sure if I wanted a virtual qwerty or the real thing. My first choice was the Samsung Omnia, but there was a higher price to pay AND an upgrade commitment to the "real thing" keypad issue. My second choice was the LG enV3, but there wasn't the virtual qwerty option and additional goodies in the phone. So I spent hours upon hours reading reviews, specs, and watching video reviews (I've spent more time with Bonnie on CNET than I have with my own wife). Then I found the phone that had everything I needed (a virtual & the "real thing" keyboard) PLUS it synchronized with MS Outlook, had a 3.2 mp camera (with extras functions), a business card reader, a Notepad, a standard 3.5 mm earphone jack, and so much more that I felt like an 8 year old with a gift card in Toys-R-Us. Yeah, it's not an iPhone. It's not supposed to be an iPhone! "It's a phone of its own" and I couldn't have made a better choice. AND it's on the Verizon network! I went to eBay and bought a protective case cover and protective screen cover (both screens) to protect my investment. I intend to keep this until my next upgrade with Verizon (12 months) and, if nothing better is available from LG/Verizon, I'll order another LG enV Touch. Many friends and relatives ask me, "What it is that?" I reply, "Don't touch my Touch!" And I mean it! Great work LG and Verizon. No one is going to top this one for a long time.

A Gabillion "Wows"!


Dec 10, 2009 by SatisfiedWithAPhoneAtLast

I had the Dare as a company phone, but turned it in when i left. I wanted to research getting a replacement cell phone, since i was now going to be shelling out the monthly fee (cheapie here :)

I looked at EVERY company, EVERY cell, EVERY plan (when you're unemployed you have NO LIFE so you can obsess over small things like "a new cell" lol

At first i went looking at the Motorola Droid, and other droid phones, but i just felt they all were "boring to look at, to hold, and especially to use. For the hype and all that they cost, they just didn't "wow" me at all. They all seem to be "all pretense and very little substance".

Nothing compared to the En-v Touch, i thought the Samsung AMOLED screen might be a "dealbreaker" but it wasn't all that compared to the beautiful screen of the En-v.

Here Are my Pros (but i might run out of room :)

1. BOTH Screens are beautiful - great size
2. Easy as all get out to set up/change things
3. Layout/Software so user friendly
4. Screen - COMPLETELY responds to every keystroke
5. Has a voice keypad- As you type it says the #
6. Little "pen box" so you can write with stylus instead of "keying"
7. No fingerprints on front no matter HOW hard i try to make some!
8. Camera - Awesome pictures/Soooo easy to edit
9. Video Camera- Couldn't ask for more fetures/better quality
10. Has 3.5mm headphone Jack
11. Memory Card NOT located under battery (like the Samsung Moment)
12. Keyboard is awesome to use (and i have Fred Flintstone Thumbs :)
13. Love the clicking noises when you type on front
14. The "Send Caller A Quick Text?" feature when you reject an incoming call is soooo convenient- You just hit 2 keys and that tells them you will "call them right back"..

Running out of room so here are the Cons:

No wifi
Must have a Data Plan (only $9.95 but REMEMBER, i'm cheap!)
Can't use speakerphone from outside (or i haven't figured it out yet :)

GET THE EN-V - It's going to wow u too!

Eh :/ Decent, but I wish I could return it.


Sep 28, 2009 by kyamcg

-screen resolution
-takes great pictures
-feels solid
-bright flash
-easy to text on
-decent reception
-can use as a desktop clock when charging

-battery life is HORRIBLE
-getting the T9word to remember words is a pain
-it always forgets your saved words
-short charger cable
-when typing, it will switch between t9word and ABC
-when it does this, the letters you accidentally type in somehow get saved, so they come up whenever you try to type, VERY annoying

-Size is alright
-space bar is in the middle of the keyboard
-no hi-speed video like the dare
-can set "sounds" as ring-tones

OK... For someone else!


Jul 23, 2009 by michfan78

I am on my second new enV Touch in 2 weeks, tired of the hassle so I will be changing phones A.S.A.P.

- Looks great
- Once you get the touch screen down its nice
- Big Screen
- Takes great pictures (Panoramic view is nice)

- Have full bars while at work but someone right next to me can call and it won't register. Never had problems like this with my Venus.
- Texts take forever to get to me unless I text them and there old text comes right after I send one.
-Speaker volume is really low.

If you like the touch screen phones and can get calls and texts to come through then this is a great phone for you.

Just got it at lunch!!!


Jun 5, 2009 by michael5221

ok so have not had all that much time to play with it but it feels great, I have the Env2 and loved it this is slightly longer but thinner. I love it so far will keep everyone up-dated as I get more familiar with it.

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