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LG enV Touch VX-11000


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Calls going directly to voice mail.


Nov 3, 2009 by altaira44

When this phone works, it’s great. And when it doesn’t, it’s a nightmare. I’ve had this Verizon phone for three months. For about a month, it worked perfectly. Then the problems started. It would reboot while sitting on my desk. Once it even went into browser mode all by itself. Then the fun really started. Most of my calls wouldn’t ring… they would go directly to voice mail. Then the calls that didn’t ring disappeared completely, not even going to voice mail. After two weeks of this and countless calls to tech support, Verizon agreed to switch out the phone for a new (used) one. The replacement worked okay for about a week, then more than half of my calls started going directly to voice mail again. More calls to tech support and Verizon opened a series of “trouble tickets” that took a couple of weeks to investigate. They said it’s not a network problem. I took the phone into a store again for a firmware update, but it didn’t help. Makes no difference if I’m walking down the street, in my car, in my condo or out of town. Now Verizon wants me to switch out the phone again. They said that because the problem doesn’t happen 100% of the time, they are still providing service according to the terms of their contract with me. I don’t understand how these people think, as I cancelled all of my additional services (over $50 a month) once it was apparent they couldn’t fix the phone (that’s $1,200 extra for a two-year contract). So I’ll try the third replacement, then probably buy myself out of my contract. Really a disappointment, as Verizon used to be the best for standing behind their phones and service. (I just noticed that the person submitting the September 1 review is having the same problem I am.)

Competitive to the IPhone


Oct 8, 2009 by Minigosh

- Sleak,thinner then a deck of cards
- Excellent keyboard for easy text-messaging
- Music player, video and picture features
- With only a 2GB memory card I was able to put a full DVD video with excellent sound and quality on the phone. Blew my mind!
- AIM, YAHOO, and MSN Instant Messenging
- Easy to transfer pictures between computer and other phones
- Capable of uploading documents and acrobat files for viewing
- Very customizable
- Enhanced Voicemail features (Visual Voicemail, allows you too see each individual caller and skip forward too different points in the message and even save it too your phone)
- Excellent internet capabilities

- Touch screen can be prone to user errors
- Glare and sunlight makes the exterior screen in particular hard to see

Env touch hype but not as much as the voyager lol


Sep 29, 2009 by kenney_mannn

Ok the env otuch as we all might know is the update as the voyager so i own the voyager and now this one so let me give u a review on the env touch and not the voyager k.
brillant screen
full keyboard
lg interface
very grippable so dont worry about dropping it too much
dolby sound
3.5mm headset so u can use ur ipod headphones
Now for the cons but before i get to i just wanna say that with allmost every verizon fone it needs a software update i got the phone with the version 2 and my phone lasted for like 5 hrs and then would die then i went to software 3 and my phone would last like 10 hrs before it would die and this only just with texting and all settings to a minimum. now im on 4 and its better but if ur still have problems on version 4 go to ur verzion store and have ur phone reprogrammed it should take about an hour and after this any problem i had with this fone dissapered.
reception sucks but now is beter with my update
battery use to last only 1.5hr on the phone now im getting more than 3 finally and i live in a house with poor reception so those with good coverage in their house u can talk for maybe 4 hrs or more before it dies lol..
i wish this phone had a slot where i can a phone charm on it but there isnt one :(
well this is my review any question about this phone then add me on my space myspace.com/kenney_mannn

unhappy times 2


Sep 29, 2009 by pkjake

I'm not a phone wizard by any means, but I'm now on my 2nd enV touch in two weeks. I have calibrated both many times, yet my touch pad often fails to accept my touch, be it light, or sometimes, frustratingly heavy. Battery life is also extremely short, and I do not send many texts, so I hope there is a fix. I like the idea of a touch screen, if it worked well.

Better than expected


Sep 7, 2009 by rumor23

I am impressed for the most part with this phone. Not a 5 worthy, perhaps 4.3 ok. There are some improvements that could be made, but it is a strong contender in the phone market. Last phone I had was the Venus, before that I had Motorola (best)
1.Touch screen is very responsive, almost too responsive when scrolling. I have accidentally called a few people but that could be operator error
2.Contact list is nice with the favorites being easy to use and a plus for me
3.Texting is much better having the keyboard and the plus being larger keys
4.Ringer is loud enough to hear when shopping
5.Internal screen is vibrant and easy to see
6.Photo extras are nice, although camera is still a little slower than I would like
7.Call quality is ok, I would not rave about it but in most cases is acceptable, no dropped calls but ear volume is not what I expected so no hoorah there
8.Phone was bought on Aug. 27th and has only needed to be charged twice with moderate texting and call usage. Average of 6 days per charge. But I do not use internet and I am not a mad teen texter so battery life could vary
7.Charger is nice and convenient but cord could be longer
8. Calendar is nice but there is room for improvement

1.Vibrate is not good. Now that could be because I have the body glove case and it absorbs the vibrate. It is worth checking into
2.Front screen is horrible in sunlight or bright light of any kind. There should be a brightness adjustment option
3.Size. Does not fit into pant pockets, reminds me of older brick phones
4.As mentioned above, ear volume could be better. That would be a top priority fix for me
5.Being a make-up wearing female, as you could guess, the screen does need to be cleaned more often in order to see but has no bearing on #2 above
6.Last but not least, the wallpaper and screensavers that come with the phone are lacking, but that would be (as always) a Verizon issue. I refuse to pay for their applications

Needs a battery supply!!!


Jul 23, 2009 by jcollin160

The phone has alot of nice features and was easy to work. I had the phone for 2 days, the battery life sucks, big time... i charged it fully and talked 49 minutes and sent 40 texts and it was dead. didnt even make it a whole day. Sent it back to try a different phone. All the new features and they didnt think about boosting the battery life to match.

Perfect Phone!


Jun 27, 2009 by DRo32ck

Let me start off by saying the only reason I'm giving this a 4.5 instead of a 5 is because I've only had it a few days.

I check out this site often for reviews so I decided to post my own. I bought this phone for a combination of a innovative touch screen front, and a QWERTY keyboard inside. It works PERFECT. The front screen(touch) isn't too sensitive and isn't hard to use at all. I haven't adjusted one setting so far and I looooove it! I thought the touch screen would be hard to text on but after just a few days, I fly right through it. The QWERTY keyboard is simple to use. Both screens have great quality! This phone is sturdy, tough, and crisp. A 3.2 camera is included so you can take terrific pictures. Overall I haven't found a thing I don't love about this phone. The speaker phone is loud enough and unlike some other users, I think it's loud enough. Buy this phone!!!

Maybe it's just me, but not in love


Jul 10, 2009 by grandeson

Sorry folks, just have some complaints. The phone, for me at least, falls short on battery life, volume level, and call quality, in that order.

Such a feature rich phone, but if you use what its equipped to do, the phone will be dead in a few hours.

The video's and ringtones are only heard in a completely silent room.

Cant seem to have a conversation without saying "what"? quite a few times. Also had 2 dropped calls in 6 days, havent had 2 dropped calls with verizon in 6 months.

I really want to like this phone, i even changed from my americas choice plan to get it. Now i dont know what to do.

not bad


Nov 2, 2009 by dtpocket38

this phone sucks lol jp probly the best iv had and iv had every thing from the iphone to blkberys all types of htcs and countless others and i love the env touch only con is the power cord it could be longer

Not a great phone...


Sep 29, 2009 by avtbud


Great full QWERTY keyboard
Solid feel
Speaker sound


Poor call quality
A few calls dropped
Screen = fingerprint and scratch magnet
Poor vibratone
Very poor battery life

Summary: as a tiny computer = great. As a phone: I don't think so.

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